Adele Looks Different

February 14th, 2012 // 112 Comments

Here’s Adele on the March cover of Vogue where you’ll be surprised to learn she’s a svelte, thin-faced, large-breasted model unlike whoever the hell this impostor is at the Grammys. Nice try, pregnant Gillian Anderson.

Photos: Vogue, INFdaily, Getty, WENN


  1. elie


  2. Sarah

    I can’t wait for her pretend outrage at being “unrecognizable” on the cover of Vogue. Jezebel will probably write about it, Superficial commentors will probably make disgusting comments about her being overweight….and round and round we go. Goodbye cruel world…

  3. free Wifi

    Why can’t she just be a singer? Why does she have to be a model, America?

    • You answered your own question with your last word.

    • dooood

      FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Son of a Dude

      Why can’t you shut the fuck up? If you think America is the only country that would bash on her weight your both a moron and taking up valuable oxygen. Karl Lagerfeld (German not American) just called her fat the other day. Again, shut the fuck up.

      • …Dear Son of a Dude—Dude, run to your nearest pharmacy if you are out the ol’ Prozac.

        Or better yet Son of a Dude, go up into your father’s attic of which I am sure you have no need to because your father’s attic is what you call home–and pull out one of his rusty but well functioning long-guns, insert barrel into mouth, and with your big toe suppress the trigger.

        I hear a bullet though the brain tends to calm the nerves with haste.

      • BE

        Oh please. Gay fashion designers call everyone fat and ugly. That’s their business. They’re right – we’re addicted to photoshop in America. Because most are generally too ignorant to know it’s only photoshop.

    • The advent of music videos, and all the superficiality that came in its wake, is pretty much to blame for the not-always-implicit public insistence that our recording artists—at least the female ones, anyway—be model-gorgeous. Singing ability is often secondary to looks in many instances; see: Jessica Simpson. (Conversely, women with actual singing talent are sometimes allowed to be a degree shy of hot; see: Alanis Morisette.)

      Okay, granted, there was always a degree of marketing female singers and girl-groups to look good, but not at today’s level. If this sort of superficiality had always reigned, success might have evaded Janis Joplin or The Mamas and the Papas (“lose the fat one,” they’d be told), and girl-groups like The Shirelles and The Runaways would probably all be getting cosmetic surgery makeovers.

  4. The real her looks better, and to be honest, with her voice she could look like Sandra Bernhard and I would still listen.

    I just wouldn’t ever look at her for fear of turning to stone.

    • …Ok— let me test the limits of your tolerance for pain.. How about if she looked like Rosie O’Donnell or better yet Whoopi Goldberg.

      Would you still listen???

      If your answer is yes, then my friend you should be a Navy Seal because I heard they’re looking for some hardcore motherfuckers.

  5. Cock Dr

    It is not necessary for a singer to be either beautiful or have a bikini body, but it sure helps get the media exposure needed to sell the songs.
    She’s a big ‘un.

  6. juicyfruit

    I think she is gorgeous, sweet, talented and amazing. That photographic angle makes anyones face look thinner. Further, she has lost weight in the past year and looks great. She is pretty amazing. Not really Superficial worthy since she is a geniune talent.

    • Colin

      Agreed, that angle completely changes the structure of her face, and she’s lost weight which is why she looks skinnier in this photo shoot than she did two nights ago at the Grammys.

  7. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d hit it. She’s got a nice ’60s underloved chubby co-ed vibe going on.

  8. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    How many days of photoshopping did it take to remove all that fat from this pig?

    • flaT

      Jealous, or just retarded?

      So what if she’s a big girl? Is she a model? No. Does she show off her body or sell her body or anything else? No. She sells her voice, and she has an amazing one. It’s not her fault she gets photoshopped into oblivion.

      Also, your further comment goes on to – attempt – to say that she can’t sing. (I say attempt as you can barely write.) This isn’t even remotely true. I have heard her acapella through her studio recordings – untouched, as well as live a couple times… as well as her live album. All of which are flawless and impeccable in sound – especially if you can get yourself a 24bit rip. So maybe you should stop being so fucking bitter and suck it up. She’s famous, not you, get over it or swallow a bottle of advil.

      • stacy

        Then you are tone deaf.

      • flaT,

        So what if she’s a big girl? Good question. Why did Vogue find the need to photoshop 60 lbs off of her for the cover?

        When you’re sharpening up your female righteous outrage over unrealistic female body image issues, keep in mind it’s womens magazines, women models, and women themselves who perpetuate this shit. Men just don’t give a shit. Most men are fully capable of calling a chick fat, and still taking her down to the boneyard.

  9. Your Argument Is Invalid

    Talk all you want but SHE approved the cover.

  10. Big girls need lovin’ too.

  11. Karl Lagerfeld

    She ist so fat, I feel like little girrrlll…

  12. your mom

    A slew of grammy nominations, and NO ONE could find her a flattering dress to wear? fail.

  13. She is so fat she makes McFeely look like TomFrank.

  14. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks less bloated than Lindsay Lohan. There I said it.

  15. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    “Oh yeah, Miss Spears. Hold up that bucket of chicken for me to see…”

  16. Mandy

    This has A LOT to do with makeup. Look up “contouring” and you’ll see why she looks so thin on the cover.

  17. God forbid she doesn’t fit into the size 0 that is set by the media – unrealistic expectations to PLEASE a mass of overweight, grubby, slobbery internet addicted trolls who wouldn’t know real beauty if it smashed them in the face.

    Get off your high horses everyone and get on a treadmill your fucking self.

    Also, last time I checked, she can’t smuggle children in fat rolls like so many of you men trying to find your penis when you see a pair of tits on here…. she’s not fat.

    • Way to miss the point, tubby.

    • vandinz

      She is.

    • …Oh—This bitch here is in dire need of some dick quick. I can envision the blood squirting from her finger tips and pooling into the keyboard. No bueno– this is always a dead-giveaway for —Sow-Cunt ALERT.

    • mike

      So what you’re saying is you’re fat too?

    • Must be that POWW chick under another name. Adele is FAT.

    • JPC

      No, that’s not POWW. If it was, she’d go into a 1,000 word screed about how her husband loves fucking her fat ass, and how her daughter is a conservative, and would have mentioned that she was praying for us at least 10 times in her comment.

    • Dee

      Haha oh my god I love you! Best comment ever! Right on. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Felonious Monkey

      Let’s face it: Adele is fat. But she’s also incredibly talented, down-to-earth and has a beautiful face. I’m not a fan of her type of music but her soulful voice sucked me in.
      Why can’t she be fat? She’s not a model and I, along with many others, would rather hear and see her rather than other skinny and normal weight so-called singers who are auto-tuned and computerized to hell and back.

  18. tendrils

    I’d prefer for her to sing and be 230 metric tonnes than another one of these hot body slunt-bores with heavily processed synthetic vocals presented by the recording industry for the masses to consume.

  19. TimmyB

    George Clooney loves women so much, he decided to become one

  20. Disco Dave

    Average looking woman. And that’s alright.

    Since that’s not an extreme one way or the other, we hate average the most. It must be changed.

  21. vandinz

    Who is this bloke?

  22. Poison Ivy League

    I don’t think this cover makes her look skinny at all, it looks like HER. Besides she’s lovely the way she is (and this is probably the only sincere comment I’ve made here).

  23. It’s a mash-up of ALL the cover stories. It’s what Adele would look like if she “hiked her way through heartbreak,” had Kristen Wiig’s breasts added to hers, and was painted by Picasso.

  24. bonerspunk

    Adele??? Can’t fap too this????

  25. SFRowGuy

    That feathered hair ain’t working for me.

  26. skunk

    what a joke. but it would be easy for her to lose weight now that she can hire trainers, etc.

    • BE

      Spoken as someone who has obviously never worked out, skunk.

      What planet do you live on? When on tour ie traveling – there is NOTHING harder. Eating out 24/7 and the hotel exercise and weight rooms almost always suck. I’ve never had a trainer I’d want to travel with either.

      • skunk

        thats funny. i work an 8-5 and go to the gym mon-thurs, and i dont need a trainer to motivate me. point is, celebrities have WAY more free time than the average joe, so its easy for them to be in shape if they WANT it. even with her touring, still has more time than us shmucks.

      • Terry

        That’s right. Look at Madonna. She is an example of a world class super star that keeps her ass in shape. And we have never, in the 26 years she’s been out, seen her fat. This chick just can’t wait to buy her very own chicken farm, hire away a few KFC food engineers and go to fucking town on them thighs and legs!

    • Jam

      Her problem is an unhealthy lifestyle altogether. She doesn’t exercise, she smokes, drinks beer, eats crap – equals fatty, not a “real woman”.

      • Anon

        Wow, really? Not a “real women”? Bash her for being fat if that’s your thing but don’t call people who refer themselves as women as “not real”. You are not the judge on what makes anyone “real”.

  27. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    You don’t need to be pretty in order to sell records, but you do have to be able to sing if you can’t distract them with the ass shaking.
    At least she’s prettier than Susan Boyle.

  28. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    adel is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. why the lash-out stacy? you must have some serious confidence issues about your own body image, you seem like a very, very UGLY person….

    • stacy

      I have listened to this woman sing accapella amd she is HORRIBLE. She can’t finish words, her voice is raspy from smoking and by herself, she sucks. She HAS to have background vocals and instruments to cover her obvios vocal flaws.
      If you didn’t know who it was and heard her sing alone without any background music or vocals, you would cringe and wonder who let that person think they could sing.

      • a short haired girl

        so you justify calling her a fat pig because you don’t like her voice. totally makes sense.

      • To be fair, her voice was raspy from bleeding vocal cords, not from smoking. She had rather serious surgery to repair the damage and has only in the last few weeks been able to sing normally…which honestly, she does quite well.

        All that being said, she is a fatty. big ‘ole fatty.

  29. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    a short haired girl
    Commented on this photo:

    fuck you, vogue.

  30. anon

    Wow, this post and the comments surprised me. I don’t think she looks very svelte at all on the cover; she’s just wearing makeup that accents her cheekbones. The picture doesn’t show her whole body, but it’s a headshot… That’s the point. I don’t see why everyone talks about her weight. She’s a bit fat I guess, but she doesn’t look unhealthy or gross or anything. She looks really nice, I think.

  31. pretty scary

    lol @ what they do to fat girl to put her on the cover of fashion mag.

  32. Double Mint

    Whitney Houston in the making indeed.

  33. She’s leaning forward, which makes her breasts look larger, and there’s enough makeup contouring her face that she probably looked like a clown away from the camera lights. Her hair is also covering the true girth of her arms, and there is some photo shop in there, of course.

    Look, who cares what she looks like? She has an awesome voice. She’s not Madonna, Britney, Katy, Gaga, or Christina, who can’t sing without autotune. I’d prefer genuine talent over someone like Nicki Minaj. There’s just too much garbage out there anymore.

    And Lagerfield? When Chanel went into the toilet with the economy (and the fact their designs weren’t all that) three years ago, he said all of his critics were “fat mummies.” He also deemed Heidi Klum as a non entity because she’s “too big” to be a “runway model” and her “bust is too big.” And because she “never worked in Paris” she’s essentially trash. I hope one of the little twinky boys he takes home with him suffocates him in his sleep.

    • Christina's #1 Fan

      Is you stupid Kelly? Christina can fucking sing without fucking autotunes FYI. LEAVE CHRISTINA ALONE!!!!

      • Your lack of proper grammar just made it so that I really don’t feel like retracting any statement I made.

        Look at her flop of a last album, Bionic, was it? The peak positions on the charts are very few number 1′s compared to Back to Basics, her album before that. Wow, and Bionic was only certified Gold in 3 countries, as compared to multiple platinum/gold certification in 20 countries that Back to Basics made.

        Christina sucks.

      • Grammatical correction on my own post:
        Your improper grammar made it so that I don’t really feel like retracting anything from the statement I made.

  34. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    Her expression says: “OMFG! Is that a fish and chips in the distance?”

  35. Drew

    I don’t care how overweight or “fat” Adele is, she’s gorgeous.

  36. Sweet 16

    Who cares. In this day and age of reality tv, she’s actually got some legit talent and merit to stand on and she has a beautiful voice and face to match!

  37. LRonHoover

    She’s quite talented and I wouldn’t have any problems waking up next to her in the morning. She’s a good looking woman.

  38. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    Uncle Fester is using Rogaine!

  39. She’s a singer. The ONLY thing that matters is the quality of her voice. I admit that I have heard very little of her music but those instances included unscripted, live off-stage moments. Unlike so many of today’s “stars” who cannot hit a note to save their lives on-stage, this girl IS a singer.

  40. tlmck

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but…

    And sorry, but her voice is just average for those of us who understand music and are not tone deaf. She is just a poor imitation of a non-screaming Janis Joplin, and was far outclassed by Bonnie Raitt on the show.

    The whole Adele Grammy buildup was simply a huge marketing gimmick. The music industry knows the ignorant masses eat that stuff up.

    • Lolli-Pop

      What, you the janitor at Columbia records or something? Stop pretending you know something and continue polishing those Adele Grammys cause if you KNEW something, you would not be her. Twat.

      • tlmck

        I have been playing music longer than Adele has been alive. I am also cursed with perfect pitch. And based on her fan base, it seems they are more into her personally than her music which unfortunately is not uncommon these days.

    • lily

      agree…although i do like her voice, shes nothing THAT special…certainly not in the class of Janis. Im sick of her depressing ass music; its overplayed and its starting to all soundthe same, but maybe thats just me


  42. forrest gump


  43. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Clown Shoes
    Commented on this photo:

    Not too bad for 40.

  44. Lolli-Pop

    If talent is FAT and Screaching-gimmicks-strung-out-can’t-sing-worth-shit-Minaj-Gagas are skinny, I’ll take the Supersized bitch with the six Grammys and a career past this decade please.


  46. Wait a second…how the fuck do you hate Adele yet still praise women like Katy Perry who would be NOTHING (and I really stress the word nothing ) without Photoshop and auto tune?

  47. Adele Cleavage Vogue Cover
    Isla di Gigolo
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes, this photo is clearly photoshopped. Whoopty do!!! Mom, I’ve got something to talk about today to my friends!!

    …Get a fucking life.

  48. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got a very beautiful face, unarguably.

  49. Adele Vouge Cover Grammys
    Commented on this photo:

    “What?! You DON’T want to break up with me?! But how am I supposed to write the next album!!”

  50. cutthecrap

    I think Adele is a genuinely talented singer, but let’s get the fuck for real, even her goddamn ear is photoshopped. I think this cover is a joke. Fucking hacks.

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