Adam Lambert’s gayness is news

May 29th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Apparently there’s been some confusion over whether Adam Lambert is gay or not (Wow. Seriously?), so American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi took it upon herself to set the record straight on The View, according to Us Magazine:

“I don’t think that Adam was ever in [the closet],” she says in a taped interview airing Friday on ABC’s The View. “I think he was always openly out.”
Walters then asked again if Lambert — who has never publicly said he’s gay — “was always openly out.”
“I think he was,” DioGuardi replies. “I mean, from what I’ve seen … I do. I never thought he wasn’t.”
Asked by Barbara Walters whether Lambert’s perceived sexuality may have influenced Idol voters, DioGuardi says, “Well, first of all, I hope not … because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry and they both [Lambert and winner Kris Allen] had that.”

Wanna know how I knew Adam Lambert is gay? He was on AMERICAN IDOL. And before anyone’s panties get in a bunch, I would’ve thought the same thing if he was a woman, robot or ham sandwich. So relax.

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  1. he is cute, what a pity… I came across an online community for individual seeking interracial love. It is All singles there are seeking interracial relationships. Interracial is not a problem there, but a great merit to cherish!

  2. Barney Frank

    60% of all gay men were born that way.

    The other 40% were sucked into it.

  3. Arthur Kade's Ballbag

    He loves drinking come and singing.

  4. AteIsEnough

    @ 3 – That was funny!! Beleive it or not, I didn’t know he was gay. Of course, only my wife and daughters watch the fucking retared show anyway, and I had to wear earplugs when he was screetching on stage when I was in the same room as the TV showing…but I honestly never knew he was gay.

  5. pirhan

    Thanks Fish! Lovely way to start my Friday morning. My eyes don’t care at all that he’s gay. <3

  6. Alyssa

    I hate it when red heads cover their freckles with make up.

    He’s a total giner – with freckles

  7. AteIsEnough

    Wow, sorry. Could I have spelled more words wrong in my last post? If you noticed, lick my balls…HEY, not you Adam! It was a figure of speech!! Those gays take everything literally. ha-ha!

  8. dirk

    Is he GAY? Does the water ripple when he bangs a trannie in a canoe?

  9. FunkedUp

    This news is about as shocking as that time the Enquirer reported that Clay Aiken got drilled in the bum while getting a reach around from a green beret!!

  10. Travis Cotton

    On the 11 o’clock news tonight…..Water is wet…..

  11. Blackbeard

    He’s been sailing the skull & crossbones puffy shirt pirate brigade for years matey, hardy har har…

  12. This guy is such a big star, I heard a new sitcom is being written for him call “leave it, its beaver!

  13. He’s as gay as Liberace’s pinky ring…

  14. kati spencer

    Who cares what his preference is. He sings and performs in theater. That is all we need to know. This attention seeking crap from others speculating is total crap. None of their or our business. Enjoy and celebrate his skill and talent, not what he thinks or likes or does when he is not on stage. Give it a rest. And, some of yall need to use word spell checker.

  15. cypriania

    Some of yall have smut on the brain. All you need to do is like or dislike his music, not do character assassination due to others speculation. He may just be a “Gentle-Man”, regardless, it is none of our business. He is drop dead gorgeous that is all I know and he sings and performs well on stage. Go to You Tube and watch some of his performances. Either like him or not, just stop the bad mouthing. It could be you next time and public opinion be running rampant!

  16. havoc

    Well, lets just put that one in the “duh” file…..


  17. ItsMe

    I think the pictures of him online kissing guys and dressed in drag will put the rumors to rest……google his name on google images and take off the safesearch

  18. Bruth

    Adam is just thuper and dreeeamy maan candy eeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. y3n0

    I think #20 meant this:

  20. jim

    Now that he has money he can get his face sandblasted……that’s some eruptive skin

  21. Ren

    That tan on his face looks so fake. I thought spray on tan had approved since the ’90′s? Oh well, guess not.

  22. Mr. Jones

    I’ve gone for a decade without TV – and only recently my wife got an HD antenna (it works very well – and we’ve returned to the days of free broadcast TV). And inevitably she has this crap on.

    These kids don’t “sing” on American Idol. They scream. It all sounds like screaming to me. I’m truly impressed with their lung power, and the stamina of their vocal chords. But what is so entertainng about someone yelling their way up and down (often rapidly) the scale? Someone help me out here.

  23. Butch

    He really is a polite guy. I met him at a bar in LA and he asked me if he could push my stool in….. and of course I said yes,… please.

  24. Sport

    The Gadar doesn’t lie.
    The needle is pegged to the right.

  25. dirk

    “The Gadar doesn’t lie.
    The needle is pegged to the right.”

    OMG That’s the same direction Brook Hogan’s dong hangs!

  26. The Observer

    He’s gayer than the locker room at Ice Capades.

    Also, the SW is obviously racist against ham sandwiches. It’s time to use the media to assassinate his character!

  27. ChunkyMonkey

    Oh c’mon, he’s just a hetero with effeminate tendencies & mannerisms…..

    Jeez anyone who has any doubt, just look at these pictures. Anyone who thinks “gay” is a choice, just look…. this guy is about as manly as a tampon.

    “Chubs” does like his eyeliner & emo jeans, you gotta give him props for that.

  28. Vince Lombardi

    Excuse me….of course he’s gay. I thought all former members of A Flock of Seagulls were.

  29. Dirk The Impailer

    So many people have been screaming that “homophobia” cost him the title. I think that is hillarious enough.

    But now the Jewish community is screaming that he really lost because of prejudice against Jews. I honestly didn’t have a clue that he was Jewish until I read that. Gay I got (though it really didn’t matter). But Jewish???

    But I guess it has about as much credibility as claiming that he lost because he was gay.

  30. anything but white

    yeah Adam is probably from a Holocaust family and should have automatically won.
    In fact, due to the horrible nature of us causcasions compared to the peacefulness of all other races on Earth (please don’t pay attention to Genesis), we should be excluded from all manner of contests such as this one. A truly terrible people we are.

    Because Adam is Jewish (I would have never known honestly as I wouldn’t have thought it mattered) he has it made even though he lost.


    He/she wears more make-up than Dolly Parton. I can see him/her being another Freddie Mercury w/Queen. It fits the part. He/she is limitted with music, at the end of each song he does, he/she screeches on and on for 5 minutes. That gets to be tiring. Maybe Queen can put him/her on mute. A friend of mine commented that Adam/Adammette’s hair is similiar to Elvis Presley’s. At least Elvis didn’t suck cock or get his ass poked at every chance possible. On the internet, there are a few pictures of Adam/Adammette french-kissing his/her boyfriend. You didn’t see The Real Winner Kris Allen with nail polish, did you? I’m sorry Kris Allen will be on a VERY, VERY tight contract with American Idol-title, 1 CD, on tour with fellow contestants. After that, who knows?

  32. mikeock

    who cares? I still won’t buy his CD.

  33. Alright… Adam is a cutie but honestly why do you have to make fun of him. Are you honestly that jealous that you need to go and post things that are supposed to be funny but not, that’s just mean. The only thing is I disagree on Gay guys because god made adam and eve. not adam and steve:]

  34. Alright… Adam is a cutie but honestly why do you have to make fun of him. Are you honestly that jealous that you need to go and post things that are supposed to be funny but not, that’s just mean. The only thing is I disagree on Gay guys because god made adam and eve. not adam and steve:]

  35. Alright… Adam is a cutie but honestly why do you have to make fun of him. Are you honestly that jealous that you need to go and post things that are supposed to be funny but not, that’s just mean. The only thing is I disagree on Gay guys because god made adam and eve. not adam and steve:]

  36. Tracy

    Seriously, gay or straight, I just honestly can not believe that women find him attractive. He’s a cross between Joanne Worley and Liza, and he wears more makeup than Tammy Freaking Faye. Honestly, this is attractive? I completely fail to see it. Same with that pasty skinned Robert Whatshisname Twilight guy, girls thik he’s cute???? I guess this week it’s “cool” to like this freak. How many more minutes does he have left of his 15? Thank God he’ll be out of the spotlight soon, he’s just one big pile of nasty, and I find him somewhat disturbing.

  37. Racer X

    Who cares?!!

  38. bitingontinfoil

    LMAO! the only thing pic #1 is missing is the “Bitch Please!” caption.

  39. That’s funny – he doesn’t look gay.

  40. cookiepuss

    He is pure sex. Why are the hot ones always gay ?

  41. Pam Gates

    I do not believe this!

  42. Adam is more talented than anyone ever on American Idol! He’s head and shoulders above everybody so much it’s laughable. Who cares if he’s gay or not? The entertainment industry is full of gays. Just because he’s creative in his look, means just that…he’s creative. I say you’ll be hearing about Adam in the entertainment world for a long time. He’s an incredible artist!

  43. there is gayness .
    but there is also: BEING A FAGGOT!!
    and this is a “DIRTY FAGGOT”, folks!!

  44. hehehhehehe

    i’m gay and i want him to die……..DDDDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  45. Gando

    I’m really surprised? Is he really gay?

  46. Galtacticus

    This proves again that the IQ-level of these talentshow judges are below the average.Or maybe it’s another cheap publicity stunt to get more viewers?

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