Adriana Lima does Ugly Betty

September 10th, 2008 // 78 Comments

These are shots of Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima on the set of Ugly Betty. I’ve never watched the show before, but I gather the general plot is to pit Betty, who I assume is ugly, against super hot models, who I assume are super hot. Of course, Betty will triumph using things that only matter on TV like personality, inner beauty and a bachelor’s degree. No, sir, I don’t like it. Wait, is there nudity? None? I don’t like it.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Vote for me. I’m a radical Marxist.

  2. First? Ugly indeed.

  3. tabacchifc


  4. Joe

    Nice tits. She’s a worthy woman in my book.

  5. rough daddy

    Yes thats a supermodel!

  6. Nique

    Holy wonderbra! I dont remember that she had boobs like that before!

  7. They have to have guest stars like this in order to get anyone to watch such a retarded show.

  8. power

    That’s a very pretty hotel maid.

  9. Dirk Digler

    I’d love to flick that Lima bean!

    Get it? Lima is her last name and I made a crude reference to her clitoris. HAHAHA! Man, I crack myself up sometimes.

  10. Fred

    Now, if I were a NFL quarterback, I’d be hitting this, not that stupid, stumpy bloated Jessica Simpson.

    Take lessons from Tom Brady.

  11. Ted Mosby

    Looks hot in that hoodie.

    I wouldn’t mind her mugging me.

  12. rough daddy

    Dime a dozen in Brazil, but shes a supermodel in this country!!!

  13. Gottahava Wawa

    “I would to to draw a bath for you…”

  14. devilsrain

    12. You couldnt have said it better. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Tits look good tho.

  15. Spanky

    Only on this site would someone say something bad about Adriana Lima’s looks. I wish I was the one popping that cherry.

  16. JPRichardson

    Oh my God!!!!! Now, ThAT is beautiful!!!!

  17. sameshitdifferentyear

    #12 Dime a dozen???
    Upload your digital camera vacation photos ASAP

    Dime-a, Lima, …. hmm, there’s a nickname somewhere in there

  18. Binky

    Apparently Lima is playing herself on the show.
    (No need to blow a lot on acting lessons Adriana)

  19. jesse

    Nice Ren & Stimpy reference.

  20. Sheva

    bloody gorgeous

  21. Throw her of some trump(et) tower.
    I have the nerves to say: SHE’S UGLY, folks!!

  22. What’s with the creepy stalker sweater??

    Actually I need to get one of those….

  23. connor


    Hotel maid? You wish. She makes more money in one year than you ever will in a lifetime.

  24. KeithyPoo

    I just see her saying “Young Skywalker….” Did nobody else pick up on her Emperor Palpatine-esque wardrobe in the last few pictures. Get on the line with the Geekologie writer! He may have a chance! Oh….totally f*kin hot.

  25. gosyco

    #25 Totally!
    The force behind my zipper is strong for this one.

  26. Spanky

    She may supposedly be a virgin but I bet the poop chute and mouth has been violated every which way you can imagine. I bet the clam is shaved bald though. in my mind it is.

  27. catska

    dime a dozen MY ASS. I’m in Salvador right now AND trust me girls here DON’T look like THAT!

  28. JT

    Adriana is very pretty. She got a little “boost” with breast implants. A natural requirement for her job.

  29. Spanky

    She is so beautiful I would litterally let her crap on my face just si I could get a close up look at her taco.

  30. X

    She is superpretty, but sometimes her teeth looks good, but mostly they look “OFF”

    I can’t explain it. What kind of shaped teeth would you call that?
    Look at picture 6 of her.

  31. khh465

    29: If you’ve seen her in a bathing suit or something without ridiculous support, her boobs are not big at all…probably a large B at most. As someone with a small chest, I can personally attest to the fact that if the top is cut in a certain way and the push is high/strong enough, a B can look like a full C or larger. Her boobs are not big enough to be implants.

  32. beastman AIDS

    #29 – and where, pray tell, are the sources providing proof of this “boost”?
    Nowhere, because you’re speculating.
    Breast enhancements are a natural requirement for pornstars and american women, not supermodels. or at least not Adriana Limas.

  33. britney's weave

    i love her eyes. really!

  34. beastman AIDS

    oh noeees! what happened to your wee finger Adriana?? Let uncie beastman kiss it better nom nom

  35. Adriana Fan

    BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS! Viva Adriana! P.S. her boobs are real

  36. CaptainMorgan

    I’d be happy with a piece of that. I’d tell her fat friend to wait outside and down the block. They always have a fat friend.

  37. Marino

    she is my lezbo pick.

  38. big juicy adiriana melons

    this will be the first time I see ugly betty. OOooooohhho yesssssss.

  39. As Virginal As Brittany

    I think she is stunning. However, I don’t buy the virgin bit. Logically it makes sense for her to say this b/c it sets her apart. from al the other beauties. Smart PR move.

    Let’s see I pose in underwear, am 25 years old, act like a sex goddess but I don’t give it up. Yea right, thats weird at her age. Thats the only thing I can say bad about her:)

  40. JT

    You are fucking stupid.

    All VT models require breasts, it’s a lingerie company!

    I believe she got collagen, too.

  41. Her taste is in her mouth

    Well apparently guys Adriana was holding out for a strange looking person. Who knew she had a penchant for cross eyed cretins from Slovakia. Oh, but his bank account looks great!!!!

    Superficial guy sucks…he does not report the news as it is.

  42. JT

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Implants come in all sorts of sizes.
    I’ve seen very small implants, and very large implants.

    Being a model also means being reasonable. They’re not going to go for the Christina Aguilera implants.

  43. JT


    Also, a lot of you are in denial, and say that these pictures are “Photoshopped.”

    Google search other pictures, you’ll find some more.

  44. JT

    Not everyone’s lucky like Tyra Banks, who claims she is all-natural.

  45. Aline R.

    Folks. The girl is not a virgin. It was a scandal in Brazil where I am from because magazines there were saying how she lied blah, blah, blah. She countered by saying she was trying to send a message to youth.Then she said she did not understand the interviewer because of her English and that her original comment that a person should wait until they are in a relationship was minsconstrued to mean she was a virgin. Not bad reasons. At least she uses her powers for good.

    Anyway google it.

  46. mia


    As a woman with large boobs (D cups), I can tell you that certain bikini tops still make me look “small”, especially if they do not have enough support to gather the side boobage while others make me look huge (halter tops). I highly doubt that Adriana has implants because her breast tissue extends almost all the way to her collar bone:

    This occurs in natural breasts because the fatty content isn’t as contained as it would be in breasts with implants. I am almost positive that with the right corset top you could push her breasts all the way up to her collar bone which would be quite difficult to do with fake breast with the implant being completely visible. She’s also not that skinny (pic 1&2) and she has more of a “fattyness” to her than people realize. This is something that usually occurs in women with natural breasts; just look at Scarlett Johansson.

  47. The fat police

    Oh no…someone (Mia) is saying A.L. is fat. Have a wandered into a proana site by mistake?……

    It is a given. At least one person who views this site has to comment on a displayed picture proclaiming the person in the picture is fat or has excess fatty tissue no matter how not fat said individual is.

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