Adrianne Curry Attacked at Star Wars Convention

Everyone’s favorite perpetually-dressed-as-Slave Leia “celebrity,” Adrianne Curry was reportedly molested by a drunk man while she was in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration V over the weekend. (I bet it was this guy.) The attacker apparently tried to reach up her skirt only to get his face connected with the pavement before the cops showed up. Via Twitter:

- waiting4an hour &a half 4 cops 2 show up at orlando4 a drunk man who reached up my skirt&molested me..then tried2drive drunk away.thanks …
– cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car…going to bed! what the hell! c5,bitches!
– i cannot believe last night happened….love starwars…but ready to leave
– FYI, I not only elbowed the guy in the face, I spit on him , screamed, and my friends cracked his head on the pavement more than 5 times
-2 people who lived there that he assaulted trying to get to me DID press charges, hence him being taken to the slammer.he didnt get away

Unlike Tila Tequila’s alleged “attack” – Sarcastic quotes all day, kids! – I’m willing to give Adrianne the benefit of the doubt here because fake police reports aren’t her bag as much as constantly trying to give me a nostalgic boner on Twitter. That said, we can clearly cross nerds off the list of possible suspects because I’m pretty sure when she walks through the convention center, they immediately fall to the ground clutching their groins and wondering what just happened to them. “I’m no longer mint on card! Mother!”

Photos: Adrianne Curry