Abercrombie & Fitch Stock Plummets After The Situation Publicity Stunt

August 18th, 2011 // 55 Comments

And these photos should finish it off.

Yesterday, word got out that Abercrombie & Fitch had issued a press release Tuesday night offering to pay The Situation if he stopped wearing A&F clothes. It tarnishes “the aspirational nature of our brand,” they said because aspiration apparently means knocking back Red Bulls and ordering some “za” for an Entourage marathon now. It was a cute little publicity stunt that backfired once everyone started remembering A&F catalogs are basically Aryan child porn and with a target demo comprised entirely of douchecocks, The Situation should be their goddamn Jesus. And Wall St. agreed. TMZ reports:

… A day after Abercrombie & Fitch offered him and the other “Jersey Shore” cast members cash NOT to wear its clothes … the company’s stock plummeted 9%.
Abercrombie’s stock hit the new low today — the first trading session since the company offered Sitch and the cast substantial $$$ to stop wearing A&F-branded products.

Of course the stock fell. When your target demographic is absolute shitheads, alienating the most prominent one on the planet is like McDonald’s issuing a press release saying they hate fat people. Which, honestly, I wish they would because you want to know where the most dangerous stretch of a road always is? Right in front of a McDonald’s. I’m dead serious, people will fucking kill you to make that turn. Later today, at least half of you will be driving only to see someone’s eyes glaze over as they hang the craziest left you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s like the government went to scrap all its mind control experiments and went, “Hey, want this for your burgers? We were just gonna toss it out back by the dumpster.”

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  1. Um, every stock dropped about 9% today.

  2. Richard McBeef


  3. Vivian

    HA! Now they’re gonna wish they never opened their big mouth, serves them right for thinking people are stupid enough to fall for their sh…t

  4. Stefanie.

    I can’t decide what’s funnier: Abercrombie’s dropping stocks or the fact that they’re paying The Situ-disaster to stop wearing their clothes.

  5. Noe

    Here is an example of a company who is clearly out of touch with it’s market audience.

    • Star Droppings

      Agreed. If self-tanners, bumpits and lube can keep their mouths shut, A&F should follow suit.

      • JC

        If A&F started stocking self-tanners, bumpits, and lube, they would start outperforming the market by 10%, at least.

    • Rob

      clearly here is a person that is out of touch with world beyond clothes, celebrities and whos 16 and pregnant. Isnt there a new season of the real world starting? what are they on, season 40?

  6. Facebook Me

    Here he is trying out for his part as “Man Standing on Corner,” I hear it pays in A&E apparel.

  7. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    WTH is snookie wearing? Leopard print shades? How can she see where she’s going?!? LOL

  8. Alex

    Whoa boy this is some attention grabbing garbage. There is not a chance in hell that the 9% drop had anything to do with the press release, anymore than what color tie the CEO wore today.

    All stocks have plummeted and the dow is down 5%, and I doubt it is because The Situation is as powerful as you guys think.

  9. forrest gump

    so don’t believe anything american do or tell you…………….

  10. mel

    fuck the situation and abercrombie and fitch! my dad used to say the only way he’d wear a nike swoosh, or a guy riding a horse on his shirt would be if they paid him. i agree and now go out of my way to not wear brand names and give them free advertising!

  11. Board Certified Prevert

    My morbidly obese neighbor told me he was boycotting AF after the Situation dis

  12. briguy

    Superficial – I know this site does not adhere to the most journalistically stringent standards, but I am sick of the publicity TMZ is getting for their article. ANF stock dropped 9% yesterday because they announced poor earnings before the market opened. It had 0% to do with the Situation – Wall St doesnt give a shit about him. It had 9% to do with a disappointing earnings release. Please stop promoting TMZ’s irresponsible news.

    • Star Droppings

      I, too, come to this site for the responsible journalism and accurate stock market analysis. I’m SO glad I’m not alone!

    • Lora

      The ANF stockholders are not the same as their demographic product purchasers. The stock downturn has nothing to do with the Situation.

    • Ken

      A&F reported good 2Q earnings, but offered a tepid outlook, including rising input/raw material costs, hence the sell off in the stock – nothing to do with “the situation” – in fact some analysts applauded the move, as to protect the brand.

  13. And the Dow just dropped 400 points because Snooki used the wrong tampon. These Jersey Shore imbeciles are powerful!

  14. zomgbie

    dude maybe abercrombie + fitch can start paying u to wear ed hardy next.

  15. dali

    Abercrombie and Fitch are rubbish…and have always been rubbish. They really need to get over themselves and stop thinking that the Situation is anything other than their normal sort of customer.

  16. seagalisgod

    The Sitch needs a nose plus complementary ego reduction.

  17. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    What an ugly, ugly man..

  18. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    Abercrombie & Fitch says Jersey Shore Members are tarnishing its brand, But A&F sells … “The Fitchuation” t-shirts. Hypocrisy at the highest level … so they deserve to get their share price hammered.

  19. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    The A&F “FITCHUATION” shirt WAS on the A&F website, but now it can only be seen here: http://www.businessinsider.com/abercrombie-and-fitch-jersey-shore-mike-situation-fitchuation-2011-8

  20. SammieB

    Their stock dropped on the same day their quarterly earnings report came out. Anyone know how to read a newspaper?

  21. eggie

    Ohhhh just like when MADtv spoofed Abercrombie


  22. I’ve felt the wrath of fat people at Mcdonalds. Not a fun thing.

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Those stocks are more volitile than me on PMS, if such thing is possible.
    I feel so sad and pray for all people who lost their jobs, and home and are in debt. I am confident you’ll get out of this.

  24. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I love Italy, just not modern Italians!
    And I love cheeseburgers, I love soft bun, I like taste of honey mustard, meat, Every time fish types something anti McDonalds I feel hungry

    • me

      their new sweet chili sauce rules!!! It’s like General Tso chicken for po’ folk. GTL $4.99 20 piece nuggets!

  25. ML

    I will pay the entire cast of Jersey Shore to go away and never come back!

  26. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    If I climbed into his head, would all I hear is elevator music?

  27. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    I would sue Abercrombie if I was him. That’s pretty embarrassing.

  28. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
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  29. abercrombie coupons

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  30. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
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    “dont offer me a cigarette” AND HE HAS ONE IN HIS HAND!!

  31. Situation Abercrombie Fitch Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    triple douche cause u can see that dumb fuck vinny

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