A Word on Willow Palin

No, she’s not the one with the kid. — Yet.

While her mother continued to bait idiots into thinking she’s dumb enough to run for president just to drum up publicity for her new reality show, 16-year-old Willow Palin has been under fire today for calling a classmate “faggot” and other gay slurs on Facebook after he criticized Bristol Palin’s performance on Dancing With The Stars. Somehow, the Palin camp thought it’d be a good idea to not only have Bristol confirm this wasn’t an Internet hoax, but also issue a half-assed apology that not only fails to address the hate speech, but results in just more Internet trash-talking. But that’s not why I am here. My issue is this plea from Mediaite writer Tommy Christopher who suggests this issue is merely kids being kids. And don’t worry, I’m not about to go near Bullying is the Holocaust Land that Madonna has already laid her dark claim to. (For those of you not digging these political rants, might I suggest Natalie Portman in a thong? It’s what the French call, “HOLY FRIJOLES!”):

There are probably already people who are looking to score points, political or otherwise, based on this story. They are wrong. Willow Palin is a child, and she is not fair game. If this story was not already halfway around the world, I’m not sure we would be reporting it. Since it is, though, putting it into the proper perspective is the only responsible thing to do.
There will be some who are tempted to use this as an indictment of Sarah Palin as a parent, or to connect it with Republican opposition to gay rights, or to paint Willow as a homophobe who didn’t fall far from the tree. These instincts are completely wrong, and they muddy the true lesson here.

While the author makes a valid point, and continues to do so in his post, he forgets one crucial element: Sarah Palin touts herself as the Über-Mama Grizzly With Magic Jesus Parenting Powers. When you put yourself on that pedestal and claim you have divine knowledge that guides you as a mother, don’t be surprised when you get called out when your spawn gets knocked up at 17 out of wedlock and/or spouts hate-speech on the Internet like every other kid out there. (Not that that makes it right.) If this were normal parents going through this, I could sympathize – to an extent – because they’re not walking around calling everyone heathens for letting their kids read Harry Potter. They’re just getting by while trying to raise uncontrollable ingrates, like any parent regardless of religious belief. On that note, I can only hope this situation demonstrates that every time a Christian mother wears squeezing a baby out as a badge of honor, or worse a prerequisite to run for office, because she “chose life,” she really did nothing more than choose the most biologically-satisfying game of baby-doll dress-up possible that’s still going to end in embarrassment and head-shaking because nobody has all the answers. Case in point, I’m a pastor’s son. (Dick joke, anyone?)

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