Adrian Grenier understands women

April 20th, 2010 // 49 Comments

Adrian Grenier is apparently a master at luring women toward his funky swamp-cock. NY Daily News reports:

We hear that Adrian Grenier and an “Entourage” of guys strolled into N.Y.C. hotspot Amnesia last week and immediately approached a group of young ladies.
“They put their arms around each of the women and suavely said: ‘Hey baby, this is what it’s like to be famous’ ” a partygoer tells us. “Then they laughed in the girls’ faces and walked off.”

While some of you might balk at this approach, believe me, it totally works. I use a similar tactic where I say “Hey, baby, this is what it’s like to be the Internet” then try to sell them Viagra in bulk at unbelievable prices. I haven’t gotten laid yet, but I do end up going home to cry/masturbate myself to sleep. So halfway there.


  1. bob

    First motherfuckers!!! and who the fuck is this douche?

  2. Tampon string alert in first picture! Gross.

  3. sasha


  4. I do the crying and massterminate but i cut out the middleman and don’t go out.

  5. bre

    ugh gross yeah tampon strings and dresses do not go hand in hand lmao!!!

  6. Crusty

    Here’s a dude who gets all the trim he wants because he plays a dude on an HBO series who gets all the trim he wants.

    Life is patently unfair..

  7. lori

    He looks like he stinks.

  8. OTP

    He looks like he has AIDS and hasn’t washed in months.

  9. Neorules2112

    needs to wash in gasoline , so we can light him on fire ..
    Douche bag

  10. chupcabra

    yea, tampon strings don’t hang down that far, idiots! She probably has some really short cut offs on under her skank dress.

  11. Rogue

    As long as you’re on tv, make flicks, or can be heard on the radio singing (even like crap) … you could look like Quasimodo, and you’re still going to get laid. You can act any way you want and still get laid. Don’t whine about, go learn how to play a guitar.

  12. J82

    Someone needs to tell this douche that he;s ugly, dirty looking and on a horrible show. I’m not sure what’s worse- his “acting” or his looks

  13. justifiable

    It works if the woman you try it on wants to fuck a guy with a mouth like a platypus’s. Grenier always looks like a total tool so it’s no surprise he also acts like one.

  14. Valerie

    Fuck yeah, Fish, that was funny! Happy 4/20

  15. Valerie

    @ 12 also that he needs to bleach his teeth. Thanks.

  16. Deacon Jones

    I used to respect this guy since he used to make broads give him blowjobs while he was a filthy mess….until I noticed he shaved off the upper half of his eyebrows in these pics

  17. Harold^Sick

    Hahaha, that’s funny… because [not famous] women do this to men all the time. Suck it, ladies.

  18. OPS

    That might be the douchiest hat ever made.

  19. Ally

    I will not be popular for saying this but I think Leo DiCaprio seems like the biggest douche in Hollywood – followed by this douche

  20. balhder

    Life imitates art imitates life.

  21. Fati87

    Ever since word leaked that he has a stinky penis, I can’t look at him without my last meal fighting its way out.

  22. Peter Griffin says...


    Respectfully disagree. Leo balances his douchiness by his acting. The Departed…Blood Diamond…Body of Lies…Catch me if you Can…say what you want but the guy has done some great work.

    Grenier is on Entourage – the show also known as “Marky Mark’s 30 minutes of Midget Douchedom” where the characters try really really hard to make everyone believe that they have a great life. We get it Marky Mark – you think you’re really cool.

    These are facts.

  23. justifiable

    #21 Stay away from cheese, it helps.

  24. See

    what did he do again? please refresh my memory..

  25. adrian beutifull

  26. Crabby Old Guy

    In the not so distant future, I see Adrian broke and having to resort to sucking cock to feed his habit…one of the babes he gave the ol’ “High Hat” act to spots him and tells her boyfriend that she’ll pay the $25 if he makes Adrian suck him off then has the BF beat the crap outta this dweeb.

    “Hollywood ending”, no?

  27. Is

    he’s hideous

  28. grobpilot

    Most likely, that’s load of spuzz dripping out of that girl’s snatch in photo #1

  29. lizzy

    does he not realize that everyone hates the character vinny chase? and that he himself is not that great? loser.

  30. Peanutty

    Don’t be jealous fellows. He works out and looks tight, like a good boy should.

  31. brenton

    you guys sound like a lot of whiny bitches. lol.

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  33. @31, you’re right, he’s buff and tan and trim. Not.

    And he doesn’t have furry arms. And a round face. And a Jew ‘fro. And bad clothes. And no personality. Nope, none of those.

    But he do got a big wallet. And that seems to have the effect of opening a woman’s legs….

  34. sushi

    I don’t see the hot in this guy at all.

  35. Melissa

    I WANT that shirt!!! Anyone know where he got it from? I love that song so much…

  36. Griffin Online Adrian Grenier was filming a scene outside a strip club, but the biggest shock about those pictures is his new short haircut. The Entourage star cut his off beautiful curls and with that he revealed his gorgeous face.

  37. i’am understands woman

  38. Jenna

    Is this really news? I don’t even believe it.

    Also, I think he looked way hotter with longer hair. Still hot as hell, but, the dirty hippy thing worked for him.

  39. Is this really news? I don’t even believe it.

  40. Is this really news? I don’t even believe it.

  41. captain america

    he also reckognise the taste of sperm?

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  43. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    This guy gets more ass than a toilet seat.

  44. “‘Hey baby, this is what it’s like to be famous’”

    Hmm…maybe what it’s like to be pseudo-famous. If your show is a critical darling on HBO, I’m about 98% sure you suck crusty roach ass in the real world.

    @ 16 – “…he shaved off the upper half of his eyebrows…”
    If there’s a razor near his face, it has to catch some eyebrows.

  45. Rhialto

    For a brief moment i thougth that he was Betty Page.

  46. Darth

    Betty Page after an intensive diet (read:almost clinical death).

  47. anonymous

    this guy’s an asshole!!!!!!!

  48. wannabe yellar Haired Republican writer

    cow-licked out of bed

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