Adnan Ghalib facing death threats over sex tape of Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ former paparazzi lover Adnan Ghalib is officially going off the grid after receiving numerous death threats over a sex tape he filmed of him and Britney in Mexico. He’s also saying his stabbing in April wasn’t a random event. The Sun reports:

“Yes, I was injured by an attacker. This is still being investigated. I can’t say much about the cowardly attack other than: a) you better come a lot stronger than that if you want to make a point and b) most will be surprised by those behind it. I have had many calls about it from all over the world. In light of the constant calls about the sex tape and threats, I’m taking a break from the industry and keeping a low profile.”

Oh, what? You’re going to quit now, Adnan? Run off crying to Bitchtown. Is that it? What happened to the cock-sure Adnan I used to know who wasn’t afraid to go blubber deep for exclusive photos. Huh? Where’s that man? No, fuck, where’s that hero? So you got stabbed. Big deal. YOU HAD SEX WITH BRITNEY SPEARS. You’ve stared directly into the belly of the beast and said, I’m going to hit that. No mortal weapons should scare you anymore, my friend. Now, goddammit, you finish this thing. Yeah, get pumped! (But just to be clear, if I see mid-coitus Britney, I’ll use a badger to gnaw your douche beard right off.) Alright, let’s do this! WHOO!