Add ‘on-stage breast exams’ to the list and other news

June 7th, 2010 // 93 Comments

- Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding? Jesus. Was Obama the Best Man? [PopEater]

- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson weren’t fooling anyone. [Lainey Gossip]

- Snooki pretending to bite J-Woww’s funbags. Why not? [Hollywood Tuna]

- Rihanna’s still out there. Doing whatever the hell this is. [Dlisted]

- Katy Perry’s huge tits in motion. (You’re gonna want to turn the sound off.) [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Megan Fox is done prancing around in bikinis. [Popoholic]

- Audrina Patridge vs. Katie Price: I endorse this battle. [StarPulse]

- Anna Paquin’s talking about being bisexual again. [The Fab Life]

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN

  1. Dr. Who

    More pics for Billy Ray to “drain the main vain” to.



  3. derp

    i hate this bitch but goddamn i would hella suck dem tittays


    Nice hairy inner thigh.

  5. Cardinal Fang

    I don’t care for the granny pants look. The butt shot looks really hot though. That’s a quality ass right there.

  6. blt

    I love in pic 8 the drummer is trying so hard not to look at her
    “She’s not 18 she’s not 18….must not look!”

  7. igotmysnazzypantsontonight

    oh Miley, you think you know something about sex.

    in reality, you couldn’t f*ck your way out of a bag of cheetos.

  8. Crabby Old Guy

    Wow – cool pix of the new Judy Garland impersonator! Hope she does “Clang, Clang, Clang, Goes the Trolley”!

  9. BitemeBitche$

    #2 NOT 1st BIGMEX NO uno!! grende MEX Your lameo!!!

  10. she doesn’t pull off sexy.

  11. chelsea

    UM pubes much in pic #5?

  12. bobby digital

    i would kill any one of you for a ten minute pound session with her

  13. Hamma Montana

    Who ever thought that a Girl like me, Could double as a Porno Staaaaaar?

  14. Champ

    Ya know – if she keeps her mouth shut, and there is no sound or video, sometimes, she looks kinda hot.

  15. spotted

    @ pic #5 – if there’s grass on the field, play ball.

  16. Deacon Jones

    I think she’s offically passed into woman hood with these series of picks fellas….holy fuck.

    Pic 7 is great, that’s her in 3 years assuming the position for a crack rock.

  17. the only opinion that matters

    Have I got this right? She isn’t even eighteen? What the heck are her parents and agent thinking? Could she not be provacative without being slutty? I know it must have been a drag having to be all squeaky clean for her Hannah Montana Disney image, but this is crazy. Not cool. Her parents need a kick in the ass.

  18. RoboZombie

    Her head is shaped like a basketball. A great, big basketball, y’all.

  19. Baron Bleeke

    Gimme one night with her & the police would never find her body

  20. AAHHHH!!!

    Her face makes me uncomfortable!!!!

  21. mike

    #18 those are her big buck teeth you are looking at.

  22. absinthe

    Someone needs to tell this bitch to shave her bikini line

  23. AnonymousError

    She is on a runaway train to Britney-ville.

  24. Jon

    Honestly this is like porn..

    is she legal or not?

  25. L E UT

    No matter what she wears or how hard she tries, she will never be sexy. She’s trying to pull a Britney Spears by going from Disney to slutty, but it’s not working for her. She needs to go away.

  26. @1 – vein, dumbfuck.

  27. That fucking face is her best form of birth control.

  28. mileys bf

    shes sooo hottt her i love getting off to her

  29. gen

    She’s just like Britney Spears… only Britney Spears actually had a phenomenal body and gorgeous face at one point…

  30. :)

    when britney was her age she looked like this, so basically this bitch is britney spears going 2234234 times faster! can’t wait to see how she’ll end up in about uhmm 4 or 5 months

  31. leila

    pubes in pic #5

  32. Carolyne

    Even for an 18 year old this whole look is way too sexual. What the hell is she doing touching herself? Her parents obviously have no idea how to raise children–as my mother always said “You’ll be old for a long time, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.” Old fashioned advice but it makes sense. At any age she looks like a tramp.

  33. Eric

    I have to apologize, but my dick just doesn’t realize she’s not 18. When’s her birthday so I can get some sweet release?

  34. jojo stinks

    the absolute low point in disney’s long history

  35. jack mehoff

    now rio has AIDS

  36. mancuso

    Pics 1 & 2 are inbredrrific, pic 8 may lead to further inbreeding.

  37. butty

    Pic #8 = Calls out for some An@l :-)

  38. SpengStanzman

    Up here in the Great White North, she is 100 percent legal, boyos!
    *beats off*

  39. Jon

    Just keep in mind folks…

    This is a conservative religous young American girl.

    America is hilarious. One of the most powerful militaries in the world. One of the strongest industrial countries in the world. One of the stupidest countries in the world. One of the most hateful countries in the world. One of the most RELIGIOUS countries in the world. One of the most morally CORRUPT countries in the world.

    It’s pretty hilarious and the bonus is kiddy porn. Yayyyy. Yay for religion and yay for America. God bless.

  40. Jon


    Unfortunately this is what all the young horny males want to see. It’s a fact of life. Tramp = wank material. There is probably alot of horny dads as well.

    Unfortunately the girls see the boys they like.. getting horny over the tramp, want to get noticed as well.. and start tramping it up to compete with Miley child porn star.

    Yay America.

  41. testington

    I would say she’s a butterface, but really her legs are the only thing attractive about her, physically or otherwise

  42. Jon

    I have to be honest, if there was a way I could legally hit that, I would hit it quite hard. If there is one thing this big gummed girl has, it’s the ability to give me an erection.

    Am I supposed to hold my erection and hide it until the moment she hits 18, and then release it and let it spring to life like a switch?

    Doesn’t she deserve some responsibility for teasing the cock like this?

    She is not the problem. She is only a symptom of the problem. And it starts with money.

  43. notafan


  44. dassa


    you can’t pretend to know what youre talking about when it comes to politics. you give liberals a bad name, venting your insane rants on the internet. fool

  45. stifler

    This is not America’s problem exclusively; people feed into this type of marketing in all of the developed world. In some countries, the age that women are sexualized (and worse) is much, much younger.

  46. Reel World

    Further proof that Cyrus is redneck for slut…

  47. JEFF

    “GOD BLESS Y’ALL!!!!”

  48. Modwild

    She should be arrested for statutory rape. She’s raping herself on stage, in front of millions of pedophiles. She’s 17 frakking years old. We’ve all seen what this type of behavior did for Britney Spears. Its just totally gross and wrong for her to be doing this.

  49. ____

    @39: Get it straight. It’s THE strongest military in the world.

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