Adrian Grenier is straight. No, really.

January 2nd, 2009 // 51 Comments

Here’s Adrian Grenier celebrating the New Year with a bunch of dolphins at Sea World in Australia. Can someone, please, tell me what thought process ended with this guy being cast as Hollywood heartthrob Vincent Chase in Entourage?

HBO EXEC 1: Okay, check it. We’ll cast the lead with someone who is attractive yet completely not-attractive at the same time. Women won’t know whether they want to sleep with this guy or put their vaginas in a lockbox.
HBO EXEC 2: Why would we do that?
HBO EXEC 1: We’re HBO, bitch!
HBO EXEC 2: Can’t argue with that.
HBO EXEC 1: Exactly. Next item, who’s in favor of green-lighting a show about Hare Krishnas who operate exactly like the Mafia?
HBO EXEC 2: You mean, like The Sopranos?
HBO EXEC 1: Bingo.
HBO EXEC 2: Aye!


  1. Why does this site bash homosexuals almost everyone? Adrian Grenier you were gay, which he probably is not, but if he * did, it’s something that people have about why so much negative comments? I seriously wonder how many visitors the site of negative and hateful comments about gays due to forfeits.

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