Aaron Carter Needs Rehab? I Don’t See It.

After emerging in October looking exactly like every single meth addict on Intervention, Aaron Carter apparently checked himself into rehab. But not for drugs! This is simply a journey of spiritual healing – at a place that specializes in drug addiction. Purely coincidence. People reports:

Carter, 23, the brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, is taking time away from working on an album and a show in Florida “to heal some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with,” his manager Johnny Wright says in a statement.
“He has chosen to enter a
 facility where he feels he will get the guidance and cleansing he needs,” says Wright. “
Which in turn will help him on the music journey he’s about to take.”

Oh, good. He’s going to try and relaunch his music career because that’s not at all a landmine of failure waiting to explode in Aaron Carter’s face, sending him head first into a pile of delicious, make the world go away drugs. No, this should go great.

Photos: Getty