Absolut Hunk

This poor model is getting his panties in a bunch because Absolut improperly distributed this fake ad created for HBO’s Sex in the City. I don’t really understand the complaint though, because I always figured the more publicity the better. Maybe the guy is suddenly embarrassed. I mean, I’d be embarrassed too if where I was supposed to have a penis I had a bottle of Absolut instead. How are you even supposed to have sex with that thing? It just won’t work.

This is about as much fame as Jason Lewis is ever going to have so he should just ride it out. Sure, he might be forever known as the Absolut Penis Dude but that’s a pretty minor setback for all that popularity. Just look at our good friend William Hung. He’s learned to ride out his 15 minutes and so should this guy. He could become some sort of underwear model for CK or something, marketing a special brand of underwear for vodka-bottle-penis people everywhere.

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