Aaron Carter busted for pot, lame facial hair

February 22nd, 2008 // 70 Comments

Officers arrested Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boy’s Nick Carter’s little brother and Lindsay Lohan’s ex, last night in Texas for speeding and possession of marijuana. The former annoying child music star was forced to spend the night in jail and, God willing, was corn-holed. Star reports:

“After he was stopped, his car was searched and some marijuana – less than two ounces – was found in the vehicle,” Kimble County Sheriff Michael Chapman told Star. “Mr. Carter was placed under arrest and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding. His car was impounded.”

I had no idea Aaron Carter was still alive. What is he even doing with himself? He can’t legitimately pass himself off anymore as the funky fresh 13-year-old who just wants to hold your hand. But, judging by his appearance, Aaron seems to have found his true calling in life: being that stoner guy who wants to get you high and hopefully touch a boob – or get a pizza. Whatever. Either way, he’s telling his friends at the drum circle you did it in a kayak.

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  1. cc



  2. moka

    moka rules

  3. The Office Whore

    very manly highlights!! Good choice stud muffin..

  4. spiritkittykat

    He looks like a retarded Scott Baio that fell on a bucket of highlights and bleach! I concur…GAY!

  5. NastyBedazzler

    Why did they search his car for speeding? Sounds like bullshit to me.

  6. Me!

    He looks like he’s 40! I bet he’s doing meth. Have you seen those mug shots where the look young and then they get busted for meth a year later and they look like hell? That’s what he looks like.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    Some marijuana, less than two ounces? Fuck that shit, sounds like a lot to me. Aaron hook me up brah!

  8. scorp69

    He was searched because he was pulled over in JUNCTION, TEXAS. There is absolutely NOTHING going on in Junction. They simply had nothing better to do. I’ve known a couple of people who have gotten pulled over for speeding going through there. I had to drive there myself to pick up one of them!

  9. scorp69

    He was searched because he was pulled over in JUNCTION, TEXAS. There is absolutely NOTHING going on in Junction. They simply had nothing better to do. I’ve known a couple of people who have gotten pulled over for speeding going through there. I had to drive there myself to pick up one of them!

  10. The Office Whore

    Pot? I’m actually impressed. This is the type of guy you would think would get busted for sticking his wanker in a hole in a public bathroom..

  11. MedGirl

    Jewish first name, arab features, and the hair … er… I don’t know…

  12. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    i bet Aaron would like some candy…

  13. jenkins

    LOL, I can’t believe no one has made a Charles in Charge joke….he looks like Scott Baio. LMAO…..or, um, wait….shit, I guess maybe I am lame for even mentioning Scott Baio.

  14. FL Cracker

    Drop his punk ass off in the cane fields of Belle Glade with a machete and no clothes. That’s what they did to us back in the day. Plus they kept our weed. Cops were pricks back then.

  15. Kingsley Amis

    He’s not just any kind of douche; he’s a boring douche.

    By the way, bad news #13: #4 already compared this douche to Chachi.

  16. #5 maybe he just got done hotboxing..

  17. Joe C

    He is starting to look like Anthony Kedis and Iggy Pop had a spawn and dipped it fag juice.

  18. Tapeworm

    Holy shit what a queer. The turned up collar screams “I’m a fucking toolbox”. The tats say “I’m a douche, what are you?” And that fucking moptop/bowlcut is straight outta Fagland.

    Don’t even get me started on how the fucking lame facial hair makes his fucking face look like a homeless woman’s groin…..

  19. HuckyDucky


  20. Ruby

    Aaaaaaaah!!! Don’t look into his eyes, DO NOT LOOK INTO HIS EYES!! *runs away screaming*

  21. Racer X


  22. H.A.L.9000

    Jinkies. He needs a Scooby Snack.

  23. roastbeef

    Look how dialted his pupils are!

  24. Heroiny

    This story has “Deliverance” written all over it.

  25. #10 I’ve done that before. You never know whos sucking from the other side. But does it really matter?

  26. Ript1&0

    It’s a sad day in this country when a person gets busted for pot, when clearly this is not the problem.

    Yes, arrest for the facial hair, the head hair, and that fucking blinding shirt instead. One can see that pot is not to blame here, the shirt itself indicates that there is a much larger problem.

    No self repecting pothead would buy a shirt they themselves can’t even stomach looking at. (Tie-dye not included).

  27. I think we used to beat up douchebags like him in High School.

    I’m not sure, but I think…

  28. Tickle


  29. Tickle


    Why was he in Junction, Texas?????

  30. 23apples

    Ugly, white trash, crooked nosed boy who dated everyone’s favorite skeleton horse-face Hilary Duff. Wow, what a special child those two could have together.

  31. Gerald_Tarrant

    I call shenanigans. Even bored cops in Junction Texas won’t do all that for less than 2 ounces. I’m willing to bet he played the “don’t you know who I am” card. Exhibiting an amazing amount of douchebaginess will usually get your ass thrown in jail.

  32. 23apples

    Wait, so did anyone check out the sweet bling he’s got on in picture #3? I totally need one right now.

  33. RENEE...

    Thats a rough face for a 21 year old….is he related to Lindsay Lohan or something? Anyways, he’s got the face of someone who started smoking the wacky tabacky real early on in life…and never stopped. I’d say he was a daily stoner by the ripe old age of 9. He’s just lucky he didn’t get caught w/ more weed when he got pulled over. And his face reminds me of someone else who’s famous, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…maybe some famous singer or something??? hmmmm

  34. Handcock

    who cares? just alittle herb

  35. wow he looks like a major druggie in these pics ….he looks older than Nick

  36. sharpeidude

    Oh yeah, you can bet the rent money this little bitch in the photo was buttfucked hard courtesy of Tyrone and Hector! I’m mean….just look at the little “fresh fish” motherfucker. Shit….you can bet his fellow inmates hit that ass like it belonged to a Supermodel!

  37. grif

    looks like vanilla ice

  38. Dick Richards

    ‘. . . And god willing, cornholed.’ That’s priceless! Ha-Ha!

    It’s amazing to think that Aaron Carter has fucked countless underage girls. What-a shameful story to tell your children: ‘Yeah, when mommy was sixteen she slept with Aaron Carter.’

    I heard that Frist fucked this kid.

  39. Nanotyrnns

    He’s soooooooo going to be the next celeb to show up on those Proactiv pimple infomercials.

  40. Veroonica

    It’s pretty fucking pitiful when you say someone hasn’t “aged well” and they are barely 21. I don’t even want to think about what this fag is going to look like at forty. Crypt keeper!

  41. The Beer Baron

    Nice acne, douche. Oh, Lloyd Christmas called, he wants his hair back.

  42. chloebelly

    Those pupils…..I can’t stop staring at them….

  43. crazy otto

    ….everyone knows AC gots some kind buds

  44. MiJo

    Did a blind man with hedge clippers cut his hair?

  45. Dorito Man

    What does this little poof do for a living?

  46. anbmeeh

    he is very cool. I have seen his photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” Searching Millionaire dot com”.. Manywo men winked at him there.

  47. Onyx Blackman

    It’s called Proactiv, holmes. Look it up on the Google.

  48. Ms. Morals

    I wonder what alot of you people posting here look like? You need to stop with your insults! He is just a young person in the world trying to find his way. He is going to make quite a few misatakes before he turns fifty. Why don’t most of you take a long look at yourselves and STOP judging others, ESPECIALLY young people they need our help not critcism.

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