Peter Brady is Divorcing This

August 25th, 2011 // 161 Comments

Back in May, Twitter cosplay fanatic Adrianne Curry and the once-Peter Brady Christopher Knight announced they were attempting a trial separation. “Moving forward will require a step back,” they said at the time. Apparently Christopher took too many steps back because he filed divorce papers and probably not on Boba Fett stationary like a dick. TMZ reports:

Knight filed divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court on August 19 … according to court records obtained by TMZ.
Knight married the “Top Model” winner five years ago … after they co-starred on “The Surreal Life” together.
A rep for the couple tells us, “They are amicable and remain friends.”

When reached for comment, Adrianne put on a stormtrooper helmet and said she’s looking for a man who won’t make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, mostly because it’s hard to get premature ejaculate out of a Slave Leia bikini. However, her Imperial Officer outfit is vinyl though, so she’s open to compromise. “Just don’t roll your eyes and ask me if I’m on the computer again,” she summarized.

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  1. Ash

    Tice nits

    • lydiav

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    • LJ

      Christopher Knight paid enough for them, they should be nice.

  2. This is my chance!!
    Where’s my vintage Star Wars t-shirt? I have a proposal to make!!

  3. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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  4. Maurice St Claire

    She’s loopy but lovable in a bend – her – over – a – chair way. Marriage with her seems pointless , like trying to teach kindergartners not to pick their noses in flu season

  5. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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  6. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Sexiest imperial since the Emperor!!

  7. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    That looks just like a reoccurring dream I have…

  8. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Adrianne Curry is HOT, no denying it.
    But something tells me she is a train-wreck in motion that is difficult to live with no matter how many times you get to bang her while she wears a Boba Fett helmet…

  9. Armando

    Gotta say it, Peter Brady your an idiot. Curry is damn fine looking woman and she offered to have threewaysith another girl for him. Hey Curry you need some loving, call!

  10. Bringbackbabalu

    Wow this guy must be the biggest tool in any galaxy, near or far. This girl couldn’t be anymore perfect.

    • OnTheRealThough

      Until she opens her mouth.

      I’d give her a throw eeeeeeasily tho.

      She’s hotter than a lot of supermodels out there now…but has zero talent.

    • you know. she has a fantasitc body. I admit that. . having a body that is sexually arousing is necessary thing in a relationship where a guy can still get hard. but it’s not the ony thing. you have to get along as well.You can call him gay maybe if he didn’t want to tap that. but not for spending the rest of your life with her.

  11. DeucePickle

    I’m not going to lie, I would pelvic thrust this to death

  12. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    this should have been the headline picture

  13. See Alice

    What an imbecile .

  14. baron of all media

    Does this mean that all the Brady Bunch men are gay now?

    • awgiedawgie

      I thought all the Brady Bunch men were gay to begin with.

      I have to admit that I don’t know anything at all about Curry’s personality, but I always thought Knight was an idiot, so frankly, she gets bonus points for putting up with him for as long as she has.

      And for looking totally hot in any cosplay outfit I’ve ever seen her in.

  15. anon

    I’d fuck the geek out of her but yeah when she starts bitchin’ like she’s known to do; I’d kick her out too.

    • Richard McBeef

      they all start bitching like they are all known to do. you can’t even cycle them fast enough to escape it. it’s easiest to learn how to ignore it.

      • Artofwar

        ….Nope–It’s easiest to use the ol’ cinder-block around the ankles in the lake approach….Artofwar

  16. Derrick

    She’s totally smoking hot. But she must be a total pain in the ass. She might make a great GF, but never marry a woman who loves the mirror (or Twitter) more than she loves you.

  17. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    Ricky G
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    Born with no tits – and no brain.

    Bought tits – but unfortunately can’t buy a brain.

  18. Danklin

    She’s so hot i’d let her bitch all she wants as long as i get to fuck the shit out of her during those moments she shuts her yap.

  19. I would say she is bound for a Marvel Comics penciler. but she is more likely to get a MC writer.

  20. Deacon Jones

    You can only fuck with a girl like this for so long before the

    “Holy shit is she hot” versus the “I’m so sick of this bitch” seesaw starts to tip in the other direction.

    In my experience, it’s 1.5 years, 2, tops before one day you say “Fuck this bitch!” lol

    • Dan

      It probably all depends… but it seems like after a year all the crazy starts to come out.

      • baron of all media

        Yea, I’m sure you guys bone chicks like this aaaaaalll the time and man, must that be exhausting… haha nice try fellas.

    • Extended duration

      I suspect with this chick your penis will trick you brain to ignore the tilt of the seesaw until it’s almost on the floor of “I’m so sick of this bitch”.

      • Deacon Jones

        Yes, quite possible, she looks like a freak.

        But then again, so was my ex…..she had so many costumes, it was some where around the time she dressed up in a purple vinyl one piece (with zipper mask) where I went to myself “Alright, this is just ridiculous”

    • andy bellboy


      when the hotness gets overtaken by the crazy / annoying, it’s time to bounce.

      • I gotta agree. Hotness wears off. There just comes a point where no matter how hot a chick is, it’s not worth the crazy.

        @baron of all media – Not all the time, but I’d be willing to wager that there are a few of us guys who are talking from experience. I know I can up to 2 months ago. It sucks, because most of the time you think you found a girl who has it all: looks, great sex, great to hang with – and then bam – over night she’s just weird and whacked. My female pals saw it instantly and I should have listened sooner :(

      • Lynx

        For every hot girl there is a guy tired of her…

  21. Laura

    a parsec is a unit of distance, not time.

    • Roberta


    • It’s a Star Wars reference. Being a girl you probably didn’t get it.
      See it fits here, because Adrianne is a big Star Wars fan, plus it works well as a premature ejaculation joke.

      • Pat C.

        That phrase has always bothered me ever since I first saw Star Wars, it’s like a truck driver saying “I made the Atlanta run in less than 400 miles”. Oh really, but how long did it take?

    • Artofwar

      ….Laura, for any female to know that a parsec is a unit of distance and not a measure of time, is also the type of female that spends weekends alone….Artofwar

    • True, but if you want to get really nerdy about it, The reason there’s hyperspace ‘routes’ in most sci fi that has faster than light travel is usually due to objects like stars getting in the way. Gravity = fuck you very much in hyperspace, so you have to avoid anything that has a really big gravity well.

      Soooo saying this, it actually is a pretty good way of saying “Well, I found a route that cut X amount of distance from here to Y because I was willing to take greater risks getting close to big gravity wells.” People gloss over this because they’re usually not huge nerds and tend to apply our perspective of running around on a surface of a sphere (traveling the surface of the earth from point to point) to 3 dimensional open space, where the same constraints aren’t present.


    • awgiedawgie


  22. Cock Dr

    If you don’t mind a needy woman always seeking attention from others, constantly posting her own semi-nude photos all over the internet, then yes, this is your mate.
    Perhaps the beauty is only skin deep. Peter Brady obviously got sick of it.

    • Dan

      +1 Cock Dr.

      I think being in a relationship with this woman would be a absolute nightmare.

    • Deacon Jones

      Cock Dr, you always have a way with words

      And Dan, you’re right. After the “honeymoon” phase of 5 time a day, Brady was like fuck this.

  23. The Bargoyle

    “No matter how hot she is, somebody’s tired of fucking her” -confuscious

    • I believe it’s supposed to be “tired of putting up with her shit.”
      If anyone gets tired of fucking a chick like that, he might as well buy some skinny jeans, a mesh t-shirt, a tiny yappy dog and start blowing random dudes in clubs.

    • rican

      Bargoyle, you’re wrong, it is Confuckscious who said that.

  24. Billy Barty, Jr

    She is someone you bang until tired of it , then move on. Marriage with her is not an option as she’s certifiable

  25. She must’ve found out he’s still diddling Alice.

  26. She is a worthless bitch with tons of baggage and attention issues.
    Yeah she is easy on the eyes, but so are many others without the need for attention this whore has.

  27. Cardinal Ximenez

    Crazy, hot chicks are fun to fuck. But alas, they are just as psycho as every other vagina in the world. After a while, the sex gets old and then she’s just another crazy bitch.

  28. The Bradys

    Change, change, change
    He’s got to rearrange….

    She’s sexy as hell, apparently frisky, willing to show it, and a little kooky. All girls are kooky to a certain degree and the other stuff to an arguably lesser degree than her. Sign me up!

  29. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    What’s going on with the eyebrows now? They’re like evil, wicked rainbow archs.

  30. Drew

    The only thing attractive about this attention whoring cunt, is her tits and there are plenty of great tits out there.

    She’s disgusting. I’m sure he’s saying good riddance.

  31. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    This is not a woman you bring home for turkey dinner to meet the folks.
    Unless the folks all want to dress up in comic book character costumes & have pics of them groping Ms Curry show up on her Twitter account the next day.

  32. Catani

    Wow….a lot of angry envious men around here. You guys would take this “attention whoring cunt” over your wives/girlfriends any day. You’re just not ready to admit it …YET. If you guys don’t want her….I’ll take her…no question asked. It’s not like you have to marry the bitch.

    • Dan

      No, you see this anger comes from experience. We aren’t envious. We have banged someone who is someone like Adrianne Curry and found out that great tits and fun sex does not make up for crazy.

      And sometimes even without marriage the crazy finds a way to hold on.

    • Sorry, you are incorrect.
      I love the internet teenager guy who always has to say ‘you would take this’ when he has no clue, and likely has never been with a woman not on his PC screen.

    • rican

      Catani, your social life being centered around masturbating to internet photos of hot babes does not mean all guys are the same. Like Mr. Brady, we have been there, done that, and eventually finished the same way – throwing the bitch out.

  33. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Why does she keep on making that sign with her hands? Does she know she looks vulgar that way?

  34. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    “Revenge” of the Jedi??? seriously?

  35. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Who cares if he’s divorcing that. She looks and acts like a whore in the pics and for all we know, she has horrible breath and farts in her sleep. Two sides to every story, big deal.


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  37. Poop head


  38. American

    Sorry, need to wipe off my screen.

  39. Justa Guy

    Yea she is really good looking and all, but we all have to remember that no matter how HOT, SEXY, or Good Looking a girl is Somewhere there is a guy who is so SICK of HER SHIT that he is willing to toss her to the CURB !

  40. ReelWorld

    SW nerd’s dream wife.

  41. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    never should have married her in the first place – hot, but a complete skeezer. she would be a great weekend in vegas, and then run away fast

  42. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    Brady’s Beaver?
    I like this chick!

  43. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    She is down with The Shocker. Why complain?

  44. anonym

    this chick is hypersexual.

    good stuff

  45. She’s hot, but she bangs other dudes. You don’t marry that.

  46. Chauncy

    I’d love to smell her backside!

  47. kirby

    the guy that bags this chick will always be fighting guys off of her since she knows how hot she is. better to move on.

  48. terry

    By the time she hits 40 them tits will be knock, knock, knocking on her knee caps.

    • Jillia

      Nah, they’re fake so they’re not going anywhere. She got them because her boobs weren’t different sizes.

  49. Adrianne Curry Twitter Photos
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    It looks like someone needs some validation.

  50. Venom

    This is a bad bitch. End of story.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I concur. I would also add the bitch is crazy, which is why he shouldn’t have married her in the first place.

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