Aaron Carter busted for pot, lame facial hair

Officers arrested Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boy’s Nick Carter’s little brother and Lindsay Lohan’s ex, last night in Texas for speeding and possession of marijuana. The former annoying child music star was forced to spend the night in jail and, God willing, was corn-holed. Star reports:

“After he was stopped, his car was searched and some marijuana – less than two ounces – was found in the vehicle,” Kimble County Sheriff Michael Chapman told Star. “Mr. Carter was placed under arrest and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding. His car was impounded.”

I had no idea Aaron Carter was still alive. What is he even doing with himself? He can’t legitimately pass himself off anymore as the funky fresh 13-year-old who just wants to hold your hand. But, judging by his appearance, Aaron seems to have found his true calling in life: being that stoner guy who wants to get you high and hopefully touch a boob – or get a pizza. Whatever. Either way, he’s telling his friends at the drum circle you did it in a kayak.

Photos: Getty Images