Abigail Ratchford’s Giant Breasts Washing A Car Are America

It’s no secret that I hate America and actively work towards its destruction by supporting liberal politicians thanks to the vigorous brainwashing I received in college. – *dips aborted baby in cocktail sauce* Damn, that’s good fetus. *gives a minority and/or woman your job* Haha! – but that was before I watched Abigail Ratchford’s huge awesome breasts wash a car in a star-spangled bikini and saw the error of my ways. This country is tops. Fucking tops. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of homosexuals marry Christian cakes without owning guns to shoot black people with. Am I doing this right? I don’t care, the boobs washed the car. They washed the whole thing!

Photos: LiveRich Media