Adam Lambert wants you to notice something and other news

March 8th, 2010 // 62 Comments

- Ryan Reynolds might as well have had “Guess Who Won” written on his chin. [Lainey Gossip]

- George Clooney’s look of death explained. [Dlisted]

- Lindsay Lohan fired from Ungaro because apparently businesses are supposed to make money. Who knew? [PopEater]

- Pamela Anderson had a glamorous Oscar Sunday, too, you guys. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jamie Foxx wants to take Olivia Munn to the limit. [Celebslam]

- Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin meant to write shitty jokes. [Huffington Post]

- Matt LeBlanc makes Andre Agassi go apeshit. [TheFABlife]

- Jeremy Renner is afraid to drink alone. [StarPulse]

- Audrina Patridge has golden globes. [HollywoodTuna]

- Ben Stiller jumps the shark for Avatar jokes everywhere. (Except mine.) [Just Jared]

- Christoph Waltz: Pre-Quentin Tarantino. [The Blemish]

- Stacy Dash is apparently keeping Jamie Foxx’s penis warm for Olivia Munn. [Bossip]

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  1. Female


    YES! no if only he wasnt gay, this would be glorious

  2. Nick

    This is disgusting.. Gheesh.. Reminds of 1980′s Duran Duran.. only really really gay.

  3. He’s pooping flowers in that last one. Brilliant!

  4. Richard McBeef

    The only thing I notice is the huge cock sticking in his mouth.

  5. Richard McBeef

    The only thing I notice is the AIDS. Which he has got. Big time. Big time AIDS.

  6. G@ys are now allowed to post their opinions!

    Go ahead and squeal yourselves into oblivion for this one g@y boys, but keep your comments to yourselves when it comes to our fine ladies!

  7. teddie

    This post makes me think 2 things: Adam Lambert is a fun crazy as$ed mf#cker and I wish computers weren’t so cheap so judgmental homophobic idiots couldn’t post on blogs.

  8. Rhialto

    It isn’t that we like to please Mel Gibson.And certainly not John Mayer.But we’d understand that from time to time we have to make a post like this in this democracy.

  9. Darth

    He’d look indeed like the better variant of Mel Gibson and John Mayer mixed.Wait?! Am i in politics now?!

  10. cliff_greene

    I’m gay, and I’d rather poke my dick into Cloris Leachman’s gash than this kid’s bum.

  11. joe rules

    wow. a codpiece. how original. like jethro tull’s Ian Anderson used in the early 70′s…

  12. ali

    Why not just become a female if he is going to look like one.

  13. Gando

    I’ve always wondered why that movie was entitled ‘Mad Max’.But i’d understand it better now.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    Rob Halford with more sparkle & less attitude.

  15. ummmmmm

    #10, seeing as Adam is a TOP, he wouldn’t let you “poke” your tiny weiner into his bum lmfaaaaaaaao. He doesn’t work that way.

  16. Nero

    In what store does he buy his underwear??

  17. Mancomb

    Why do performers get away with wearing such ridiculous shit?

  18. amazing

    How he went from THIS, to THIS in under a day I will never know

  19. Rough--simultaneously in brief & boxers

    Unless you work in a Dungeon that’s not safe for work, Fish.

  20. epic

    He was way better than George Michael and Kelly Rowland, he actually sounded amazing they didn’t (altho Kelly LOOKED gorgeous in her dress). His outfit was SO hot in person without the photo lights and he was so sweet. Partied ’til the morning then performed that acoustic stunner just the next day! Incredible stamina, performer, personality.

  21. epc

    He was way better than George Michael and Kelly Rowland, he actually sounded amazing they didn’t (altho Kelly LOOKED gorgeous in her dress). His outfit was SO hot in person without the photo lights and he was so sweet. Partied ’til the morning then performed that acoustic stunner just the next day! Incredible stamina, performer, personality.

  22. Ed

    If you want gay, YT George Michael’s performance. His dancers were…well YT it lmfao.

    Adam was the tamest dressed and the tamest performer for some reason. I thought he would push it more! There were people with absolutely crazy, colorful parade outfits, so many were barely wearing anything. Mardi Gras is a night of lighthearted escapism celebrating differences with ridiculous, fun performers and parties. It’s an amazing once in a lifetime experience. Nice to see a performer actually having a blast working.

    His band got lost, that’s how mad the crowd was.
    LOL at Adam’s band member tweeting about this photo and Adam’s package rofl:

  23. Colin

    Why do people keep saying this shows how much of a homo he is? This just shows how much bad taste he has. I see him half of the time these days and think, “Wow, Rihanna’s looking pale,” or “KISS sure is looking sparkly tonight.” And the black nail polish has always been terrible.

  24. Mal

    RichardMcBeef–what’s with the Aids comment.? Homophobic a little?

  25. blt

    The ignorance is astounding. Straight people get HIV/AIDS too.

  26. Roux

    the last picture is classic!

  27. jidan

    this is why people hate gays

  28. ctti

    I used to think he was smokin’…but only on Idol. Don’t get me wrong – I still think he’s an awesome singer / performer & quite a looker but…now that he’s got a solo career & is no longer on a show which requires him to be family-friendly, he’s really gone all out with the faggotry.

    And before any hyper-sensitive gay prick accuses me of homophobia, look at Woody Harrelson & George Michael – both openly gay but neither as grossly o.t.t. or effeminate as Adam Lambert.

  29. Jenn

    ….Those shoulder pads makes him look like Splinter from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies

  30. Jenn

    WRONG…not Splinter…The Shredder. Yeah that was his name, the really sparkly/pointy guy.

  31. lori

    These pictures are an assault to all my senses. I literally almost vomited when I scrolled down. Go back to the trailer park. God.

  32. Wow ! Adam rocks ! His costume, though, wasn’t ‘scandalous’ at all-it was exotic erotic glam rockin fantastic-just like him.

  33. Posh

    He looks so fucking ugly. Can’t imagine his appeal. Ew

  34. Pat

    I’ve been a huge Adam fan since I first heard and saw him perform on AI. I honestly don’t care that he’s gay. But I have to say, I didn’t sign up for this. He’s really pushing things too far with getups like this. He is a great looking guy, looks fantastic in his leather jackets and tight jeans, etc. He doesn’t need all that flamboyance to prove what an awesome performer he is. I don’t think he can keep the mainstream American middle aged ladies (who probably make up the bulk of his fanbase) happy by looking like a glitter fairy. I for one am losing interest.

  35. jubjub

    I loved it when this idiot tried to compare himself to Freddie Mercury; nice try dickshit. The only thing this tool has in common with Freddie is being gay; Freddie was an amazingly talented individual; this goober is just a flaming piece of shit. In a perfect world, Freddie would still be out there rockin’ and this assclown would be worm food.

  36. MEP

    #35-I’m sure Adam could care less about your overweight, spandex wearing, out of touch demographic. He’s obviously been going for something larger (pun intended) than you from the beginning. Pushing boundaries and playing with society is what makes a true artist. Playing it safe to make stay at home mom’s that wear cat sweatshirts happy will only get a celebrity so far (i.e. Ricky Martin).

  37. Kay

    He belongs in the 80s, his image is too outdated.

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  40. Rough--simultaneously in brief & boxers

    Woody Harrelson is gay? You’re creating your own news 29?

  41. This is what results when an entertainer is short on talent. Flamebert is compensating for his very long list of shortcomings with ridiculous clothes and over-the-top behavior. The codpiece is interesting in a 70s and 80s sort of way, but my first thought on seeing was “he wishes he could fill that thing.” He and Lady Caca need to get together … and vanish.

  42. captain america

    they still need sympathie for the devil?

  43. Andie

    I like his songs, but I hate this outfit. As long as I don’t have to look at him, I’ll buy his records. But hey, I’m 35! He’s not trying to get ME to buy his records! (Do people still call them records?)

    And yeah, Woody Harrelson is not gay. Where in the world did someone get THAT idea? He’s married and has three daughters.
    Oh yeah, he skinny-dipped with Owen Wilson. If being nude around somebody of the same sex makes you gay, then we all would have turned gay in seventh grade gym.

  44. laura

    Once again Adam Lambert generates more conversation than anyone out there! Face it, you are all obsessed with him! Jealous of his cod piece are you? Go but your own why don’t you?

  45. sandra

    Thankfully all gays are not as colorful as he is. He is gross and annoying. And his music stinks.

  46. Laughter

    He looks like an utter fool! What is it with some human beings?

  47. ctti

    @41: My bad – I’d read / heard somewhere that he was gay but perhaps George Takei would be a better example. Gay but not a fucking fairy.

  48. Pat

    Hey #37 I’m all for him pushing boundaries and stepping outside what we are comfortable with. I don’t want him to play it safe either. But he just looks…I don’t know–SILLY? There are other ways to get people’s attention, as I said he is an amazing performer. I love Adam and so do many many other older music fans. He will spend our money just like he’ll spend yours. And you should be a little bit more polite to me, I just might be your Mommy.

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