Adrian Grenier wants it to burn when he pees

September 18th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Adrian Grenier is not ruling out a relationship with Paris Hilton. As of right now, they’re just friends, but according to Adrian, “there’s a world of possibility!” (And gonorrhea. Possibilities and gonorrhea.) Now prepare yourself for a combination of words describing Paris Hilton that will make your face implode. E! Online reports:

“I think she’s absolutely wonderful. I really like her, genuinely. So, there’s that. Just genuine human-to-human appreciation. But she also has a very unique experience that I’m curious about. It’s an experience she’s been intertwined with for many years. Well beyond the many years I’ve had to experience this sort of celebrity situation. So, you know, we’re sort of helping each other out. We’re sort of mutual mentors.”

I see Adrian Grenier act on Entourage. I basically take it for granted that he’s of a mild intelligence and can interact with people unsupervised. But, now, I’m absolutely positive he’s mentally retarded. Paris Hilton as a mentor? Shouldn’t he have a case worker that takes him miniature golfing or something? I don’t pay taxes so this poor sap can get his genitals melted off. Until I see Adrian Grenier performing safer, more monitored activities like eating ice cream or, I dunno, dirt-bike riding without a helmet, the IRS can bite my ass. Which is unbelievably firm, so I hope they have strong teeth.


  1. But be careful (fucking tasers)

  2. Binky.

    Hang in there everybody.
    Not sure what to say

    (we’ll be back)

  3. jake

    if she dissapears
    ALL my prayers will be answered
    spears’ kids safe
    OJ doing hard time

  4. Paris truly is the queen diva. She has fabulous taste in clothes and men. All you hoes are just jealous. She’s got herself some prime boy toy meat there. I always thought (hoped) he was gay. At least if Adrian has to be straight he’ll be in good hands with Paris.

  5. He deserves to be hit on the head with a hammer ,for such comment.


    The great EYE is forever WONKY.

  7. Drunkman

    #44 you’re right she does have some evil serect power over people, except replace ‘people’ with ‘guys’ and ‘evil secret’ with ‘deep throating’

  8. havoc

    “I really like her, genuinely. And she’s rich!”

    “So, you know, we’re sort of helping each other out. And she’s rich!”

    “We’re sort of mutual mentors. And she’s rich!”

    “She’s a walking petri dish. And she’s rich!”


  9. toolboy

    And many years from now, after Hollywood has re-written and re-hashed every story EVER, the beloved seasonal standard “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was updated to “How Paris’ Vagina ruined Western Civilization”.
    – 3 words to describe her would be Stink Stank Stunk.

  10. lawyergirl06

    “Shouldn’t he have a case worker that takes him miniature golfing” LMAO. I nearly choked on my coffee this morning! Thanks Superfish!

  11. Ok, I’ll say it……………I really like her dress.

    But, she’s still a whore with VD.

  12. Hometown

    Say what you want, but she looks phenomenal here.

  13. Noxioius Bob

    while on the zappa theme….
    From the same album….

    Why does it hurt when I pee….

  14. jbird

    You jealous lot can just KISS MY ARSE!!! Ms. Hilton look FABULOUS in these pix. Every single one of them show her breeding and class. Only YOU classless lot would dare find fault with her. I’m not lezzie or anything, but I’ll admit that I have the world’s biggest girl-crush on her.


  15. wedgeone

    #1 – Nice trollery schack, except that you MISSPELLED MY HANDLE, DORKUS! Fucking fool.

    #36 + #57 = PERFECTION!

    And as for the Briton Lezzie in #66, what you’re seeing in these pics is not a show of her breeding and class. It’s a demonstration of what an infinite amount of money and plastic surgery can do for you.

    The Great Wonk-Eye has spoken!

  16. Yeah Right

    Funny comments!

    He just wants to get laid! What a dork!

  17. boo

    #27 Great comment, he is a hairy bastard, isn’t he?

  18. jbird

    @67 – Piss off you slag! You mistake me for a lezzie and you look at Paris’ pictures and don’t recognize style and breeding. Being blind and stupid is no way to go thru life, luv.

  19. dt

    It would still be a better combination than Criss Angel and Britney Spears. If they successfully mate, all the armies of the world will be unable to stop their demon spawn.

    The worst thing that will happen between Adrian Grenier and Paris is that Grenier’s genitals will need a treatment of holy water, battery acid, and fire…lots of fire. That should cure whatever VD he gets from the sewers of Paris.

  20. I hate people

    Superfish you are hilarious, lately the commentary has been ass bustingly funny. Thanks. In this shithole of a world I need some funny now and then.

  21. Proud Mom

    My 11 year old daughter is concerned with her future generation by those who are influenced by the likes of Paris, Britney, and Lohan. Hopefully there are more young people like my daughter.

  22. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    If you long to sleep with a tranny that makes you gay Adrian.

  23. chaka

    I went to college with Adrian Grenier. Back then we called him scabies boy because he gave his whole dorm scabies. I should have fucked him back then. I just wouldn’t because of the scabie. God, that was fucking dumb.

  24. sgh77

    I bet tinkerbell gives much better head than Paris Hilton..might help to cool off the burning Adrian, if you insist poking this whore who makes a plastic fuck doll look like Mdm. Pasteur

  25. shahid


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