BREAKING: Adele Has One Of Those Middle Fingers

February 22nd, 2012 // 34 Comments
Rollin' In The Deep
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Despite dominating the Grammys and being universally revered as one of the top genuinely talented singers of the moment, Adele has been having a pretty shitty month starting with someone leaking a fake sex tape of some random fat chick getting nailed in the backseat of a car followed by her own estranged father selling stories about her to the British tabloids and ending in last night’s BRIT Awards where she was cut off after just 49 seconds prompting her to flip the bird at “the suits” (video after the jump), not her fans, according to The Sun, who cites pretty much everyone in Britain calling it a fucking retarded move by the producers. Except what’s completely ridiculous is that American photo agencies took any photo of said bird out of their rotation because God forbid somebody sees a finger. I’m actually staring at ten of my own right now and can already feel Satan using their filthy existence to lure me into the woods where I laid witness to John Proctor playing the devil’s pan flute. SAVE ME, MAN-JESUS!

NOTE: I also added pics of Rihanna on the red carpet along with her performance I didn’t watch, so just assume it involves Chris Brown punching her in the face for seven minutes as gold coins pop out of her head if I understand their working relationship correctly.

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  1. Lucion

    I suddenly have a new respect for this chick. In all, was she wrong? That clip is barely over a minute and most of it is the crowd applauding and they cut off her thank you? They are lucky she didn’t walk back out with a machine gun and start gunning them down.

  2. CranAppleSnapple

    She looks just like my favourite childhood doll.

  3. vandinz

    Yeah! Screw those suits that pay all the money to put her where she is and to pay for the drag queen outfit she’s wearing! How dare those suits want some of thier money back from advertising when we could listen to this bint “fanking” all her mates. YEAH!

  4. Thats the most accurate description of the Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship I have read. The gold coins clinched it.

  5. Deacon Jones
  6. PAF!

    I saw Goody Fish dancing with the devil!!!

  7. mickey B

    I love a big gal that will shoot the bird.

  8. NewGuy

    I want to stick my penis in her vagina but she looks like she likes to be humiliated and I’m not into that.

  9. Phil Collins


  10. vgirl

    I love Adele and I loved the normal reaction. But if it were Kristen Stewart we would have seen about 20+ posts about how she’s so classy and white trash blah blah blah.

  11. Big girls need lovin’ too.

  12. LJ

    According to the article in the Sun the host of the show cut her short on her first acceptance speech for “Female Solo Artist” as well, and then (right after) gave Damon Albarn, of the band Blur three and a half minutes for his speech, while immediately after that (Best Album) they cut her off mid speech again.

  13. El Jefe

    She is 100% correct, I would be pissed too. They are making a crap ton of money off of her, they should at least give her some respect.

  14. Dick

    The fat drunk chick from Will n Grace.

  15. Dan

    This makes me like her more. Honestly her heaviness suits her. I think she looks great.

  16. Another one who deserves to be called “Cunt”. Seriously bitch, you are the flavor of the month; remember Susan Boyle? I didn’t think so.

    • Smaugly

      I know. Having a lukewarm emotional response to her music, but finding it catchy and agreeable, I can invoke without bias the age-old golden rule of pop stardom: they love you if you think you’ll be gone tomorrow, they hate you if they think you’ll be here forever.

      It helps that she’s heavier, it makes it seem like more haters want to see her go down.

  17. Joaquin ingles

    Nice hairstyle for a fat chick. Seriously. No one behind you can see for miles.

  18. lori

    Look lady, it’s not anyone else’s fault that you’re fat, whiny, obnoxious and outdated. You can thank a stupid public that doesn’t know anything about real music for your flash in the pan popularity.

  19. tom

    Holy fucking fat cow Batman!

  20. Rico Jones

    You can tell she is a miserable person. A real bitch.

  21. The host, and the director, both got off easy for their obnoxious disrespect. If that was me they did that to, they’d both be in hospital waiting for the 3D printer to finish creating new jaws for them both.

  22. Adele Brit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s so glamorous wtf

  23. Chachki

    Good for her! It’s actually talent that sells people on her music, and for the dime-a-dozen singers it’s nothing but production smoke and mirrors & glamor shots to get people on board. She’s beautiful AND talented so let the lady speak!

  24. Well, this is the superficial. No wonder thats what everyone of you are; Superficial pieces of garbage. She’s a beautiful woman, big or small.

  25. Adele Brit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    So Adele has been rocking a 18 month pregnancy? What is she, an elephant? I ask not because elephants have long gestations, but because Adele is fat.

  26. Adele Brit Awards
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