Abigail Ratchford Will Comfort You Now

Alright, folks, it’s a Friday when a major summer blockbuster releases, so we already mentally checked out yesterday. But to keep you company, here’s Abigail Ratchford – who can’t possibly be from Pennsylvania, there’s no fucking way – along with a new Honest Trailer, Clueless Gamer, and this week’s edition of The Most Important People on The Internet which is either already hovering above this post or about to be once I stop seeing visions of naked, blue Jennifer Lawrence and burritos. Be good, and no fighting with your sister.

X-Men Trilogy: Honest Trailer


Clueless Gamer: Watch Dogs

(I thought for sure this game would make buy a PS4 next week, but this shit looks like Grand Theft Smartphone. A game I never finished, by the way, because- wait, what’s that shiny thing?! WHEE!)

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Photos: PRPH/AKM-GSI, Splash News