Peter Brady is Divorcing This

August 25th, 2011 // 161 Comments

Back in May, Twitter cosplay fanatic Adrianne Curry and the once-Peter Brady Christopher Knight announced they were attempting a trial separation. “Moving forward will require a step back,” they said at the time. Apparently Christopher took too many steps back because he filed divorce papers and probably not on Boba Fett stationary like a dick. TMZ reports:

Knight filed divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court on August 19 … according to court records obtained by TMZ.
Knight married the “Top Model” winner five years ago … after they co-starred on “The Surreal Life” together.
A rep for the couple tells us, “They are amicable and remain friends.”

When reached for comment, Adrianne put on a stormtrooper helmet and said she’s looking for a man who won’t make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, mostly because it’s hard to get premature ejaculate out of a Slave Leia bikini. However, her Imperial Officer outfit is vinyl though, so she’s open to compromise. “Just don’t roll your eyes and ask me if I’m on the computer again,” she summarized.

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  1. Bafoon Qwalitee

    Jan Brady was way hotter and did some nasty shit to boot

  2. Burt

    She looks great with glasses on, even with such ugly ones.

  3. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Aren’t you supposed to get a bunch of cats AFTER you’re divorced?

  4. Tinklepants Astronaut

    Doesn’t matter how hot she is, you can get tired of her . . .

  5. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    I don’t think the big parts are for children under 3 years, either.

  6. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Photo needs more pussy.

  7. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    She’s demonstrating the type of shocker she needs and why Peter Brady wasn’t enough.

  8. forrest gump

    ……….and be thankful.

  9. welldoneson

    True story:
    Saw this broad on ustream. She started talking politics in the usual lefty showbiz way. I made a disparaging remark about Obama and she went off like an ugly Improvised Explosive Bitch, calling me “racist” and making faces into the webcam like Satan had just taken her (his problem entirely).
    Almost immediately her phone rang, she yakked on it for a time.
    I wonder if it was hubby reminding her she needs to Shut Up A Lot.
    Who needs ANY broad who goes off like that.

    • LJ

      True story:
      I’ve got this bridge for sale gets lots of traffic in Brooklyn. You can put a toll station on it to make your money back in just a couple of months.

  10. Satan

    She’s making Satanic hand signals. She’s Illuminati.

    • Burt

      Ronnie James Dio popularized that sign. It’s not satanic. It’s quite the opposite. His grandmother would always do this gesture when she thought someone was giving her the “evil eye”. The gesture is for good luck and represents the moon, just as horseshoes do.

  11. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    sooo….not sure how this ties in with the “Fifth Element” but that is one of my fave movies.

  12. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Bad match in the first place. He had reservations and should have followed his intuition and the advice of everyone he asked. Shes really scary kinky.

  13. Jon

    She has a wierd face and she is an attention seeker.

  14. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    Wusston Cage
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    meh! she is average at best. Silicone up and who knows what else faked, other than the entire relationship from the very beginning. Chris got a lil sum sum! *fist bump* She’s dumb and her boob job is off…next!

  15. I’d definitely do her for as long as I could but, during those times we weren’t doing the horizontal mambo, I’d have her strapped into a Bondian ejection seat.

  16. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    she’s hot. dumb maybe, but who the hell cares

  17. amy

    On the one hand, she was probably tired of him being an old man and not putting out. On the other hand, she is young, pretty, and wants to have sex with hot guys all the time. She lashed out by posting a billion pics online in order to garner attention. This is why it’s really hard to not marry within your age-range. The man wants a pretty wife, but can’t keep up. She wants to have fun and have lots of sex (and most likely, not with her old-ass Brady Bunch husband). So it never works out.

  18. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Eh, on the one hand, she’s a huge attention whore. On the other, you’re only young and have a hot body once. Of course, I’d err on the side of keep-that-shit-private and look at it yourself.

  19. Normal Male

    Good riddance! She’s batshit crazy and probably tastes like the bottom of your ancient auntie’s glass ashtray. The hotness wears off very fast once she opens her mouth to utter a word.

  20. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Ugly face. Wouldn’t have a problem divorcing her.

  21. Lee lee

    She looks like shed be a bitch anyway. Hit it then quit it.

  22. duncancade

    You can say what you want but this girl is awesome!!! She was one good publicist away from having Sara Underwood’s job on G4TV. Either way it worked out for the best for the network!

  23. Elf

    Tell you what Peter Brady: She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. And when hold your penis while masturbating, you should keep on that one, I’ll take these two.

  24. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    seriously, this thing needs to crawl back in the hole she came out from. What a stupid bitch.

  25. Heisenberg

    Just because she hot doesn’t mean she isn’t crazy as bat shit. I can tell she is super high maintainence. I’d say good riddance.

    • stevebeagle

      agreed,, no matter how hot a chick may be,, somebody somewhere is sick of her shit.

      • amy

        How many different ways are you guys going to say the same shit?

        hur hur hur “no matter how hot, somebody’s tired of bangin..” hur hur hur. herp derp. it’s a new joke i came up with. hurp.

  26. Oooh man, that picture is great. She’s delicious, like cake and I fuckin’ love cake.

  27. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    There’s no other women in Return of the Jedi, so who could Slave Leia be getting it on with? This upsets my sense of cosplay consistency.

  28. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Funny, I just had a friend seperate from his hot brazilian wife not too long ago. She was great to look at, but impossible to have a convesation with. The conversation bit had nothing to do with her lack of english understanding, and a whole lote more to do with her being dumber than a bag of hammers. Not saying that is exactly the situation here, think it’s more along the lines of the (as someone already stated) emotional train wreck that is Mrs.Curry.

    I still find her really attractive and would love to find out for myself if any of these opinions hold any water. I’ll give it my best doc, for the good of science!

  29. Bob

    Anyone even bother to think that it might be because she’s just a little more than half his age, and so wild and crazy, and maybe he just can’t keep up with her?? I’m 2 years older than her, and I probably wouldn’t be able to maintain the amount of energy needed to be with her.

  30. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    John Galt
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  31. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Peter Brady is an effing MORON! Adrianne is one of the sexiest women out there, body that refuses to quit, loves wearing as little as possible, and from all reports, is a total nymphomaniac in the sack (and elsewhere)! And he’s tossing her to the curb? Idiot!

  32. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Okay, well. It’s obvious now. She likes pussy, plain and simple. There was the other picture with all the cats and this one. S%#t, he didn’t have a chance in hell.

  33. Imconfused

    Tell me why I should know who she is? A reality show contestant? Big whoop.

  34. Lucy

    Maybe those eyebrows made him run. Yikes.

  35. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    haha multipass lol …. i love it

  36. Sin

    I think he is just too old to handle her in bed.

  37. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    Mike Brady
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    Hey, is that Cindy?

  38. Auld

    I watched the reality show about these two dating and getting married. Knight seems like a decent enough guy……but that “woman” is a true shrew. She is shrill, whiny, selfish, egocentric, and stupid.

    They were having many issues before the wedding took place and I honestly believed they would go their separate ways.

    That Chris Knight has stuck with this idiot makes me wonder if he is still sane.

    He needs to run from this broad and thank his lucky stars that his hell on earth has ended.

    Run, Chris, run!

  39. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Hey, I’m sure Ms. Curry was not as pleasent to live with as it was to see her in thongs. I married a very beautifu woman a while back and she has the soul of the devil. I divorced her hoping to be free from hell but, through our mutual child she still maintains the gates of hell open for me. BTW, I have a VIP pass reseved just for me.

    This man filed for divorce before she did, good strategy move. Run Peter, Run, there are other fine babes to seek and conquer.

  40. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Adrianne is a stone cold “FOX’… Don’t know the issues , but the loser appears to be Mr. Knight… Sorry Brother but you lose!!!! “Adrianne Hit Me up!!”

  41. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Whats this Chris’s third divorce? His intution told him not to marry her, but he went a head and thought with his penis.

  42. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    She married for money.

    I wouldn’t touch the bitch.

  43. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    sofa king hot AND cool too.

  44. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    she spec-f*cking-tacular! Think about it – dudes divorced Christie Brinkley, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, etc… It’s got nothing to do with how they look…

  45. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Man face ugly.

  46. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    size 10 is not plus size
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    you all sound soooo jealous

    • BethAnenny Who?

      HARDLY LMAO Size 6….she is no prize. What happened to her oh so wow Next Top Model gig? hahahaha

  47. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    I’m surprised it lasted this long.

  48. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Christopher Knight was just doing what any washed-up, middle aged, unattractive, child star going through a mid-life crisis would have done. He married a smoking hot, 25 year-old, attention whore that he didn’t have to work too hard to put his winky in. Don’t lie to yourselves fellas. You would have to.

  49. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Show me a hot chick, and I’ll show you a dude who is tired of Effing her! Besides she looks like a pain in the arss,,

  50. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    turd da third
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    I lik this chik :)

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