Adrian Grenier understands women

Adrian Grenier is apparently a master at luring women toward his funky swamp-cock. NY Daily News reports:

We hear that Adrian Grenier and an “Entourage” of guys strolled into N.Y.C. hotspot Amnesia last week and immediately approached a group of young ladies.
“They put their arms around each of the women and suavely said: ‘Hey baby, this is what it’s like to be famous’ ” a partygoer tells us. “Then they laughed in the girls’ faces and walked off.”

While some of you might balk at this approach, believe me, it totally works. I use a similar tactic where I say “Hey, baby, this is what it’s like to be the Internet” then try to sell them Viagra in bulk at unbelievable prices. I haven’t gotten laid yet, but I do end up going home to cry/masturbate myself to sleep. So halfway there.