Adrian Grenier has a smelly penis

July 24th, 2009 // 138 Comments

Here’s a cautionary tale for all you female Entourage fans out there. It turns out our boy Vince, Adrian Grenier, isn’t a fan of showering which leads to unpleasant experiences for ladies struck by his “star power.” I have no frickin’ clue. LA Rag Mag reports:

“We were kissing and stuff and then I went down like I was going to go down on him and he’s uncut just fyi, and hairy, but the worst part was the…the SMELL. It was like he hadn’t showered in days, and that’s just not polite to let a girl go down on you when YOU KNOW you didn’t take a shower and he’s uncut! So I look up at him, you know I pause, and he looks down at me with that smile he does on the show, sort of like “Suck it up”.
L&A: So what did you do? You told him it was too much right. Or you didn’t feel good?
HER: No..I …sucked it up and just held my breath. It was Adrian Grenier!!

Wow. It’s that easy these days? In that case, I’d like to point out The Superficial Writer is circumsized and showers daily. He’ll also be lighting leftover birthday candles in the janitor’s closet should anyone need him. Not you, Ted!

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  1. DCMikeRotch


    That quote was probably given by Seth Rogen.

  2. Wow I feel sorry for her next boyfriend. I was uncut when i was a teen, in just a couple of hours after a shower pee pee cheese can accumulate down there very fast; and the stench can be unbearable. I can image when she came up for air she looked like she just drank one of Lilo’s milkshakes…

  3. Roxi

    hes so unattractive and smelly ? what a combo!

  4. Lys

    ”but most boys are circumcized when they are newborns” ?!
    Maybe in the US but everywhere else I don’t think so…
    If the skin is there, there is probably a reason… Our ancestors lack hygiene so they cut it, but today… come on… The world Health Organisation say that only 30% of mal are circumsised, of whom 68% are Muslim. Also, ”most circumcisions are performed during adolescence for cultural or religious reasons”, not on newborn… And finally ”circumcision only provides minimal protection and should not replace other interventions to prevent transmission of HIV.” Wikipedia.

  5. Lys

    ”A 1987 study found that the most prominent reasons US parents choose circumcision were “concerns about the attitudes of peers and their sons’ self concept in the future,” rather than medical concerns.”

  6. gotmilk?

    everyone knows you can only get away with not showering if you look like Rob Pattinson.

    anyway, what is wrong with this girl? she blew him because he’s Adrian Grenier? that doesn’t even make sense. Maybe if it was the other way around – like he went down on her, then she’s got something to brag about. I’m sure he lets anything suck his dick. fucking nasty.

  7. gotmilk?

    everyone knows you can only get away with not showering if you look like Rob Pattinson.

    anyway, what is wrong with this girl? she blew him because he’s Adrian Grenier? that doesn’t even make sense. Maybe if it was the other way around – like he went down on her, then she’s got something to brag about. I’m sure he lets anything suck his dick. fucking nasty.

  8. gotmilk?

    sorry about that double post. fucking interwebs…

  9. Minguh

    @25 – No shame in either. Personally, un-cut is nice cause its squishy, and fun to play with during down-time. If I had a penis, and it was un-cut, I’d play with the skin all day.


    This is the foulest thing I’ve heard in a while. Why would any chick brag about sucking off cheese-dick. Unbelievable.

    And this guy’s dick wouldn’t come anywhere near my mouth, clean, dirty, celebrity or hobo. What’s so special about this guy anyway?

  10. Well thats one way to humiliate chicks without looking like a jerk…

  11. PeroDjetlic

    On the cut vs. uncut debate i would like to quote ED :
    “Most women are rather disappointed if their man gets naked for them the first time and they discover that he’s sporting a horrific dog-dick. Fortunately, like most problems, this can be solved by an erection. “

  12. actually

    clean is clean and if you are a clean person you wont stink, so it doesnt matter if you are cut or uncut. I am going to school to be a nurse and they were telling us about cleaning patients. They told us that when cleaning an uncut person you have to wash them like a regular person, but after you do that you have to peel the extra skin back and wash under there also. so yeah, uncut men may have to do a little more to get clean, but that doesnt mean they stink.

  13. Christina


  14. binks

    Gawd that is so gross to read. And unbelievable this whore would still suck that nasty cock. I’m a woman and even I know that all a man has to do is pull the foreskin back and wash…good GAWD that just makes me want to puke!

  15. Io

    seriously Lys, you trust Wikipedia for your scientific info…that says it all

  16. Eg

    You do realise that outside the US most men are uncircumcised? Why you would want to mutilate yourselves and your baby sons is beyond the rest of the world.

  17. ahdh

    Dammit. I just blew through Season 5 of Entourage draming of him. Now my fantasy is ruined! Uncut and smelly!?!? Oh come on!

  18. ahdh

    Dammit. I just blew through Season 5 of Entourage dreaming of him. Now my fantasy is ruined! Uncut and smelly!?!? Oh come on!

  19. Large Black Man

    White bitches are pathetic

  20. e-rock

    #69- White bitches are pathetic? The only thing pathetic around here is your racist remark.

    I have dated both cut and uncut men, and I don’t think it matters a hoot either way, as long as he is CLEAN. Its a little funny to look at an uncut man at first, being used to seeing them cut, but you get over it quick. But a smell? Come on Adrian, Im pretty damn dissapointed in him. Thats just as bad a smelly vagina, WASH IT MAN.

  21. Jamie's Uterus

    Was the girl mentioned Paris Hilton? She’ll put anything in her mouth. I would say it was that human urinal Kim Kardashian, but she only fucks black guys that piss on her.

    Also, this guy hit the jackpot. He was completely mis-cast in Entourage. Worst. Actor. Ever. Not even good looking enough to be a movie star on that show…

  22. Missy

    UnCut all the way!!!!!! It’s easier to give a BJ or HJ to a guy that’s uncut cause there is less friction and it’s softer. And no, I’m not from europe or any other foreign place.

  23. Lys

    you must be one of those fucking ignorant who don’t trust wikipedia because its an open source, collective and completely free encyclopedia. I won’t waste my time explaining to a retarded teen how important socio-constructivism is.

  24. yvette


  25. ditto

    you need lube to handjob a cut dick. no need for that with uncut cocks.

  26. can't stop laughing


  27. can't stop laughing


  28. Best Headline Ever!

  29. obannion

    I’m pretty sure his smelly dick had more to do with having been inside some guy’s ass moments before this classy lady agreed to suck him off

  30. F*ckRandal

    “I can’t believe that there are STILL women who think uncut dicks are for some reason better/less gross or sumpin…
    Being cut makes the penis waaaayyyyy (10x ?) LESS sensitive, so I feel really sorry to dozens of millons of men in the world that are circumcized and are NEVER able to feel vagina COMPLETELY.
    Me : no STDs, not smelly, never been complained. :D”

    I am tempted not to say anything as making fun of retarded ppl might be a hate crime but you are begging for it…

  31. Io

    actually, I’m college educated and studying medicine. ANY college professor worth their weight in gold will tell you to NEVER trust online sources….just saying

  32. My husband is “uncut” and smells yummy..NUM NOM NOM. Go figure. If you bathe, there shouldn’t be a problem. Circumcizing is so barbaric (sp?). The only reason they ever started is because people weren’t as clean…due to rarely bathing…therefore infections within the foreskin, etc. People bathe DAILY now…it’s not a problem (or it shouldn’t be lol). There’s actually a lot of doctors and insurance companies who won’t even cover circumcisions anymore. Juuust sayin lol

  33. F*ckRandal


    All that says is that we need stricter med school entrance guidelines and that college education in this country is pathetic as apparently any idiot can now graduate.

  34. F*ckRandal

    also because I have 10 college and postgraduate degrees and I study humanity this is something that you can’t possibly disagree with so…

  35. Uhhhhh-ICK! I don’t think “It’s Adrien Grenier” means those statements are okay. “It’s Adrien Grenier” to me means something sort of lame.

  36. lori

    I would just throw up in his lap. That would show the stinky, cocky bastard.

  37. Smegg off

    Yeah uncut is less sensitive, but they aren’t dead so they can go ALLLL night instead of popping at the 5min mark like those uncut guys.

  38. Turtle

    @ 87: That’s too much of a generalization. It all depends on the guy, really. I’ve been with a circumcised guy where the sex was pathetic and he finished in no time whereas the “uncut” guy (my boyfriend now) could go on and on. In the end, it isn’t the dick, it’s the guy.

  39. Tracie

    Yeah, I’ve been with an uncut guy too, and as long as he’s clean, there’s no smell, same as a cut guy. The hood may trap the smell a bit which might make him a bit smellier, but just having it doesn’t make a dude stink.

  40. Fati

    What is this? I didn’t know circumcision was such a common practice. Or are you all jewish? Nature knows best. It wouldn’t create men with foreskin if there was no need for it.

  41. Nikki

    You’re from the internet. Therefor, I don’t trust you.

  42. Duh

    @ 90

    Orly? Is that why we are born with an appendix? Or wisdom teeth? Or tonsils?

    Lose the dog dick. Finding that in a dude’s pants is a total DEAL BREAKER. No one likes that ugly smegma-collecting stink-stick anywhere near their naughty bits, much less near their mouth. GROSSSSSSS.

  43. UNCUT = BARF

    You know that smell that fat people get between their rolls because they can’t wash between them? It’s the same shit that uncut dudes get under their foreskin– that nasty dickcheese. So, would you wanna take a great big lick between some fat dude’s rolls? That’s exactly what sucking Adrien’s dick would be like.

    FYI — 99.99% of cancer of the penis cases, the men are NOT circumcised. Look it up.

  44. Adrien's musky taint

    That chick should have pulled back his foreskin, harvested the thick, cheesy smegma and smeared it under his nose and performed the world’s first Dirty Sancheese.

  45. “It was Adrian Grenier!!”

    Oh yeah, flabby D-lister with a hairy forehead! Lifetime achievement award for you!

  46. Priapus

    Gives new meaning to ” no turtle”. Speaking of no turtle, gots me a clean unhoobastank helmet, ain’t hard to do. Some dudes like humiliating a Ho, and some girls like being humiliated ho…nuttin’ more dat

  47. EuroNeckPain

    @90: same here, I grew up with the idea that circumcision was a Jewish practice (there were not that many Muslims around back then). It was quite a surprise to see that non-Jewish Americans had their foreskin cut off. I wonder if it is because of the huge infuence the Jewish people have in the US ?
    About the looks, I am not sure that cut is better than uncut. And I do not understand the comparison with a dog at all. It is probably because “a dog” sounds bad, they want to make a point when in fact they cannot find a good reason.

  48. Stuey

    That bitch deserves a dirty dick in her mouth. Who gives a fuck who it is, wash yo shit sonne!

    But you know he gets off on that. See which whore will go down on him or who won’t with his smelly junk.

  49. Darth

    It must have been one salty bite for this girl.Weird story anyway.

  50. Nero

    Did he never heard of a bath or shower before sex!? Weird.

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