Boner’s body found. [Insert lost erection joke here.]

February 25th, 2010 // 174 Comments

Andrew Koenig body has reportedly been found in Stanley Park Vancouver, according to TMZ. His parents are expected to attend a press conference at 5 PM PST.

In light of all this, I hope you’ve learned a lesson about naming your sitcom characters after engorged penises which haunt them for the rest of their lives, Hollywood. For shame. For shame….

NOTE: Included the 2003 fan-film Batman: Dead End featuring Boner as the Joker.


  1. eric

    during the olympics none the less

  2. Empathetic human being

    You’re a completely insensitive jack ass, nothing about this situation is funny. perhaps you could have at least waited maybe even 1 day before making light of a tragedy.

  3. Fati87

    Who is this? Who did that to him?

  4. Tom

    You’re at your best when you keep your snark to those who deserve it. I agree with #3, this is not the time to start up with jackfoolery.

  5. kimberly

    I’m in total agreement with #3. Too soon, dude. Too soon.

  6. dave

    empathetic human being is a gigantic faggot. welcome to the internet, cunt.

  7. bribios

    I’m morally outraged! Consider yourself to have lost a subscriber to your site, even though I don’t pay any money to go here and will be back within the week anyway.

  8. Spike

    RIP Andrew. No snark here.

  9. The jokes on Him

    Does everyone that plays the Joker end up dying?

  10. Dan

    Is this Superfish’s fastest ever link from a death to a dick joke?

  11. bribios

    Nicholson is still around. But yes, everyone who plays the Joker ends up dying.

  12. bribios

    Oh and Mark Hamill. Plus Cesar Romero lived to be an old man.

  13. dave

    while empathetic human being is sulking over some douche he didn’t know dying. i’ll be setting up my giant inflatable slide modeled after the sinking titanic.

  14. John

    you are an awful human being, do you think that anyone enjoys reading the garbage you put out? you discuss celebrity’s minute and insignificant daily tasks and make fun of them, but in the wake of a man’s death you still seem to crack jokes. If your sibling or parent died and some low rate internet blogger decided to rip him/her apart immediately after their death how would you feel? grow the hell up.

  15. I really don’t want this to be true and am in denial. He’s a good friend of good friends of mine. A senseless loss. Sometimes humor is the only way to deal.

  16. wags

    Lame joke to lead the way. RIP.

  17. john_sucks

    @john #15 – you’re a fucking retard, you bash this site, but yet you ARE here, reading it. Get the fuck out if you don’t like it, and go back to humping your 12 year old girlfriend. Now STFU.

  18. wags

    Lame joke to lead the way. RIP.

  19. Rutty


    hump your 12 year old girlfriend! ha ha ha… good burn… good burn..

    cuz I mean yeah he’s bashing the site…so… it must mean he has a 12.. year… old… ha… ha… hrm…… no I don’t get it.

    bad burn. I believe sir, you are the retard.

    and wait a minute… why are you so protective of the site? Is the superficial your mom or something? It can stand up for itself if it wants.

  20. the dude

    I doubt being called Boner is why he killed himself. If I were in any way affiliated with that fan film, I’d have gone out the same way.

  21. Ben

    Nice post, Jackass. In the past when someone died, you used to at least pretend to have a soul.

  22. BOBBO

    Goodbye Boner.

    May rigor mortis keep your namesake while you began your adventure into the wonderful world of insect digestion.

  23. BOBBO

    Soul? What is this…SOUL…you speak of?

  24. bribios

    Internet arguments are very effective.

  25. rutty_is_a moron

    Rutty…the same applies to you. You think I give a shit about some internet site, or what you think? LoL….STFU.

  26. Ashes

    People come to this website specifically for the sarcasm. If you don’t wish to read it, stay away, read CNN.

  27. Alex

    Cool.Awesome. I have this site bookmarked, I enjoy visiting the site every so often. Congrats dude on this lame attempt at being funny. This guys isn’t a celeb and was obviously troubled. I’m definitely not going to this website anymore.

    Your the joke superficial. Peace.
    RIP Andrew

  28. Rutty

    you obviously care about the site, or why stick up for it?

    your logic is flawed… “LOL”

    I personally don’t care if you stick up for it or attack anyone on it… I do care about terrible burns/humor… and you sir, had a terrible one….

  29. Name (required):

    Did he dies?

  30. Alex

    @ #27 That’s obvious buddy. We just didn’t expect someone who committed suicide to be made fun of, but feel free to laugh bro.

  31. black

    That fan vid of batman was pretty cool…until the alien guys arrived, but they seemed to have nailed the batman persona pretty well. Loved when he arose out of that puddle and his cape just floated toward him like in the comics.

    Whoot, I’m a nerd! Rest in peace bro, your joker was cool too.

  32. Hello

    Have some decency. Even if his character’s name makes for an easy (and unintelligent) joke, this is someone’s life. Have respect. This site has gone downhill fast.

  33. RAWR

    I hope those of you who are leaving the site are the ones who always post “FIRST!”.
    Adios fuckers.
    BTW, did Boner have a Boner when they found him?

  34. CB

    Love the site, but this was really tasteless.

    Save the snark for the Kardashians and the like.

  35. Alicia

    Was it a suicide? I just assumed someone mistook him for a Native women from behind and then just killed him. That’s how they roll in Vancouver.

  36. Apathetic

    What a bunch of pussies. You didn’t know the guy so don’t pretend you care. For the love of a nonexistent god, just shut the fuck up.

  37. Mr. Sensitive

    Yeah, real funny joke. Quality website. I’m sorry I’ve been coming here.

  38. Lea, where are you? Can you bring some sanity here, please? Start calling people fat. That’ll fix ‘em.

  39. eat me

    RIP Andrew Koenig/Boner
    son of Walter Koenig/Chekov of the Enterprise

  40. Randal

    I grew up watching Growing Pains and loved the one-liners you had on the show, as well as the character in general. Rest in peace.


  41. HuckyDucky

    Anybody can be a prick, I should know.

    I’ve been coming here for a couple of years now. The original writer would never have pulled something like this. Since you don’t stack up, you must be related to somebody.

    I’m not coming back either. Bye to all my fellow posters.

    This guy was someone’s child. You should apologize.

  42. dave

    hi rutty, you aren’t the authority on funny. you’re a dull nobody crying on the internet about a z list celebrity who offed himself.

    p.s. nobody likes you

  43. sweekes

    Poor guy. His family tried so hard to find him before it came to this. Having had a family member die by suicide (assuming that’s what happened here), the hurt is unlike any other.

  44. p.p.s.

    huckyducky (gay name), kill yourself.



    the internet

  45. Dread not

    Uh, everyone must die, somehow, someway. It was his time to go, so he’s gone. Apparently Boner was battling depression his whole life. Is it really a shock that he was an actor with psychological and/or emotional problems who died, what seems to most, at too young an age. It’s the Hollywood way for what seems like quite a few celebs.

    With hat said, ain’t enough Viagra or Cialis in the world gonna bring that Boner back. RIP,dude.

  46. Domnul

    I, for one, don’t see where in this post he made fun of the guy who died. He has a point. I think this website is awesome.

  47. ___

    Exactly where does superfish make fun of Andrew Koenig, or in any way make light of his death? I bet if he just added “RIP Andrew, you’ll be missed,” nobody would have said a word.

    What a bunch of idiots.

  48. fun_to_hate!

    Ha ha ha… Good call on the humor Superficial… look how sad Chekov looks at outliving his son! BWA HA HA…

    When you finally succumb to your bitter sadness (crying clown syndrome) and make a brain matter Rorschach all over your poster of Perez Hilton, I can only hope another awesomely funny site can come up with a headline just as witty….

    Fuck peoples opinions about your being tasteless… You don’t need their acceptance, the only thing that matters is praise from readers who don’t care about their fellow man.

    Viva la SUPERFICIAL!

  49. Rasputins Liver


    That’s a real bummer. Condolences to his family and friends.


    Depression is a tough monkey on the back, man.


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