ABC Wants to Put Chris Brown and Rihanna in the Same Room

March 25th, 2011 // 56 Comments

Despite breaking a window in their studio and squaring off with a producer in a shirtless rage, ABC wants nothing more than to stay in the Chris Brown business. Which explains why Robin Roberts still wishes him the best and told Gayle King that GMA had every intention of keeping the window incident “internal” and not reporting it. Because why would anyone need to know a violent woman-beater is still running around on a hair-trigger? Seems gratuitous. So, of course, their latest idea is to try and get Chris and Rihanna in the same room and film the ensuing aftermath for a prime-time special. E! News reports:

Indeed, sources at ABC have confirmed to me that producers want to “milk this event for everything its worth,” high moral news standards (and, one assumes, laws, especially those involving convicted felons and their subsequent behavior) be damned. And not only was Brown’s upcoming Dancing With the Stars appearance next week not canceled, as we predicted, guess what other media deal ABC wants to build with bad-boy Brown?
A reality show, perhaps?
“No, that would never happen here,” said a top-level ABC insider, who knows the current situation regarding Brown very well. “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.”

“A reality show? Oh, heavens, no. That would be unconscionable. What we’re looking to do is take the more ethical, moral approach of getting Rihanna a room and then wheeling Chris Brown out like he’s Hannibal Lecter. I’m talking the face mask and everything. After that, Robin Roberts will go over some ground rules, check his gloves for shards of glasses, etc. and then step into a bulletproof chamber. We just want to be a part of the healing process, you know? That’s the type of responsible journalism we believe in. Ha! A reality show. That’s rich.”

NOTE: If you haven’t seen it yet, Videogum posted a well-written “Fuck You” to Good Morning America earlier in the week which can basically be applied to the whole network at this point.

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  1. MarkM

    They could call it “The OJ and Nicole Back to the Future Show!” I’d watch it!

  2. plunk

    Lisa Bonet is looking better than ever

  3. zeke

    I wanna put me and Rihanna in the same room.

    If you know what I mean.

  4. after looking at Chris Brown at all these features. Rhianna is starting to look good.

  5. testington

    his record label has to be owned by Disney Corp (who also owns ABC) right? Otherwise this makes no damn sense

    • good guess but he’s on jive turkey which is owned by sony/cbs

    • Jennyjenjen

      I looked it up, he’s signed to Jive owned by Sony. So, nope, just good old fashioned greed motivating this.

    • Hellisforsissies

      Nah, they (Disney-owned ABC) just wants to make sure he gets cut the same slack those “Disney kids” get! You know the slack that Russell Simmons claims he deserves. Disney and ABC are very democratically oriented when it comes to slack.

  6. eric

    It’s the black Reese Witherspoon!

  7. Ed

    ABC execs are drooling over the ratings they’ll get if he beats her again, this time on TV. What scum.

  8. dpbefun

    Rhianna: bleeding, bleeeding, more bleeding

    Chris: Well, she was stealing my record ontract numbers from my phone…

    ABC Exec: Wooohoooo, making money bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  9. Natachelle

    I think its okay ey shld sort their issues out

    • omelette

      Rihanna has no issues, she’s a superstar and couldn’t care less about her ex.

    • ham

      Dr. Drew is right. Women with self-esteem tend to leave once they’re not treated with respect. I doubt Chris Brown was the perfect gentleman before all this went down. Abusers have red flags, warning signs that chase them away. This isn’t “blaming the victim”.

  10. omelette

    it was just a “mishap”! ;)

    bravo VIDEOGUM

  11. hmna

    After that headline, I figured they would be on the next cycle of “Dancing With the Stars.”

  12. Dan

    Rihanna – don’t do it!!! please don’t.

  13. That videogum clip is gospel. VERY well put. Bravo.

  14. molly

    nooobody knoooows the troubles i seeeen…. noooo noooo noobody

  15. When did Reese Witherspoon turn black?

  16. Dan

    Put them in the same room with the floor covered in lots of jelly and Rihanna can rush and Chris Brown while he … oh God… bad thoughts, bad thoughts. I need to bleach my brain now.

  17. shut-up-everyone

    Shy Ronnie is gonna be pissed!!!!!!

  18. Banquo

    If she does it she deserves to get beat for adding to his fame.

  19. Arzach

    Unlikely, she doesn’t need that , he desperately does.

  20. Fish loves Chris

    Of course she’ll do it. She’s an attention whore just like every other famous person. However she’ll probably play it off like she’s this gracious little victim forgiving her abuser. Look at her crazy hair and ridiculous clothes..she’s screaming “i’m so different look at me!” I just don’t understand this fuss when this same woman agreed to do a song where her boyfriend SETS HER ON FIRE and she “Likes the way it hurts” (it’s some song with Detroit trash Eminem). Yeah so anyway….get off the sympathy train the steam is gone. Played out. Old. Tired. Worn out. Are you getting the message. Donate to a womens shelter if you’re so passionate about abusers. Do you? I bet you don’t.

  21. Pete

    Yeah, but substitute Johnny Knoxville, in a wig and bronzeface, for Rihanna and you’ve got first class family entertainment.

  22. Damn that video was on point.
    ABC should really fuck off though, good grief.

  23. And some wonder why domestic violence is not taken seriously.

    If they didn’t make Hollywood money from the idiot masses, Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen would both be some bubba’s bitches in the joint.

  24. Just watched the video, oh man, so right the fuck on!

  25. the one


  26. daisy

    “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.” ummm bullshit. they have been together since the incident. riding on jetskis i think

  27. Qaroliine

    Wow, the video sure nailed it. When he mentioned Ali and company… yeah, puts things into perspective. Chrissie is a male bitch.

  28. This whole thing will only end well. I mean really, what could go wrong with putting “punchy” back in the same room with Rhianna to talk about “the past”?

  29. Bestof

    See some of the hottes rihanna pics ever at

  30. Marceelf

    It’s a black thing, says Robin Roberts as she climbs into Chris’s Porsche, carefully leaving her cellphone with Al Roker.

  31. Isis

    Dude on the vid needs a standing O

  32. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:


  33. Chris Brown
    Slappy McTaco
    Commented on this photo:

    Reese Witherspoon needs to lay off the spray tan

  34. caleb

    im not gay but i’m sorry, i’d soooo stick my penis in Chris Brown’s rectum.

  35. David

    I no da night stalker Richard Ramirez killed some peoples but it iz in da past, u guyz need to let him live hiz lyfe. He iz tryin to move on butt U peoples be all bring up da past.

  36. es'telle

    I no wat Hitler did in da past waz wrong butt it still be da past, Hizzy be tryin to move on butt people be talkin bout holocaust this and holocaust dat.. he just be tryin’ to promote hiz new album but people be trippin on ovens n shit. Real Talk.

  37. Danklin

    She must be applying anti-douchebag spray

  38. Carol

    My God if I´d be her I´d fire her stylist!! She has a gorgeous face but her hair and clothes are a disaster!!

  39. GORGON

    And I thought ABC had more class than the Jerry Springer show!

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