Adriana Lima is Topless

April 19th, 2010 // 92 Comments

I have no idea where these latest Adriana Lima pics came from but they’re making the Internet rounds today and involve a topless supermodel so the decision-making’s basically done for me. Sort of like finding somebody’s wallet on the sidewalk. By that point you pretty much have to steal their identity until the FBI guns you down when for refusing to hand over the keys to your “porn house.” There’s no turning back

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.


  1. Allen


  2. Rupert

    What is that, Drago across her chest?

  3. Taz

    topless and hot!

  4. Rupert

    P.S. titties

  5. Gman

    These pics are like 10 years old

  6. Keno

    I see bush.

  7. Hecubus

    For anyone who didn’t spot it yet, Gman made a typo. He meant to say, “These pics are like ten year olds” and I’d have to agree, these are some damn sexy pics.

  8. small one

    small boobies.. give me kim kardashian instead

  9. temp

    #8 is living in some delusional world.

    adriana lima over kim kardashian any day.
    adriana is gorgeous!
    kim is…well…not even remotely comparable to the level adriana is on.

    supermodel or reality tv attention whore…hmmmmmm..

  10. Valerie

    Damn, she is WAY less hot without the airbrushing over the moles and without the pushup bra.

  11. Jon

    I love her boobies. Great shape and natural.

    But these pics are ugly. She looks ugly. Short boyish Halle Berry hair. Black and white. Wierd makeup. WTF is this shit. Way to give something good (boobies) and yet completely ruin the moment with wierdness.

    In colour, with a proper haircut, she is one of the hottest on the planet.

  12. Erswi

    So I guess the moral is that uber harsh lighting will make even a VS Supermodel appear un-fuckable?


    I love Adriana, but this photoshoot doesnt make her any favor. She looks better in color, under natural light, and not like a frikish anime character….

  14. rickardo

    eh…she looks waaaay better in the ligerie ads.

  15. Jacko

    These pics are way old. They have shown up in any google search for ten years. Thanks for getting me all excited for something I haven’t seen before many times.

  16. The images are from a book by photographer Ellen Von Unwerth called Wicked (now out of print but still floating around…)

  17. jason

    Yuck. Who the hell except a gay guy would want to do that? I’m sorry. If you’re attracted to these photos, then you’re not what nature intended for a male.

  18. Old

    These pictures are literally from the last millenium.

  19. blahblah my name

    the oldest question has now been answered. her boob size was constantly changing from picture to picture. now we know she has none. doesnt make her any less beautiful but jesus…leaves her boobs alone.

  20. Joe C

    Adriana is a super piece of ass, but these photos are awful. Black and white washed out images are not the least bit flattering. So much for Fine (f)Art.

  21. freak

    I dont like her, airbrushed or not airbrushed. I think its ridiulous when all these mags all her “curvy” when she’s a totally normal shape with a pretty ugly face.

  22. Kill the Pervert

    The actual police report of the sexual abuse of Monique:

  23. tony

    Now this is a body, so much better than that dumpy little whore Kim Kardashain.

  24. V

    Her hair’s short. Completely ruins it.

  25. What the fuck is an Adriana Lima?

  26. what?

    nice to mole you

  27. Ripper Owens

    I love this woman. I would feast on her ass.

  28. kelly

    @8 YOU ARE A COMPLETE DUMB FUCK! please do not compare that TRASH to this super model

  29. kelly

    OH BTW Lima looks very young here and only gets better with age

  30. resim guzel eline saglik paylas?m için thanks

  31. FiveOh

    Any straight guy on here that says they wouldn’t fuck Adriana Lima is full of shit. Stop trying to be cool for the internet, it’s not working.

  32. mick

    YAWWWWWWWWWWNNNNN….she looks like a stick with tits.

  33. rachel

    god i want her.

  34. zagg

    Srpska snajka :)

  35. Rough's $5 ft long

    Why is Fish trying to past off, twiggy for Adriana Lima? You cant fool me..

  36. mick

    I think anyone who’d wanna fuck that is a closet queen…she looks like a dude…and an ugly one, at that.

  37. e-rock

    Hmmm… this is one example when a chick actually looks worse pre-boob job. Her boobs look waaay better now. And that hair is just awful!!! Still one hell of sexy woman overall though.

  38. Love

    Make a REAL wish!

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will b granted..


  39. farty mcshitface

    this broad is supposed to be hot?
    bony, stick-legs and a boyish haircut? that is what cuts it?
    i will gladly take a good college cheerleading babe over this ANYDAY!!!
    she looks like an anorexic dude.
    so for you guys out there who actually think this is hot, you probably prefer guys anyway.

  40. Sport

    very nice.

  41. MJK

    @37 boob job?
    She always had small tits. She is like 17-18 in these pics and had been very skinny at that time. That’s why her chest looks even smaller than usual.

  42. CindyR88

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  43. gen


    Boob job? It’s called having a baby….

  44. dark energy

    If making one of the sexiest women in the world look unattractive is artistic then congratulations.

  45. Fati87

    You should put stars on her crotch, man.

  46. AJ

    These pictures are old dude

  47. AJ

    Pics are at least a decade old

  48. These pictures are super old, probably more than 10 years. She looks like a teenager.

  49. blackout

    who? and with the lighting, you can barely even see anything.

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