Adele Looks Different

February 14th, 2012 // 112 Comments

Here’s Adele on the March cover of Vogue where you’ll be surprised to learn she’s a svelte, thin-faced, large-breasted model unlike whoever the hell this impostor is at the Grammys. Nice try, pregnant Gillian Anderson.

Photos: Vogue, INFdaily, Getty, WENN


  1. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    It would look way better untouched, this looks so unnatural. She’s a pretty girl as is. Vogue just made their magazine look shallow from this cover.

  2. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    MOOOO!!!! No wait. How would you say moo with a British accent?

  3. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    Yuck. She looks as if she underwent not just lipo but also a facelift & multiple Botox injections from an overenthusiastic surgeon. Seriously, Vogue – even fat Adele looks better than this.

    And stacy – get a fucking life. Yes, she’s fat. But as flaT pointed out, she’s not a model. She’s not paid to look good in swimwear or lingerie, she’s paid to sing. And she does a hell of a good job. Your unappreciative ears may think a raspy voice = lousy singing but that just means you’re a moron. I’ve listened to her sing a capella & she sounds just fine. So take your bitterness & shove it.

  4. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
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    how to say MOO with a british accent…STACY

  5. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
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    This what the world wants, they dont want to know the truth. She has fat rolls,clogged pores and smells after eating White-castles. I see average people when Im looking at Hollywood, its just hidden under pounds of makeup and modified by programs. I met reporter once that was smoking hot, she had wicked bad breath. Big buzz kill but what do you expect.

  6. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    What kind of world do you people live in that someone else’s weight is a topic of conversation at all? That is very depressing to think about. The only way I can wrap my head around these comments is assuming that you are all in that awkward pubescent stage where all that matters is looks. It’s so shallow. And by shallow, I don’t mean unfairly judgemental– I mean empty. Your lives must be very empty.

    • drake

      Umm, earth? What planet do YOU live on? Because where I come from (earth) how much a celebrity weighs is like half what everyone talks about. Don’t crucify anyone here for displaying signs of human nature. And you’re the one who clicked on an article that is obviously about, you guessed it, someone’s weight. Who’s shallow now?

  7. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
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    Oh and by the way, guess whose life isn’t empty? Adele’s. Fat girl got 6 Grammy’s. How many Grammy’s do you have Stacy? Must be several, with such high self confidence as yours.

  8. Bleh.

    I wonder how much shit she would cop if she was a raging drug addict?
    Probably far less than what she does for her weight.
    Funny how that works?

  9. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
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    Sarah shut the fuck up and get a life fit the love of God

  10. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Turd Ferguson
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    She looks better fat. The photoshopped picture makes her look like that ugly bitch John Travolta was in love with in Saturday Night Fever.

  11. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
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    Anne – Wonderful wdeidng guys!!! Lovvvee the picture with tyler in front and the groomsmen and the bubbles. Also of course matthew yet again being an embarassment Congrats you two!!!

  12. Rosma

    Ann Landers has alywas had a simple suggestion for children that were afraid to bring up a subject to their parents directly. Clip this column out (in this case, print it), and hand it to them.

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