BREAKING: Adele Has One Of Those Middle Fingers

Despite dominating the Grammys and being universally revered as one of the top genuinely talented singers of the moment, Adele has been having a pretty shitty month starting with someone leaking a fake sex tape of some random fat chick getting nailed in the backseat of a car followed by her own estranged father selling stories about her to the British tabloids and ending in last night’s BRIT Awards where she was cut off after just 49 seconds prompting her to flip the bird at “the suits” (video after the jump), not her fans, according to The Sun, who cites pretty much everyone in Britain calling it a fucking retarded move by the producers. Except what’s completely ridiculous is that American photo agencies took any photo of said bird out of their rotation because God forbid somebody sees a finger. I’m actually staring at ten of my own right now and can already feel Satan using their filthy existence to lure me into the woods where I laid witness to John Proctor playing the devil’s pan flute. SAVE ME, MAN-JESUS!

NOTE: I also added pics of Rihanna on the red carpet along with her performance I didn’t watch, so just assume it involves Chris Brown punching her in the face for seven minutes as gold coins pop out of her head if I understand their working relationship correctly.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, Getty, WENN