Adnan Ghalib served restraining order while having sex with ex-wife. Classy!

February 1st, 2009 // 26 Comments

Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib was served his restraining order to stay away from the pop singer Saturday morning which, apparently, interrupted the sex he was having with his ex-wife. You know, the one he divorced while screwing a batshit Britney who he tried to trick into paying for the whole thing. Romance never dies, folks. E! News reports:

“He was naked from the waist up,” a source tells E! News exclusively. “And he was back living with his estranged wife in Burbank.”
Ghalib and Azlynn Berry filed for divorce last year after four years of marriage after Ghalib’s tryst with the pop tart became public. They appeared to be reunited according to a source.

Because nothing brings a couple closer together then finding out one of you is still texting that crazy bitch you banged in Mexico forcing her legal custodian to get a restraining order against you because she has the mental capacity of a ham sandwich. Tiffany’s, eat your heart out.

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  1. isitin

    I hate this guy!!!.

  2. This guy is scum. I hope he doesn’t have that vag patch on his face anymore.

  3. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Adnan Ghalib’s terrorist penis and swallows his hummus

  4. That’s Britney Spears? Did she get a dye job and a tit reduction and… a face transplant? Dubya tea eff?

  5. Guest

    Nobody really cares
    about this whole Britney
    drama anymore…..
    Can’t you come up
    with anything more
    interesting? ? ?

  6. 10pound

    He looks like a shit I took this morning.

  7. matilda jeffries

    mental capacity of a ham sandwich


  8. 11pound

    He probably smells like the shit you took

  9. kate

    Someone saw his profile with some photos on ****kisscougar. c om*** , where celebrities and singles hook up. He feels lonely, and wants to find a matural lady, doesn’t he?

  10. hohoho, I saw his profile on the famous interracial seeking affairs site
    _______InterracialRomancing.c o m_______ last week. It said he is interested in seeking someone else on that site! what a fool man!

  11. Max

    Why can’t we view the whole article through the RSS feed anymore? That sucks…

  12. humpinfrog

    “Tool & Toolette: A Love Story”. One born in the backwoods of the American South, the other, the son of a camel breeder. Since personal love with your family/animals seemed natural to both, an undying love was born.

  13. Max

    How come we can’t view the full post from the RSS feed? That sucks…

  14. Her second name is: “MISSERY”?

  15. sexybigbeauty

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  17. meee

    can he PLEASE shave off his fucking chin shit? what is that? a beard? goatee? jockstrap?! what the fuck. tell him the taliban called & that fucking facial hair is ready to be a suicide bomber.

    ohh….was that bad? who cares…SHAVE YOUR FUCKING CHIN FAGGOT!

  18. “naked from the waist up”

    AKA, not having a shirt on.

  19. havoc

    You gotta give Daddy Spears credit. He knows who the vultures are and not taking any shit, even from Britney. Anti-bullshit all the way.


  20. Jrz

    I don’t get how not having a shirt on constitutes being in the act of fucking? Did I miss the part that said, “He was naked from the waist up….AND SPORTING A MASSIVE FUCKING BONER WITH A NAKED CHICK HANGING OFF OF IT.”

  21. Allen's Woody

    A fucking turbanhead is what you get everytime a camel takes a dump in the desert.

  22. Matthew

    adnan is sol without brit no meal ticket for the tabloids

  23. Jibbly Biggins

    Ugh, this man is so disgusting. Why would his ex-wife sleep with him again ! Ugh he should be thrown out with the trash – no appealing factors whatsoever !

  24. Americans have a patent on: ” MESS”, folks?

  25. M. Poutine

    Last time I checked, they were still validly married. She filed for divorce when he first started banging Brits, then wife never did anything about the case.

  26. One born in the forests of South America, the other son of a farmer camels. Given that the personal love with your family/pets seemed natural at the same time, an eternal love is born.

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