Adnan Ghalib and Lynne Spears? Eh, maybe?

Adnan Ghalib visited Britney Spears in the hospital yesterday for about 20 minutes. He apparently was really sad when he left. Presumably since his gravy train is on lockdown. However, initial reports said Lynne Spears kicked Adnan out, but now OK! Magazine is saying that Lynne and Adnan are getting along:

Many had speculated that Lynne had taken to Adnan in the days leading up to Britney’s hospitalization, especially when the two rode together to the hospital last week while his archenemy Sam Lutfi and Brit’s cousin, Alli Sims, were left to ride in their own cars.

Holy crap! She is trying to steal Adnan! Britney was right. My God, what else could she have been right about? Maybe endangering your children is the secret to life. Quick, somebody let me borrow their kids. I’ll give them right back. I promise. I just want to erratically drive up and down the freeway with them in the backseat. They’ll be totally safe. My car is so full of empty liquor bottles there’s hardly any room to bounce around. Just ask my date last night. Ha ha! But, no, seriously, she’s still back there. I stop searching on my lunch break.