Boner’s body found. [Insert lost erection joke here.]

February 25th, 2010 // 174 Comments

Andrew Koenig body has reportedly been found in Stanley Park Vancouver, according to TMZ. His parents are expected to attend a press conference at 5 PM PST.

In light of all this, I hope you’ve learned a lesson about naming your sitcom characters after engorged penises which haunt them for the rest of their lives, Hollywood. For shame. For shame….

NOTE: Included the 2003 fan-film Batman: Dead End featuring Boner as the Joker.


  1. LivewireT


    “ain’t enough Viagra or Cialis in the world gonna bring that Boner back”


  2. Mia

    What a jerk move to make a joke about all of this. I thoroughly enjoy the snarkiness of this website but where’s the consistency? Brittany Murphy wasn’t exactly at the top of her career but you didn’t make fun of her death. Andrew looks like a sweet kid and a suicide due to depression just isn’t funny. Shame on you.

  3. Usually you have much more compassion than this. There’s nothing humorous about his death at all.

  4. Rutty

    Hi dave.

    You don’t need to be an “authority on funny” to know #18 was not funny, dave..

    And I like you dave… so c’mon. Chums?

    or do you also think “go and hump your 12 year old girlfriend” is top grade comedy dave?

    cuz then we cannot be chums.

  5. very disappointed

    way too far mate.. so i fucked off perez, now you, where to go to next…. for the record, really disappointed, you are usually pretty funny and I look ed you up every day, I liked you.. such a shame

  6. Karma

    Karma is a bitch to the person who wrote this…………hate to be you or anyone close to you

  7. whatever

    This site sucks and is full of evil people.

  8. it should have been you

    this post is in really bad taste and you’re a piece of shit.

  9. Charlie Caligula

    To the whiny cunts crying about Boner murdering himself for attention:

    Next time go to the The You won’t be missed.

  10. gtht

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  11. Titties McDicktugg

    Who dat said they was gonna beat depression? Not this fucking has been d-actor bozo fuck. Only shitty thing Superficial did was fucking was fucking acknowledging this zero’s fucking existence, disappearance, and fucking death.

  12. Hang on…

    was there really a previous Superficial writer? When did they change? And how the hell does anyone know?

  13. ashes

    So the Boner jokes were fine until it was known that he was dead and had in fact killed himself? That’s where it crosses the line? We can make fun of whoever we want as long as they are alive or what?

  14. Lao Che

    Fish, though you say some nasty things (usually at those who deserve it and crave the attention), I’ve always believed you to be a little bit above the rest (TMZ, Perez Hilton) and having something of a conscience, realizing that it is ridiculous publishing stories and photos of camel toes and stupid drunken assholes for a living. You seem to be smart, educated, and realize that all these people you report on are awful and have it coming- hence the name of your website. But not this dood. He suffered from depression and unfortunately became another statistic of this battle. And the thing is, I think, you know better. You’ve proven it before. Don’t be another asshole.

  15. cindy

    I agree with huckyducky…
    I hope you realize that an apology or retraction is in order. it was someones very unhappy kid.

  16. Bosco

    Pretty bad when Randal has a better take on the story than the Superficial writer…….

  17. so is this like……..all one really pissed off person commenting under different names or what?

  18. Charlie Caligula

    I think so. Probably a relative.

  19. subB

    I really don’t think your attempt at a humour was respectful and irresponsible. It certainly wasn’t successful.

    Andrew Koenig was someone’s child — he deserves more than to be a punchline on this fifth-rate gossip site. His parents, by the way, have been so strong and dignified — I am touched by this whole situation.

  20. me again

    I dunno.. somehow I don’t think this is funny. At all. Not a huge fan, but the guy was a lost soul… Mental illness is a beast… SOrry for his loved ones… I hope he finds peace on the other side….

  21. whateva

    This is so so sad – it is definitely way too soon for the Superficial to unleash jokes- what happened to the sincere RIP posts from him…..anyway, my sincerest condolences to all of Andrew’s family and friends; he will be missed.

  22. Menotyou

    How sad that the word ”boner” makes you lose all compassion. How immature. I have to agree with number three. Funny is better when appropriate. At least he’s not around to read your utter lack of disrespect for a soul in pain. I hope his parents never read your post Superficial. I usually love your humour, I have now lost all respect for you.

    I would have expected such a comment from a 5 year-old. And if anyone encourages you to be so ”funny”, hey there’s one born every minute!

  23. Apathetic

    I hope every single one of you over-sensitive wining bitches stick to your word and never come to this site again.

  24. uh

    you’re a dick for trying to make a joke out of this…

  25. yin

    I’ve read this site for years never saying a thing, and have never seen something this disrespectful.
    Its not enough to drive me away, but I am saddened by this blatant lack of respect for the recently deceased.

    Not even so much as a “rip.”

    [For shame. RIP AK]

  26. Vinnie the Chin

    RIP Andrew. I hope you found the peace you were searching for.

  27. The Eye

    People who are so callous about these things that they have to actually defend them obviously have never had to deal with anything tragic in their sheltered lives. Because it’s so hard for them to have an ounce of sympathy or empathy for anyone. Either that or they’re that desensitized or sociopathic.

    Do we know Boner or his family? No. But we can imagine that if put in their place, how they must be feeling, and how insensitive it is to joke about it… and that’s what makes us human. Sorry if that isn’t cool to the likes of you that go out of your way to force your disbeliefs on us.

    It’s like..


    Yeah okay.. thanks.

  28. Stu Gavin

    Can the moralizing bullcrap, NONE of you were thinking about this actor before he went missing. Growing Pains isn’t even that popular in re-runs so get over yourselves.

  29. havoc

    Waiting for Kirk Cameron to start preachin’ in 3,2,1…….


  30. The Eye

    For everyone wondering why the “Superficial Writer” is being such a dick about it.. it’s obviously some sort of marketing strategy or some bullshit because he’s been consistently more of a dick than usual.

    He also forces his political beliefs on us all the time too.

    I guess he’s Seth MacFarlane all of a sudden.

    I am pretty much up to the point where I don’t need to read this trash. I’ll get my nip slips from

  31. Was a fan

    I was a big fan of your website until this article. I hope you take it down or i might be taking down your site from my favorites. Have a heart for family and friends who lost a good man.

  32. The Eye

    #78 – Don’t tell me what to fucking do. you can be as apathetic as you want, I’ll fucking criticize the “I’m waaay too hard edge and cool to care” douchebags like you all I want.

    If you love or care about anything in the world.. imagine losing it.. and then imagine some idiot running a popular website making fun of it.. and if that doesn’t bug you.. then more power to you.. but if I lost the person I cared about most, and some dick like you joked about it, I’d track you down and torture you for about 12 hours before ending our pathetic life.

    So suck on that, Sally.

  33. What's going on?

    This was pretty harsh. I usually enjoy the sarcasm, the wit, the humor… But this was tasteless. In the hundreds of posts I’ve dropped my jaw or laughed at, this is the first I’ve actually disapproved of. Not your best work, Superficial.

  34. Nick

    Gonna miss Stabone.. RIP Boner.. So very sad. Loved Growing Pains.. No one should make jokes about this guy.. It’s horrible he was that depressed to take his own life.

  35. I’m all for sarcasm, but a talented man has taken his own life and his Dad is bravely mourning in public selflessly hoping to help others. I fail to see anything even remotely funny about this.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. This is a snarky, sarcastic website, but holy shxt! Have at least a kernel of a compassion!

  36. ManBearPig

    Joke 1: He’s dead Jim!

    Joke 2: Was he found wearing a red shirt?

    85 comments and no Trek fans?

  37. Mallory

    I think everyone can agree that Fish sucks now. Fail.

  38. The CreaseMaster

    The Superficial writer is an insensitive douche who deserves a slow, lingering and excruciatingly painful death. (I’m thinking ass cancer, but am open to suggestions.) Where’s the fucking humor in a man committing the ultimate act of despair? How about layering in a smidge of compassion into the glib prose? It might hoist you out of the moral sewer where you currently reside.

  39. Withnail

    Not cool, dude. You’re usually sensitive about deaths.

  40. Bon Bon


  41. ginger

    awe man… i used to love this site. i used to think your humor was incredibly funny and witty.. but this is in poor taste. mental illness is terrible thing to deal with on either end… and should never be made fun of like this on your site. wow. awe fish – bummed that you don’t have a soul. you usually show a little more respect for the passing…

  42. Blech

    What a shame. Good-looking guy, too.


  43. Every post bashing the writer is saying exactly the same thing …and it’s just too obvious an overreaction.

    There’s no way these comments are being made by regular Superficial readers – someone’s pretty pissed and is trying to get a bandwagon rolling by spamming the comments. I’m sure the writer is gonna check the site stats this week and see regular traffic coming in as usual.

  44. Every post bashing the writer is saying exactly the same thing …and it’s just too obvious an overreaction.

    There’s no way these comments are being made by regular Superficial readers – someone’s pretty pissed and is trying to get a bandwagon rolling by spamming the comments. I’m sure the writer is gonna check the site stats this week and see regular traffic coming in as usual.

  45. Every post bashing the writer is saying exactly the same thing …and it’s just too obvious an overreaction.

    There’s no way these comments are being made by regular Superficial readers – someone’s pretty pissed and is trying to get a bandwagon rolling by spamming the comments. I’m sure the writer is gonna check the site stats this week and see regular traffic coming in as usual.

  46. OOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOO

    People say horrible, horrible things in the comments here every day, and you expect me to believe that one blog post on this site is going to make the regular readers turn away???

    Whoever claims they’ll no longer be visiting this site is FULL OF SHIT and knows it.

  47. ICB^^

    btw RIP, man.

    And I hope the family finds peace.

  48. bR1anious

    You fuckers say what you want about me. This crossed the line.
    I won’t be back.

  49. K

    Decent human beings do not make jokes about someone’s suicide. That’s going way too far. Fuck you and all your judgmental bullshit. You owe his famiiy an apology.
    Suicide is never funny. It will be a long time before I log on to this shit site again. Shame on you. You are a heartless fucking pig.

    And may you finally RIP, Andrew.

  50. 98 … yes you will come back. You already have … and I’m sure you’re not the only one.

    Anyway, you can hide that fact from us but not yourself – I just don’t see why being a hypocrit brings anyone back to life or makes a stand against suicide.

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