Adam Levine Knows How to Fight Cancer

Amidst all the bikini photos and posts admiring the splendor of Coco, I get a lot of requests for some naked dudes on the site. Although 90% of them seem to come from that guy who writes the Brad Pitt blog that’s entirely about Lindsay. Anyway, here’s Adam Levine posing nude for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK because I think all my readers are special. Just for some background, Adam getting naked somehow benefits the Everyman charity which battles various cancers of the penis, but before everyone does what I just did, whipping your clothes off and running through the McDonald’s drive-thru does not have the same effect. Even if you get the McGriddle. I was as shocked as you are.

NOTE: That’s Adam’s girlfriend’s hand holding the goods because I can’t tell you how corrupt the junk-handling union is these days. 50 smoke breaks for every one hour of work? You’re handling penis, folks, not driving a fork-lift. Unless I’m there. (COUNT IT.)

Photos: Cosmopolitan UK

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