A Jackson Reality TV Show?

*michael is happyGet ready to set your Tivo – a reality TV show featuring members of Michael Jackson’s family trying to make a pop comeback is in the works. The project would follow the sons of Jackson’s brother Tito as they try to resurrect their 1990s boyband 3T, which was basically a cross between Menudo and the Wiggles.

In the pilot, the siblings receive help from relatives including LaToya and Jermaine Jackson, but have to overcome prejudices surrounding their Uncle Michael. The pilot does contain footage of Michael with the former 3T members.

If they’re getting help on making it big in the music biz from LaToya and Jermaine, they might as well name their group Gay Jesus and hit the christian rock circuit. This is like asking Rosie O’Donnell for help with swimsuit modeling. But best of luck to them. I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll need it.