Adnan Ghalib stabbed – lives to tell tale

April 14th, 2008 // 38 Comments

Britney Spears ex-boyfriend and ex-paparazzo Adnan Ghalib was stabbed last night at a nightclub. He’s doing okay and is out of the hospital, according to JFX Online:

He received a stab wound to his arm, facial lacerations as well as a nice shiner. I’m not sure what to make of this considering that he’s received more and more death threats in recent weeks. Is it coincidence? I don’t know. But in the ever growing Adnan hating world that some blogs live in, the repeated venom spewed at him could have finally boiled over to the real world.

My sources tell me Adnan Ghalib pulled the knife out of his arm with his own teeth. Then proclaimed to the astonished hospital staff that “Dammit, boners pills aren’t going to test themselves!” He was last seen knocking over an ambulance with his erection before pole-vaulting into the night. Give ‘em hell, kid.

Thanks to Kennedy who has a bright future in greeting cards.


  1. When I first read the news I said “good!” cus I never liked him, but then I felt guilty afterwards.

    I might do a post about this in my blog.

  2. sweets

    what a pity ?

  3. mamadough

    dammit stabber! you fail! you didn’t finish the job, pussy!

  4. U.S. Soldier

    Next time, Mr. Adnan Ghalib, get on the fucking dogpile when we tell you to.

  5. Ginger

    Yeah who cares about Adnan. Why haven’t you made a post about Ashlee Simpson being pregnant? You’re so behind!

  6. Anexio

    OM this is tarrible. Brit needs us now more than ever so I hope the bad comments stop because if she reads this it will justy be more an d more stress for her just when she is starting to come back to us and everyone else.

    he love her for sure and I am standing by him out of loyty for brit which eeveryone know that I always will cause we bffae.

    get wall soo n adnin beacuse brits need you so much.

  7. Jumpin_J

    “Is this the best your pathetic warriors can muster? Fear me, for I am Adnan!” I’m sure the night went something like that.

  8. I give this story two thumbs up.

  9. mamadough

    #8, i think everyone would support my move in holding your head in a pot of boiling oil

  10. Adnan

    Hey it’s me, I’m back. Just a flesh wound.

    In our training camp in mtns of afghanistan they teach us how to deal with such wounds before going back to stabbing dummies with bayonets, etc..

  11. Auntie Kryst

    I bet these wounds were self inflicted so this douchefucker can stay in the limelight a bit longer..

    Anyway, @8 Anexio I read that story and got worried. I was thinking you went clubbing last night and went all John Hinckley. Iam happy knowng it wasn’t you beucase I caire an glaad youre’ bact.

  12. bakinmycake

    When sending a thug do a knife job you always need to show them the shower scene from “Pyscho” and play Montel Jordan’s “This is how we do it” in the background.

    Safety Tip from your Uncle Freddy

  13. Oh my god, this guy is so creepy. What is he even doing in the celebreality machine? Can you say “hanger-on?” Ugh! What an ugly farker. I bet he smells of tumeric.

  14. PunkA

    Who is this guy? Am I supposed to know or care that some random wannabe got shivved? Cuz I don’t.

    By the way, maybe Morgan Spurlock should ask the dude is he knows where to find Osame bin Laden.

  15. sameshitdifferentyear

    You mean there are some people who actually give a fucking shit about this assfuckingwipe?

    Can you imagine a felon in maximum-security, other inmates find out he’s in for “stabbing that Pavarrotti guy”? And it turns out it’s not the opera singer??

    (yes i know he’s dead)

    It’s more prestigious to be imprisoned for tearing off that “Do not remove under penalty of law” tag off of a mattress.

  16. Jrz

    Dammit! I told them to use a flamethrower….it’s way more effective.

  17. mamadough

    have you ever noticed that indian men wear the weirdest shit and try to pull it off like it’s pimp? you’re bedazzling!

  18. Daddy-O

    Who dresses this guy?

  19. Kennedy

    That fuckin’ hoodie. I saw the same thing on some twelve-year-old girl yesterday as she scoped out the Hannah Montana wigs in Claire’s Accessory.

    Someone JFK this douche-fuck.

  20. boo

    Every time I see this picture of this douche in this outfit, I laugh. Seriously, it’s better than Prozac.

  21. woodhorse

    Hey Fish! Aren’t these stories supposed to be at least mildly newsworthy? Like everyone here hasn’t thought of stabbing Adnan themselves. Or at least giving him a buzz cut.

  22. H.A.L.9000

    I thought we were SUPPOSED to stab him…isn’t the phrase “someone should just stab this guy” posted all over this site?? Dang.

  23. Jaffo

    Do I think this guy is a total douchebag? Yes. Do I think people should just go around stabbing him? Probably not. Sucker punching him? Sure. Surprise kicks to the groin? Absolutely. But stabbing? It just, well, it just seems a bit much…

  24. Jaffo

    I would also have accepted pushing him in front of a fast-moving Kim Kardashian.

  25. monkeyfightclub

    It seems like he always has that same stupid look on his face.

  26. Looooooong attention span

    So, whatever happened to his “marriage” to Britney? Just a rumor?

  27. King Wang

    After looking at his “interesting” photo, and the fact that he is probably here on an expired Work Visa, my best bet is that he has TONS of fucking experience pulling sharp things out of his arms………..

    Like shiny new needles.

    Remember, when in doubt, Brit-Brit will run around naked with a bottle of wild turkey, and make a sex tape.

    Wait, that was Paris Lohan, or………..fuck it, they all end up being the same…..

    Who the hell is this guy? Nice Snatch Strip he has on his chinny-chin-chin.
    Reminds me of my cats ass after I shaved it…….(fuck PETA).

    Anyway, always remember that when attempting an assassination, don’t get drunk in a night club BEFORE you try it. Only dipshit “gangbangers” do that. Fucking idiot kids nowadays…..

    Back in my day, we NEVER missed………and I won’t miss this pile of shit a bit.

  28. Best news of the day and I propose total legal immunity for this perpetrator. But he could have accomplished much more if only he was more ambitious. Like why’d the dude stab his arm? Couldn’t he have slashed his chin? Or wiped his ass with that thing on this bum’s chin?

    PS: Aim high in life and you will blow up large kids!

  29. yeah that`s all good.
    but i would find it cooler if stars had like a live backstage channel like this one:

    check it out, it`s da bomb !!!

  30. Grunion

    I did it. And I’m not sorry.

  31. Rat


    Damn A–rabs

  32. redsonja1313

    does this douche owns more one pair of pants and one Christian AudigIer hoodie. It is all he is ever photographed in ??? I personally would like to award the key to the city/looney bin to the astute club fella who did his best to purge society of this vermin. Next time try posioning it might work quicker and lets face if you offer it to him for free you know he will take it !!

  33. Sexualityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    A stab wound wouldn’t defeat a true brummyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  34. NY Ted

    Next time make sure you use a chunk…and make sure you empty the clip…!

    Then we won’t have to put up with this fucking moron any longer!

  35. Bobby

    who cares about this guy

  36. I am just a bit curious..the magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported his profile was found on the famous site last week and he was seeking his sugar woman there. wow!!

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