Boner’s body found. [Insert lost erection joke here.]

February 25th, 2010 // 174 Comments

Andrew Koenig body has reportedly been found in Stanley Park Vancouver, according to TMZ. His parents are expected to attend a press conference at 5 PM PST.

In light of all this, I hope you’ve learned a lesson about naming your sitcom characters after engorged penises which haunt them for the rest of their lives, Hollywood. For shame. For shame….

NOTE: Included the 2003 fan-film Batman: Dead End featuring Boner as the Joker.


  1. It won’t be long, at least u had the guts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You will always be the

  3. U WILL ALWAYS B/W ME!!!!!!

  4. FU FROSTY53 DIE N HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Boner made me realize how fucked-up this world IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Frosty I hope u go 2 hell 2nite>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. Excellent list – just what I need after me cornflakes. People in those times seemed to have a knack if they wanted to inflict pain lol. I thought the good old thumbscrew might have been on here but I don’t think it comes close to some of the items on the list.

  8. Jethro

    Again, you guys have sunken to the lowest of lows.

    I don’t remember Koenig from ‘Growing Pains’, but I thought he did a fantastic job as the Joker on the fan film ‘Batman, Dead End.’

    I think I’m gonna waste my time on other sites that show a little more class. I think I’ll start reading the Huffington Post. It’s sad to say that they probably have more class than this site.

  9. JuliaJolie

    This is why a site like dlisted is miles better than this entire network of blogs (with the occasional exception of Geekologie). I’ve read (and enjoyed) far, far, far more disgusting, offensive and dodgy snark on that and websites but when someone is sick/missing/dead they always have a classy, respectful way to post about it.

    Feel better about getting your page views up, troll? Yes, “Fish” writer (ugh), I’m talking to you. God, even *I* can write better than the unfunny shit on this site, and that’s not saying much. Fuck, I’d even read Perez Hilton over this! You’re not funny, you’re not clever, and this doesn’t make you cool, regardless of what you think. Moron.

  10. Danielle

    Honestly, why is this headline so written so insensitively? I don’t find it funny and am embarrassed for you that you have the audacity to post something like this in the wake of tragedy. Very shameful and tasteless.

  11. Katie

    Hmm… I wasnt aware voicing my opinion made me a “hypocrite” I understand what u are saying 144 about how something always offends someone. We live in a very PC driven world, however I think talking about someones plastic surgury gone wrong is a little different then insulting a person who has just passed away. And how exactly was I mocking the death of my own sister? I brought that up breifly only to explain why this personally offended me. You’re obviously just a fucking tool anyways, who probably surfs these blogs looking to show everyone what a big dick u have and just how mean and snarky u can be. I feel sorry for you…. Oh and i wouldnt bother with anymore comments, I wont be back to read them.

  12. It is really sad to hear about this. Depression can really lead to some bad stuff if not treated properly.

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  14. Elrac

    I really liked Chekhov in ST and I sympathize with his loss. But as for Boner:

    Nothing says “loser” like committing suicide. Our society is big on success and harsh on failure. People are offended by the ridicule he’s drawing, but they’re failing to consider that by taking the coward’s way out, this guy ridiculed all those other people who faced hard times, maybe had suicidal thoughts too but toughed it out and came through.

  15. Rasputins Liver


    Well, after reading the later Cameron post today, having read this one a few days ago, why I’m really struck by our supposed Fish’s total insensitivity. In the posts regarding this fellow and his death this site’s writer, whomever it is (someone new? Just doesn’t seem to be the same tone lately in the posts from the ones a while back), seems to have something very emotionally and disturbingly deep seated in (and in between as well) all the writer’s words of utter callousness.


    I’ll repost here my post from the Cameron post:

    Whoa! Seems someone must’ve pissed in our supposed Fish’s Cheerios when he/she/it wrote the above.


    Odd. I’ve never come across this much venom in any other posts by this site about someone dying or killing themselves.


    Did you, Superficial blogger, get rejected by Andrew Koening or something? Why do you hate Koenig so much? Or is it that you hate the show Growing Pains and all who were on it? I never watched it myself,but have no ill feelings towards it or the cast.


    Maybe you were rejected in audition for the show by the producers or director of the show hence your irrational animosity?


    You might want to see a counselor for what ever’s buggin’ ya about Koenig and the cast of that show. Just sayin’.


  16. Rasputins Liver


    Ah! Perhaps our supposed Fish tried out for the role of Boner and lost out to Andrew hence this site’s writer’s irrational callous animosity regarding Koenig’s lifelong suffering from depression and suicide.


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  18. Lily

    I’m disgusted that you would make a joke about Andrew Koenig’s death.

  19. yyy

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  20. yadig

    Im sorry it came down to him killing himself, get help when you need it people.

  21. That’s cold man. Poor taste for even the Superficial. Have just a teeny amount of respect for the dead. He wasn’t even a public figure anymore.
    And don’t justify it in your head because you managed to score a bunch of comment hits from your crassness.

  22. Hi Guy’s,
    I really don’t think your attempt at a humour was respectful and irresponsible. It certainly wasn’t successful.

  23. Kay

    May I remind you all, we’re on the internet?
    The internet is not srs business.
    Jesus, calm down.

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