Aaron Carter Looks Like This Now

October 11th, 2010 // 66 Comments

While Justin Bieber shrewdly launches his own line of nail polish, his predecessor Aaron Carter has been reduced to posting post-workout pictures of himself on Twitter. Because there’s nothing more comforting than seeing a recovering meth addict get himself into prime fighting shape for his next arrest.

I kid! Everyone knows I like ‘em in clown make-up using rape jokes as religious allegories. It’s the natural way.

Photos: Twitter


  1. stevebeagle

    he’s still a pussy,,getting ripped don’t get ya tuff,, candy ass.

  2. jkhjkh

    “Because there’s nothing more comforting than seeing a recovering meth addict get himself into prime fighting shape for his next arrest.” LOL, nice one.

  3. GravyLeg

    Did he land a new role as the Auschwitz Avenger?

    Buff yet oddly sickly looking….

  4. Marley

    Dear God…..I mean, he was never fuckable. But now he’s like doubly-not fuckable.

  5. Michelle

    He just looks creepy

  6. fester

    Just what the world needs, a douche six-pack…

  7. Erica

    abs and no fat = “Prime fighting shape”?

  8. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    my dream used to be punching his face till he’s KO, but then I met Pete Wentz. Annoying little fuckers!

  9. SHUT IT

    my dream used to be punching his face till he’s KO, but then I met Pete Wentz. Annoying little fuckers!

  10. I don’t know who this is.

  11. Missy

    I admit it, I love the abs.

  12. chelsea

    he needs a bigmac.

  13. The truth

    Judging by these pictures, Aaron Carter’s predecessor is Chris Benoit.

  14. AAAA!!! Jesus, what does he do? Bicep curls and situps for 6 hours, and absolutely nothing else?

  15. RoboZombie

    When did Angelina chop all her hair off??

  16. Jim

    $10 sez he’s got a sticky, sticky picture of Sting from Dune on his wall.

  17. let's get rough before we are lovers...

    I see, the machinist finally got a job at Bally’s. Good for him…

  18. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    I needed a good laugh, thanks

  19. devilsrain

    what is he 100 lbs?

    • Juice head

      he’s actually 95lbs w/his pockets filled with rocks…
      this whole family is so gross…and weird as fuck holy shit…

      • gbtw

        totally. every-single-f’ing-one-of-them. creepy. this is the guy that will do something really awful to prove how tough he is. creepy, scary, gross.

  20. Bow Down Assholes

    Meth. Does a body goo….ah, nevermind.

  21. Looks like the love child of Vanilla Ice and John Tesh.

  22. RP1979

    So he switched from cocaine to steroids?

    • timothy

      definitely he’s using both!

    • ERICA

      coke is being nice…pure meth man for sure!!! i havent done meth in 5 years but i used to i know a tweaker when i see it!!!! meth is so fucking gross and lame not any fun at all aaron carter is soooo nasty dude…boutta feed him some lard and butter goddamn thats gross

  23. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
    Rick's Daddy
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    White dude looks like he’s posing in a Prison Yard for his penpal buddy.

  24. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    Am I the only one who hears the cops theme song?

    bad boys bad boys, what’cha gonna do…..

  25. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    I wish I had an offset seven and a half pack.
    Instead of wearing a bini maybe you should put on a shirt.

  26. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    what the hell is wrong with him, he looks disgusting. seriously, he reminds me of an alien in a shitty sci-fi.

  27. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    Just… yuck.

  28. Amy

    This kid looks like he’s gearing up for the villian in another Rocky movie.

  29. gezykah

    He looks like Dolph Lundgren if he was younger…and on steroids…and on meth.

  30. cc

    Aaron Carter, coming soon to a ‘Cops’ episode.

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  33. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Its too much. I dont care for this type of “pump YOU Upppp” body. And the face is ravaged. I remember when he was a cute 12 year old bioy who looked like a cute 12 year old girl (he had a Ellen Degenerous face!) Oh how my noeces and daughter loved him!

  34. timothy

    0% body fat like madonna.
    looks like he’s still smoking crack..

    • Tard

      I was waitning for a madonna comment. He could be a stand in for her. He is so sinuous looking. exposing small muscles by starving himself. He looks disproportionate.

  35. Steelerchick

    He looks like a freak!!! A freakin meth head!!

  36. iLLEST


  37. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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  38. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    This guys worked out a majority of his musical career and life. So he up the anti a bit… no reason to bash him over his past.

  39. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    Good job, Aaron Carter. This is the perfect picture for the new faces of meth ad.

  40. Elena

    Roids! See the vain going down his forehead.. He used to be cute, omg!

  41. kas

    Congrats Aaron. It takes alot of disipline to drop your bodyfat percentage to the teens or single digits without losing muscle. You look good and I applaud you for your transformation. Don’t listen to all the negative posters who think being vascular can only be achieved with drug use. All you people on here with negative comments need to put the fork down, get on a treadmill and read up on bodybuilding and the healthy lifestyle it requires.

  42. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
    Ominous Bob
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    Like a meth addict?

  43. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
    Willy Wonka
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    I’m not gay, but I’d let him go balls deep in my ass…

  44. Aaron Carter Twitter Photos
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    I met him and he came to my house and use my bathroom ,no joke though my sister know him and his twin sister angel

  45. Michael Impett

    Nice to see Aaron Carter getting into shape for his new career as Elron John’s Rent Boy!!!

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