Adnan Ghalib says Britney wants his baby

While his wife filed for legal separation, Adnan Ghalib made appearances last night on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider where he said not only his he still with Britney, but she wants to have his baby. He claims Britney bought the rumored pregnancy test because she was “hoping” to be pregnant because of her “natural maternal instincts.” NY Daily News reports:

Ghalib conceded that Spears, 26, was not aware he was going public about their relationship and insisted they are still together despite reports she kicked him to the curb.
“It’s far from over, but then I don’t have the ultimate say in this relationship,” Ghalib said.

Britney and Adnan were then spotted together last night in Malibu as evidenced by the attached pics. Adnan is looking a little out of it though. Could be from all the vodka he’s downing to score those “exclusive photos” later. Of course, if I knew I had to have sex with Britney Spears, my face would look like the Nazi’s at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. But probably more melted.

Photos: Splash News