Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA of The Beastie Boys Died (1964-2012)

May 4th, 2012 // 73 Comments

Posted by Photo Boy

Adam Yauch was a founding member of the Beastie Boys and pioneer in not only the genre of rap, but music in general. In 2009 he publicly announced that he was being treated for cancer and it’s likely contributed to his death at age 47. I’ve been a huge fan of the Beastie Boys since as long as I can remember, so I can really only say that the music industry lost one of the greats today.

Rest in Peace.

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  1. fuckityfuck

    so sad :(

  2. B.E.A.S.T.I.E

  3. First


  4. Funniest Commenter, except for this time

    He told us to fight for our right to party ):

  5. MarkM

    Did The “Beasite” Boys do “Barss Mokney?”

  6. oh i know

    Another music ICON gone, RIP Adam…..

  7. And fucking Kim K, Lindsay Lohan, et al still walk among us.


  8. That hypocrite smoked two packs a day.

  9. AAPL made me rich!

    Almost as touching as your article on Breitbart.

    • individual

      AAPL – would’ve ‘thumbsed-up’ if it wasn’t shut off already…that was truly embarassing (fish’s horrible write-up of Breitbart)

      Incidentally, although the media trumpeted “natural causes!” immediately after his death, his CORONER died of arsenic poisoning the very day of the OFFICIAL announcement from the coroner’s office, weeks later.

      Don’t expect the hack fish to say a damned thing about that.

      Anywho, R.I.P., MCA

      • Conspiracy theory alert. Obviously HIS coroner was killed to cover up the results of a homicide, and “they” released a false report.

        While Cormier did die on that day, he didn’t do the autopsy – because Cormier is also not THE coroner. Derp – we actually have more than one person performing autopsies in the LA coroner’s office so the bodies don’t start to stack up like cord wood. Ed Winter is the deputy chief coroner, and Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran is the Chief Medical Examiner/Coroner. (He’s the big guy – he did Michael Jackson’s autopsy, so since Breitbart’s murder needs to be hushed up, he’s clearly the one who should have been killed, right?) While poison was found in Cormier’s system, and while he did have stomach pains and vomiting before he was admitted to the hospital, his death may not be a homicide. Nothing has been released yet about the poison – arsenic is being investigated, but no determination has been made. Just as accidental ingestion hasn’t been ruled out..

        But why let the facts get in the way of a good paranoid smear?

      • I believe the line of thinking is that he was on the grassy knoll snorting arsenic out of the barrel of a 6.5 mm Carcano Model 91/38 rifle …

      • No shit? I heard it was a result of breathing in all the paint debris after he ran Diana and Dodi’s car into the wall of the tunnel, but I bet it occured when he was erasing those 18 1/2 minutes of the White House tapes – he was sitting at a desk made from pressure-treated lumber and sweated all over it, then bit his nails.

  10. kimmykimkim

    What?! Nooooooooooooooo!! Beastie Boys don’t fucking die! Goddamnit! Fucking love MCA man! He kept his underwear up with a piece of elastic, used a bullshit mic, that’s made outta plastic, to send the rhymes out to all the nation!

    I’m so sad. :o(

  11. oh i know

    The good ones are always gone too soon and looking at my Gucci its’ about that time…..RIP MCA :(

  12. He was making records when you were sucking your mother’s dick.

  13. Deacon Jones


    Nothing beat cruising around at the beach blasting “INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY…PLANETARY INTERGALACTIC..”

    • [img][/img]

    • kimmykimkim

      I know right? I couldn’t stop blasting Puttin Shame in Your Game. Oh man! This sucks! Well I know what I’m doin tonight. Getting drunk and blastin some beasties. Half of that was pretty much already planned anyway.

      “G-E-T-L-I-V-E! Aight!!”

  14. Hm. That’s a damn shame. We lost a good one.

    • kimmykimkim

      Why in the fuck would somebody thumb this down? Hey, thumb bandit! Get a fucking life! Obviously some stupid fucking kid who has no idea who the Beastie Boys are. I blame the parents. Thumb me down, you little skid mark! Fuck! I hate assholes!

    • Kimmy, I truly appreciate your righteous fury on my behalf :)

  15. JC

    Only 47? Damn.

  16. rapfan

    This sucks. His cancer didn’t sound too life threatening when I read about it. Wasn’t it something like a mouth cancer? They can cure all kinds of cancers but not his I guess..

    RIP Adam.

  17. USDA Prime McBeef

    still cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.

  18. Cock Dr

    Although this particular cheerleader is dead I will never stop fighting for the right to PARTY.

  19. El Jefe

    R.I.P. MCA.

  20. Frank Burns

    Wow, this sucks! A while back to help kill time before a 30-person meeting started, I put the “Triple Trouble” video up on the big screen, thinking I would be the only one who knew what it was. Wrong! At least a third of the suits in the room knew the song, the video, and parts of the lyrics. RIP Adam!

  21. mrsmass

    major suck.

  22. kelce

    FIsh is the grim reaper. He leaves and people die. RIP

  23. mel

    this is a horrible, crying shame. what a loss to the future of music in general.

  24. aaaaaa

    you wrote Beasite in the title. Its BEASTIE.

  25. Mumps

    These things usually happen in threes, right? Fingers crossed for Kim Kardashian and/or Lindsay Lohan.

  26. jumpin_j

    Fuck you, cancer. Oh and fuck you Courtney Stodden.I figured that goes without saying.

  27. Just one less thug to make so called music with computer beats and talking over them.

  28. fuckyou

    I think its odd that the poster likes to throw out jokes about everyone who dies other than the ones he happens to like. Beastie Boys were completely overrated.

  29. Just_As_it_IS

    You scared me, Fish… I thought it had been Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys who died. I’m relieved to see it was just an homonymous from another band, The Beasite Boys.

  30. Hey joanna,
    MCA was making records when you were sucking your mom’s dick. Also, you’re worse than saliva cancer.

  31. Wow, a celebrity death that actually bothers me. I loved the Beasties…

    …I think I need a moment…

  32. JW

    They called him Adam Yauch, but he was MCA… Rest in Peace…

  33. R.I.P MCA. I always loved and respected the Beastie Boys.

  34. Womb Raider

    I was born in 1982 so I was a little late in becoming a Beastie Boys fan, but I fell in love with them as I fell in love with music as a young kid. Never stopped digging their music. RIP MCA. My thoughts and prayers to those close to you.

  35. Erica

    So fucking depressing. He was a talented artist. RIP MCA

  36. I love when atheists say “rest in peace”

    • Pat C

      … or when atheists say “Goodbye” which means “God be with ye”. I suspect they are treating these as common expressions rather than focusing on the origins of the word/phrase.

    • It’s a conventional phrase nowadays – the missing “soul” part of the original prayer isn’t considered, most people now think it to just refers to the body.

      Has your holier-than-thou sense of smugness been satisfied yet, or you want to point out that I shouldn’t be using the word “holy”, either?

  37. ash

    Beasite? come on

  38. I grew up on Beastie Boys, know every line to Paul Revere.



  39. Anon

    I’d rather you keep doing obituaries, Photo Boy. I don’t remember the last time did a respectful one.

  40. Couldnt it have been one of the Backstreet Boys instead?

  41. Sartrus

    Oh no, a terrible rapper died. How will we continue on, without more of his songs that all sounded exactly alike.

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  44. Rest In Peace man.

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