Aaron Carter Got His Ass Kicked For Maybe Being A Racist

When we last left Aaron Carter, he revealed that he’s a super-intelligent being with, like, a lot of information, you guys, so obviously he voted for Trump. Which is pretty much all the context you need for this post. TMZ reports:

Carter was performing at the Loony Bin in Bradley, Illinois. The opening act, ILL State, had just wrapped and a member of the band was goofing, grabbing people’s cellphones and shooting video as Aaron tried to perform.
An eyewitness tells TMZ Aaron had security remove the guy, and as he was getting dragged out you hear Aaron say, “Bye Felipe,” a take on “Bye Felicia.” We’re told the guy, who was Hispanic, was taken out of the bar but came back in and allegedly attacked Aaron, damaging his computer and a speaker in the process.
A fight erupted, a bloody Aaron went to the hospital, and cops are investigating.

Despite being a super genius, Aaron Carter won’t let this story die and instead has been going on a weekend-long offensive to prove that he totally loves Mexicans. He even used to have sex with one!

Aaron flaunted his Mexican credentials, saying he has a “100% Mexican manager and she is basically my adopted mom. And my ex girlfriend Myra 3rd generation Mexican.”
His rant continued, “I also learned Spanish so I could speak with her parents who weren’t fluent in English.” He also says his attacker used the n-word on Twitter a couple years ago. As Aaron put it … “And I’m the racist?”

In Aaron Carter’s defense, here’s the “attack video,” and he does spend the majority of it hugging a large black man in the corner. I’m talking if that guy had a pouch, Aaron Carter would’ve crawled in it and slept there until spring. And if that’s racist, then I just wasted a year of my life on a screenplay called “Pouch Homey” that will never see the light of day. Fucking shit.

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