Adrian Grenier leads a grueling existence

January 5th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Here’s Entourage star Adrian Grenier hitting Bondi Beach in Austrialia with a gaggle of bikini-clad women yesterday. Which is exactly what I’d be doing in his shoes, and here’s why: Anyone remember Brian Benben? I rest my case.

EDIT: I’m kidding, of course. These women all work for HBO’s marketing department and were chosen for their bushy eyebrow threshold. If you think the job is easy, try smacking yourself in the face with a Brillo pad the next time you have sex, then get back to me.


  1. NipTuck

    huh. he isn’t very nice to look at.

    he looks like bigfoot stalking prey in the first picture of the third row…

  2. Bastard, he look like a sighting of big food in pic #9 please gimme gimme some of that yellow tail in pic # 1

  3. Woodie

    I’d fuck him.

  4. well looking at his belly that typo was appropriate than foot

  5. is he so NOT sexy
    gross chest hair

  6. soahc

    One would think that being a star, playing a movie star who is supposed to be playing Aquaman would kind of make it necessary to work out and be in shape wouldn’t ya?

  7. His Majesty

    Speaking of Brillo pads that may or may not give you the herpi-sore-us, when do you guys think Lindsay will flash the old crab palace again?

  8. chelsey eden

    he looks like my dad when he was younger.

    I’m having very mixed feelings about this…..

  9. BEAM

    Wow, is the Fish actually becoming funny again, or is it just the weed?

  10. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Adam Grenier’s worthless penis

  11. The Fountain Of Youth

    Ahhhhh Mickey Doleeeeeenz…my boooooyyyy…I see you have beeeennnn to my waterrrrrssssss…careful nooooooowwwwww, don’t stray too faarrrrrrr, or you will look just like Adrian Grenieeeeerrr…and nobody wants thaaaaatttttttttttt…,

  12. The Fountain Of Youth

    Eeeegadsss…this penisssssss is worthlessssssssssssssss…,

  13. emi

    Ok, this guy reminds me Sacha Cohen. That’s NOT good. They’re both disgusting!!!!!!!!!

  14. Is that Ashley Alexandra Dupre on the left in the last photo? Man, that dude gets around!

  15. The Fountain Of Youth

    Tastes like Mickey Doleenzzzzzzzzz…BTW, who is Adam Grenieeeerrrrr?????????

  16. lola richie

    He seems like a really nice person and he cares about global issues.. although misplaced. Yes there are parts of Africa where the people have to carry huge jugs of water home, but I think they prefer that to the corporate solution. I am sure that Evian wants to buy up the water right and SELL it to the people. Therefore they are forced to work for the man for “money” and become another cog in the wheel. These people have been surviving for thousands of years -off the land in communal societies without the need for money as we know it (but for how long?).

    Leave third world countries alone and start prosecuting CEOS for abusing human rights and their greed. Stop buying anything made in China. It hurts the Chinese people and your American job. A few CEOS get filthy stinking rich and the world goes to Hell.

  17. Fremen

    The pictures seem staged to make you jealous, but they actually make him look gay.

    No straight guy hangs out with that many girls — they are annoying as hell when grouped together. The straight guy would be at a brief distance talking to another guy, while the chicks are cracking themselves up with quotes from Twilight or various reality shows, pretending they think it’s lame.

  18. J.

    Haha I know #17. In such a big company of girls, he appears to be ‘one of the girls’ or talking about pajama parties.

  19. TH42

    I remember Brian Benben and Dream On quite well thank you very much. However, I don’t remember if it was a good show or not because I was at an age where I was only watching it to see boobs. By which I mean 30! Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  20. Its ironic how his show is about being a hot young actor who gets girls and now it happens in real life, its like he’s not even acting!

  21. TrannyManny

    I think the person doing this site now is a chick. Too many guy/gay posts. WHERE’S THA BITCHES!???

  22. missy

    i dont get it he looks like a AFG

  23. Dude needs to join a gym STAT! Ewww…I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch Entourage (besides the high douche quota).


  24. Tapeworm

    Jew-fro? check.
    Hairy? check
    out of shape? check.
    walks like fucking Bigfoot? check.

    Oh yeah, I see why he’s such a ladies’ man. :-P

  25. Jimmy Jim

    is he trying to replace turtle as the most out of shape cast member?

  26. Dorito Man

    He looks like one of those Hamas doods Israel is gunning for.

  27. Lola

    I’m pretty sure he’s had intercourse with Paris Hilton. Do not want!

  28. Lola

    I’m pretty sure he’s had intercourse with Paris Hilton. Do not want!

  29. Supa G@Y

    Aw, look, he’s got his own Cosmopolitan handbag!

  30. Turtle

    Why doesn’t Adrian have red stars covering his nipples?

  31. This guy cant take a second to do some pushups. What a tool.

    I posted some more pics of this retard:

  32. SuperficialFan

    oh superficial writer…you’re fuckin hilarious dude…always my comic relief at the end of the day…THANKS!!!!

  33. qtpie

    All the expectations that women have to live up to… (big tits & the rest is supposed to look like the body of a 10 year old boy.) But he can’t even hit a gym like even once a month?!? Looks like the heaviest thing this boy lifts is his cardboard Emmy when he’s practicing in front of the mirror! Sheesh….

  34. Fred

    The only reason these cunts are hanging around this geek is because he has money. A prime example would be those three harlots from The hoez next door. See ya.

  35. when you’re a faggot, YOU ARE, folks!!

  36. Dave

    Caption, First Picture…

    “Ladies, that guy over there, in the high heels and pink tubetop, is Hawt!!! Can I get a hell yes?!”

  37. smitty werben man jensen

    I haven’t got a clue who this guy is. The Asian girl in the first pic is cute, though.

  38. Chest Hair Expert

    If you have dark sparse chest hair, don’t even bother taking off your shirt because it just looks like the chest is dirty! If you don’t own beautiful straight chest hair (of any color) then waxing is the way to go. ‘Cuz curly chest hair is yucky.

  39. lemon

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  40. Adrian Grenier

    You bring the bag. I’ve got the douche.

  41. CakeSniffer

    Two Questions:

    1) You think this guy could do 25 pushups?

    2) Multiple choice: In his natural state (that is, without waxing or whatever he does), what do you think his back hair density would be? a) Very thick; b) Incredibly thick; c) George “The Animal” Steele thick.

  42. He’s one lucky guy, no matter what he does for fitness. Just has to be romantic…

  43. Autumn

    Brian Benben…LOL…oh, Superficial writer, how I adore you.

  44. Sephystal

    he’s still a winner in my book!

  45. Ted Tedlinson

    That girl on the right in pic#1 looks like she’d be a blast to spend the weekend with. So much hotter than the celebs on the mags who are supposedly so great looking.

  46. Manswers

    Whoa… How many times a day would you hit that Asian chick? Wow!

    That is some serious quality.

  47. Barack Obama

    Tell him to give me a call, I will lift with him. I am going to be pretty busy in a couple weeks, but I will squeeze him in. No young Americans should look like this.

  48. Rhodes' Island

    Brian Benben? NICE FREAKING REFERENCE!!! Seriously though, Brian Benben could not care less. He is doing the hibbidy with Medeline Stowe, his wife since 1986! His acting career might suck but he hooked up with a hottie that has steady work!

  49. Cartman

    Vinnie is starting to look like the hedgehog except I doubt he has the same equipment to fall back on.

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