Adriana Lima forgot her makeup

October 18th, 2007 // 142 Comments

Victoria’s Secret supermodel and all around really pretty girl Adriana Lima was spotted at LAX last night without any makeup on. Here’s the part of the show where I usually make fun of her for looking like a bag lady, but I honestly can’t tell if she does. It’s like everytime I rub my eyes she flips between gorgeous and, uh, less gorgeous. Check out the difference between this shot and this shot. It’s like somebody went in and replaced her while the paparazzi was changing film. Replaced her with, you know, a vampire.


  1. I’d still hit it.

  2. Grace

    Actually, without her makeup she’s still beautiful. Just looks a lot younger.

  3. Huh…no one cares that John gave me the stigmata on the last post? All we care about is some goofy looking no makeup on model?

    I’m going to bed now

  4. Gerald Tarrant

    She is really hot. No question.

  5. vagina lover

    è davvero una gran figa.. me la farei sempre!!!

  6. She meets all the requirements for several levels of “please put that in my mouth.”


  7. Sam Hain

    FRIST what? I got off work and drove home and now there’s this new post and allasudden you got holes in your hands and feet??

    Besides who the hell is this chick and where are the pictures of her panties?!?

  8. Boo

    It’s like the more clothes she removes, the hotter she becomes. Makes sense.

  9. Lindsay

    are you fucking kidding me? She’s gorgeous there- even without makeup (which you can barely tell) she’s ungodly beautiful – I think every girl secretly wants to look JUST like her.

  10. B Spot

    Um… hate to break it to you, but she is in fact wearing makeup, just the very subtle kind. Don’t get me wrong, the girl is completely gorgeous and has natural beauty no doubt, but she’s still wearing a bit of face.

  11. fro

    maybe i’m just blind but i think i see some eyeliner and mascara. and i agree with the second comment, she’s beautiful in all the pictures.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    Simply beautiful, no doubt about it. If only I could be the TSA guy to sequester her in a private room. Ya never know, she might have contraband? Just doing my duty!

    Oh and Frist, sorry about the news. Elevate your hands and put your feet up on some pillows.

  13. Is she saying eat at the Y?

  14. naomi

    She will always be beautiful with or without makeup

  15. #14 Most Boring Comment Ever Award goes to you. Congrats.

    And, yes, Sam, John gave me stigmata, you can check.

  16. The Juggeranaut Bitch

    Maybe its maybelline?

  17. Sean

    Makeup is for women who are ugly and loathe to claim their ugliness as their own. I love chicks that wear as little makeup as possible and still look normal and not like Kirk Douglas covered in….mud.

  18. @17 Thanks Sean. I have been wondering all day how you liked your women. Now I can check that off my list for today

  19. sam hain

    jimbo i think she is saying she likes DP

  20. combustion8

    yet she still looks awesome.

  21. Taylor

    With or without who cares?? Gorgeous girl..

  22. Kareem Ofwheat

    Unfortunately, she still has no nipples and that’s a deal breaker.

  23. latinopoolguy

    Just keep the adriana lima photos coming and shut up about the makeup and photshop … she looks awesome anyway.

  24. LL

    Props to #18 Thanks Sean. I have been wondering all day how you liked your women. Now I can check that off my list for today

    Thanks Superficial, for cluing the last 3 humans on earth into the fact that models look different in real life than they do in pictures (not necessarily worse, just different). That is an amazing observation. Have you submitted this to the Nobel committee yet, because you may be a lock for the Science Nobel next year.

    Yeah, without makeup, she looks closer to her actual age (which is what? 22?). Still looks pretty hot. Chicks start wearing makeup in junior high so they can look older and more “sophisticated” (and needless to say, most fail at the second one). Somewhere in the mid-twenties, the makeup makes you look older all right, but in a bad way. When you’re spackling it on to cover up years of smoking, tanning, not getting enough sleep, you may as well not even bother because you’ll just end up looking like a tranny (or Paris Hilton). Not hot.

  25. aly

    she gorgeous, i mean wow does she have great skin or what…she looks younger but she is def. the prettiest VS model

  26. Binky

    She’s gotta stop watching ‘Ugly Betty”

  27. korina jebediah

    what a pretty girl

  28. korina jebediah

    hey, i cant believe i finally posted something here!

    and is totally -meh.

  29. kelly

    She looks exactly like Michelle Rodriquez there.
    That’s not a good thing.

  30. she still looks beautiful. I think shes just missing some foundation and blush.

  31. I would still hit that like the fist of a vengeful God.

  32. Marie

    Adriana has some make-up on, but I agree it’s almost not there. She has little mascara maybe a subtil eye-liner but it doesn’t change the fact that she is really really gorgeous. And whoever (#22) said she had no boobs, obviously did not watch the last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

  33. FIRST

    Still one of the most beautiful women in the world, with or without make up.

  34. dsa

    This girl is beautiful. Her skin is amazing. So she does not need to wear that much make-up.
    She looks younger with out make up.

  35. I am so over this chick!!

  36. “33. FIRST – October 18, 2007 8:36 PM
    Still one of the most beautiful women in the world, with or without make up”

    Better without makeup. Those lips.

  37. Diana

    I just got the holiday VS catalog, and she’s gained a lot of weight, it does NOT suit her.

  38. stupified

    actually she does have on make-up, just minimal amount. even though, she is stunning 4 having the body of a 12yr old boy, but beautiful face. probably a real bitch though. wonder what her mom looks like…what is she going to look like in 20 years?

  39. kitty_kat

    She’s pretty even without her makeup on.

  40. Binky

    #31 Right ! We need that guy now. His fist could be poppin’ these pricks like a ‘Side Show Bob’[(tm)Call Simpsons ] side show game.
    But in the meantime – Ms Lima, #26 was, of course, just a cheap attempt at pun. I’m sure we’d be safe in Brazil. You guys haven’t invaded anybody lately – looking for WMD ? etc. ?
    Binky : Gr8 ! Maybe I’ll bring my swimsuit. Call me.


    do the offer- it is the only free one where you arent charged monthly or anything.

  42. ssssshaw

    I really like the tote that she’s carrying and i’ve seen Calista Flockhart’s character on Brothers & Sisters carry the same one…do any of you know what brand it is?

  43. laeti

    the bag is by a brand called GOYARD.

  44. jodi

    She looks fat in the face, with a pig nose.
    But when she’s done up and in mags etc she looks really good.

  45. Adriana bikini pic #1: click blue link

  46. Adriana bikini pic #2: click blue link

  47. damn #2 didn't work

    damn #2 didn’t work

  48. Binky

    Don’t worry #47 we ‘get’ it .

    (And for those of you keeping score at home – 9-11 was an Inside Job)

  49. veggi

    So! She’s a lesbian. That explains everything – the V-sign in front of her lips, the ugliness on candid shots.

  50. HappyYummy

    Her face looks chubby and her nose is quite big. I can’t believe that this is even the same person. She looks like a 19 year old. And is quite average looking. I’m in college and the girls around her are just as hot as her. I guess blush, false eyelashes, and a lot less clothes can make anyone look hott.

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