Adnan Ghalib tests male enhancement products

January 30th, 2008 // 111 Comments

Adnan Ghalib tests boner pills. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on the best lead written in the history of journalism. Fantastic. Anyway, some of you might have heard of this, but apparently Adnan is on a panel of guys who test male enhancement products. You can see his bio on (He’s the third one down. Can’t miss him.) Here’s what it says in case your work doesn’t want you reading about erections:

Occupation: Filmmaker.
Tell Us a Little Something About Yourself:
I work in “the” industry in Los Angeles and I know many of my friends use these products. Thought this would be an interesting opportunity to reveal the truth to many men worldwide.

What is Adnan hinting at by saying he works in “the” industry? Does he work in porn? Or is he not only impotent but unable to properly use quotations? I don’t see how I’m supposed to trust a guy to inform me about Spermamax when he can’t even use the correct punctuation. I don’t want to think I’ll have “a” massive boner only to find out it’s a non-quoted erection. That’s just embarrassing.


  1. my word

    My word!

  2. ana


  3. ana

    he looks like he has snake skin….REALLY100 GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nick

    This was proven last week to be fake. Way to be on top of it!

  5. noids

    Frut a wucking feasel

  6. Elsie D

    What a “cocksucker.”

  7. ana

    i loved brit in the vmas but this is just creepy…i wouldnt do him for ANY money in the world…..GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Annabel

    And I thought Britney was the crazy one… Oh, can this get any better?

  9. Sexy ESQ

    What is he a snake oil salesman? I read the other “panelists” and either one of them know how to spell or use correct punctuation themselves. I would never trust anyone with a stripe going down their chin. This guy is a douche bag hands down.

  10. ana

    im ur #1 fan brit..pls….dont ruin it for me!!!!!…ADNAN IS NASTY LQQKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. p0nk

    when you have a vagina where your chin should be, it’s only natural that penis parts aren’t going to be working properly.

  12. ana

    apart from “snake” skin u can also refer it as “penis” skin…his skin looks like hes wrapped in one big ‘ol penis skin…no srry…my bfs penis looks better than his face

  13. zuzuspetals

    Wow, that’s a fancy new sweatshirt he’s bought for himself. Good to to see all of the money he’s making being an exploitive, disgusting, piece-of-shit sleazebag is going to good use. Hot Topic outlets, rejoice!

  14. will

    i laughed so hard while reading this that coffee is now all over my desk. whoever writes for this page, you are “my” hero!

  15. ana


  16. kirsten

    Eww. What a disgusting creep. He looks like he smells of too much Drakkar and slips girls roofies. So gross.

  17. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t have a problem with the testing this douchebag is doing. Seriously think about it, I’d take his opinion on what shit can help keep the junk hard. Look at where he field tests, i.e. Britney Spears body. That’s got to take some serious medication to help make the sexy time. Damn Fish, this was a helpful post, thank you.

  18. clareargent

    So is this idiot “somebody” now?

  19. RENEE...

    I think he meant “thee” industry…as in the creme de la creme of all industries…yeh, whatever. He’s just a big, giant douchebag; he should be testing and informing on douches instead. Gosh damn douchebag…did I mention that already?

  20. Toolboy

    Drakkar and Roofies….ahhh, memories. you know, now that I think about it, the only thing that combo ever got me was some trailer trash schizoid who let Teddy Ruxpin baby sit the kids while we got jiggy on the bean bag chairs. I think I see a common denominator….
    Criss Angel called, he wants his gold lame lined hoodie back, you pinkie ring wearing douche.

  21. havoc

    Is it true he got herpes from celeb


  22. PunkA

    I think in Adnan’ case, he wanted the free supply to use on his unsuspecting victims so they might get aroused enough to want to hump his camel jockey ass. I mean, he would stick it in an ant hill if it felt good. But few chicks would let him get his rocks off without the help of “the” aid he slipped them first.

  23. Hill

    hey, isn’t adnan a scientologist? I heard it on

  24. HILL


  25. Sexy ESQ

    #11 – You are my hero!

  26. carlita

    God I would puke if I was his wife. Not only did he completely leave her for the biggest whore in Hollywood, but he left with an enhanced penis. PUKE!!!!!

  27. BustyRaquel

    FINALLY someone has commented on this man’s chin!
    THANK YOU #11.
    What is up with that?
    Would you trust your daughter or sister with a man who shaves his chin in that way?
    I find it VERY strange.

  28. sharpeidude

    Dirty turban.

  29. Binky

    He should have said he works “in ‘the’ industry – as they say in the industry.”

  30. The Office Whore

    And just what is Britney doing when he’s out testing his penis out? Trying to figure out who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?

    cheers #11 p0nk

  31. table pride

    yeah this guy is full of shit. he is really trying to make himself feel more important. using enhancing pills, claiming he is in the industry, and also claiming that he has “friends”, which I’m sure he is referring to in the “INDUSTRY”. this guy is a nothing peice of shit with a god damn racing stripe on his chinny chin chin. What a fat ugly un-exotic peice of shit AND THAT OUTFIT STILL LOOKS TERRIBLE.

  32. p0nk

    i can’t take credit for the vagina chin, that was Lady Jane originally. i’m merely reminding people.

  33. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    How in the hell is THIS worthless piece of shit newsworthy ?
    Chh …. I got nuthin

  34. I Hate Plastic

    What a f*cking douce! I hate this f*cker! Stupid SOB with his ugly outfit.

    What the hell? Did he take the magic pill Britney has been taking.
    They are both deranged idiots! I hope both him & Britney overdose together while she laughs in the cheap british accent of hers!

    His stupid shirt reminds me of his hairy taco on his face!

  35. D. Richards (Lord.)

    Adnan likes the coconut flavored dick-pills that make a man’s ejaculate taste, as the name implies, like coconut. For when he comes on his own face.

    Fucking limey terrorist.

  36. get rid of the fucking LANDING STRIP already. IDIOT!

  37. think back to just a few years ago when BS started running around with K fed and how everyone was so horrified that she would stoop so low. we had no idea how low she could really go. who’s next? seriously. it’ll be some dude flipping burgers at BK. or possibly a monkey.

  38. Steeve

    Faaaaaaaaaaake. Google it, fish.

  39. “The X4 Extender uses traction in order to attempt to increase size and improve performance.” Adnan G.

  40. Michelle

    nothing says fake like age 28, married 29 years

  41. Ted from LA

    So what? So is his personality, his job, his marriage, his “beard”, his relationship with Britney, and last but not leat, apparently his penis.

  42. Ted from LA

    So what? So is his personality, his job, his marriage, his “beard”, his relationship with Britney, and last but not least, apparently his penis.

  43. Ted from LA

    I forgot to buy an “S” in the word “least” above, and thus, the double post. Thanks Pat.

  44. Fucking immigrants and their flashy clothes…

  45. Iowa Girl

    too funny, fake or not.

    he is just too much/little for words

    i wonder if he knew when he started this he would make himself into a huge joke?

    i agree, the clothes are AWFUL

  46. Iowa Girl

    too funny, fake or not.

    he is just too much/little for words

    i wonder if he knew when he started this he would make himself into a huge joke?

    i agree, the clothes are AWFUL

  47. Ted from LA

    Are you doing RAGBRAI?

  48. constanza

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡hasta cuando¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    dejen de inchar a britney.

  49. velouriapixiedoll


  50. constanza



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