Adam Lambert allowed back on ABC

After pretending to get fellated by his entire stage crew on national television, ABC spent the weeks following the American Music Awards axing every Adam Lambert performance on their schedule. But apparently a truce has been reached because Adam’s appearing on The View under the watchful eye of Elisabeth Hasselbeck who has no quarrel choking a bitch with the King James. People reports:

The View episode will air the morning after Barbara Walters’s primetime special featuring the year’s Most Fascinating People, which includes Lambert.
Lambert’s appearance on The View has been pre-taped – preventing any unexpected on-air surprises.

I love how they’re treating Adam Lambert like a caged beast while Chris Brown’s hosting afternoon tea with the crew of Good Morning America. Seriously, it’s not like it’s hard to tell if Adam’s about to get blown while talking to Joy Behar. You see a dancer making a move for the stage, you snatch him up by the leotard. POW! End of story. Meanwhile, Robin Roberts could forget to say “Aww shit!” while looking at Chris Brown’s shoe collection and he’d chew her goddamn face off before anyone knew what happened. “We thought he was kissing her! I mean, there were all those shoes. He was cradling a white cat in his arms like a Bond villain… oh, God.”

Photos: Getty