A whole bunch of pics of Kendra doing it.

May 19th, 2010 // 175 Comments

Vivid has released another wave of stills from Kendra Exposed, only this time with nipples and proof that Kendra’s vagina is some sort of airbrushed lamprey. On that note, my favorite shot has to be one where she walks out of Vivid headquarters with a bag of cash and a script on how to pretend this “devastated” her marriage so now she needs to have another baby.

Wait? That’s not in here? Must’ve left it in my other perv trench coat…

Thanks to Johan who, despite his foreign sounding name, is more American than all of you covered in apple pie.

Photos: Vivid.com

  1. JadeK

    She’s raking in the dough on these. It’s reported she will earn 680,000 for the first release! It’s a law, she HAD to sign a release for these to be put out by Vivid. Please public, two porn stars have posted on their twitter pages that they’re sick of these “shocked” celebs over sex tapes. They SIGN releases for them to be made public.

    that said, Kendra looks like a midget.

  2. nice, photos. Where to get the tape?

  3. wowman

    Hey looks like vivid just released the tape, i hope its as hot as she is.

    source: http://www.kendraexposed.info

  4. this hot some way!!

  5. datroof

    If you’re curious about getting it up the pooper, don’t come to lame celebrity sites to ask questions, go out and TRY IT.

    This stupid whore looks a thousand times better with natural boobs than those cereal bowls she’s got shoved under her skin now.

  6. a skank

    Paris Hilton’s was way sexier

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  8. Allgirlsgreat

    Kendra is cool as hell, who cares if she made a tape it’s just sex, and it’s really fun. And anal is even more fun, just like get’n slapped or lightly choked during sex, sometimes gettin in the mood & doin ruff and a lil painfull thngs leads to a amazing orgasm for both partners. My chic likes it, but says she has to be really turned on first. Anyway she didn’t cheat to make the tape so i think it’s just fine and hot to watch her take it. also no need in the racist comments, just makes u sound jealous of size.

    I love u Kendra & chics that love anal

  9. Just watched Kendra Wilkinson sex tape Kendra Exposed at http://favourableness.com

  10. Muffy

    I find it difficult to beleive the Kendra tape would have been released without her consent
    She was one of Hef’s girlfriends and he couldn’t try and stop Vivid from releasing the tape?

    Playboy and Vivid are Very Much affiliated.

    Playboy own adult.com – adult.com own gfy.com (means go f*ck yourself) – adult.com runs jennacash (Vivid girl Jenna (Jameson)) who has Posed in Playboy (recently)

    This headhunter finds women for the cam sites used by Hustler, Playboy and Vidid – they ALL use the same cams but they’re “competitors” – They charge in credits – I guess saying 8.99 per. minute for special shows doesn’t sound too appealing

    his ad


    http://www.davidkingmodels.com/ – his site

    Take these celebrity sex tapes for instance. The mainstream press is ALL toubting the “Kendra Exposed” tape as the greatest thing since sliced bread. She was Hef’s girl and he can’t stop this?

    Also The Shauna Exposed tape – another “Playboy girl’”
    Shauna was a HOST at Vivid’s Party AT A Playboy Club! – THIS YEAR!


    This excerpt is from a (2001) article

    With Playboy, Vivid co-owns AdulTVision, an adult-movie channel available on many cable systems. And Vivid is negotiating with Playboy to buy Hot Spice, …


    here’s the entire story – read the bottom on the “preggo” porn

    Why is ALL the media “Pushing” the Kendra sex tape to make money for Vivid??? WHY???? Is just a small, grainy tape of a woman famous for NOTHING

  11. Bill F

    I LOVE that this stupid no talent hooker is finally getting the humiliation she deserves!! hahahahahahaha

  12. johnny boii


  13. Britt
    Commented on this photo:

    Too bad she’s fat now…

  14. Chris Hansen

    Goin anal on a chick provides a good opportunity to go bare-back, and to all the people who hate on perky, fake tits… if i can squeeze em’…. their real enough for me.

  15. Pingy
    Commented on this photo:

    Geez,,,,,, Kendra!!!! OMW

  16. Joe
    Commented on this photo:

    Another perfect example of fake tits ruining a good looking girl

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