Adnan Ghalib stabbed – lives to tell tale

Britney Spears ex-boyfriend and ex-paparazzo Adnan Ghalib was stabbed last night at a nightclub. He’s doing okay and is out of the hospital, according to JFX Online:

He received a stab wound to his arm, facial lacerations as well as a nice shiner. I’m not sure what to make of this considering that he’s received more and more death threats in recent weeks. Is it coincidence? I don’t know. But in the ever growing Adnan hating world that some blogs live in, the repeated venom spewed at him could have finally boiled over to the real world.

My sources tell me Adnan Ghalib pulled the knife out of his arm with his own teeth. Then proclaimed to the astonished hospital staff that “Dammit, boners pills aren’t going to test themselves!” He was last seen knocking over an ambulance with his erection before pole-vaulting into the night. Give ‘em hell, kid.

Thanks to Kennedy who has a bright future in greeting cards.