Good Morning: Adriana Abenia’s Boob Fell Out

Spanish model and television personality Adriana Abenia was at the GQ Man of the Year party last night and her boob fell out into a state of half topless undress. There isn’t much more to say or comment on that besides the fact that you can now look where her nipple placement is for the sake of understanding attractive peoples’ anatomy. This is science, people. We’re not objectifying anyone, we’re doing “research” on things that will probably (definitely) never happen to us in real life… like seeing Adriana Abenia’s naked breast.

As of this morning it’s been a pretty slow news day and the rest of the afternoon isn’t looking too exciting. Nobody was called out for sexual harassment since yesterday aftern- oh, wait… yep we got one. Be back in an hour with an update on how Sylvester Stallone had a threesome with a 16-year-old and his bodyguard.

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