About Trevor Noah’s Offensive Tweets

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate the cosmic irony that the above photo is the very first result of a subscription Getty Images search for ‘Trevor Noah.’ *kisses index finger, points at sky*

Now, onto the righteous indignation at this man’s attempt to subjugate Jews and women by introducing legislation allowing restaurants to refuse them serv– wait, hold up. This guy’s a comedian? And he just tweeted hacky jokes about Jews and women? Okay, I guess we’re doing this again. Via Esquire:

The response has been swift and harsh. Many people have called Noah anti-Semitic and sexist, and some even tweeted at Comedy Central asking the network to fire him. Others online quickly rushed to defend Noah, pointing out that comedians often use Twitter to test out jokes before they’re ready for primetime.

There are several tweets embedded in that piece, including this one:

I think most of it’s about soccer, which as an American I rightfully take offense to, but the other part is an exploitation of a stereotype (albeit a stale, insensitive one) for comedic effect, otherwise known as “a joke.” Granted, this dude is fair game for scrutiny, having been tapped to host The Daily Show, but I fail to see how unfunny tweets equal a call to action against anyone’s civil rights. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, I’d say this was a conservative attempt at attacking this guy before he’s even officially hosted, but then I think about how clearly passionate about women’s rights they are, so that can’t be it. Maybe they have a point. Maybe this guy really is a racist misogynist. Just wanna take one last look at his feed, see if I can’t figure out if I missed something. And wow, that didn’t take long at all:

Ha, that was close! Was it you, Doocy? You almost had me you goofy sonofabitch! Seriously, the part about you guys giving a shit about women tipped your hand. Left you wide open. (No #slutshame)

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