Adrian Grenier protects his goods


Adrian Grenier was spotted making out with Paris Hilton in Vegas over the weekend. However, Adrian already regrets this ridiculously stupid mistake and has no desire to put his testicles in harm’s way. NY Daily News reports:

“Adrian is resistant because this is Paris Hilton,” says a spy. “She’s way more into him and was all over him. But he’s being good and hasn’t slept with her. They did make out, and Adrian felt that was too much.” Hilton’s rep insists that the two are “nothing more than friends.”

Adrian Grenier truly lives on the edge. Some guys go sky-diving. Others scale Mt. Everest. Vincent Chase here rests his balls on the precipice of Herpes Canyon. I’m actually impressed. I battle forest fires without a shirt on, but what this guy does is sheer madness. You’re walking a razor’s edge, Mr. Chase. Try not to get cut – in the crotch.