A Word on Willow Palin

November 17th, 2010 // 229 Comments
Willow Palin

No, she’s not the one with the kid. — Yet.

While her mother continued to bait idiots into thinking she’s dumb enough to run for president just to drum up publicity for her new reality show, 16-year-old Willow Palin has been under fire today for calling a classmate “faggot” and other gay slurs on Facebook after he criticized Bristol Palin‘s performance on Dancing With The Stars. Somehow, the Palin camp thought it’d be a good idea to not only have Bristol confirm this wasn’t an Internet hoax, but also issue a half-assed apology that not only fails to address the hate speech, but results in just more Internet trash-talking. But that’s not why I am here. My issue is this plea from Mediaite writer Tommy Christopher who suggests this issue is merely kids being kids. And don’t worry, I’m not about to go near Bullying is the Holocaust Land that Madonna has already laid her dark claim to. (For those of you not digging these political rants, might I suggest Natalie Portman in a thong? It’s what the French call, “HOLY FRIJOLES!”):

There are probably already people who are looking to score points, political or otherwise, based on this story. They are wrong. Willow Palin is a child, and she is not fair game. If this story was not already halfway around the world, I’m not sure we would be reporting it. Since it is, though, putting it into the proper perspective is the only responsible thing to do.
There will be some who are tempted to use this as an indictment of Sarah Palin as a parent, or to connect it with Republican opposition to gay rights, or to paint Willow as a homophobe who didn’t fall far from the tree. These instincts are completely wrong, and they muddy the true lesson here.

While the author makes a valid point, and continues to do so in his post, he forgets one crucial element: Sarah Palin touts herself as the Über-Mama Grizzly With Magic Jesus Parenting Powers. When you put yourself on that pedestal and claim you have divine knowledge that guides you as a mother, don’t be surprised when you get called out when your spawn gets knocked up at 17 out of wedlock and/or spouts hate-speech on the Internet like every other kid out there. (Not that that makes it right.) If this were normal parents going through this, I could sympathize – to an extent – because they’re not walking around calling everyone heathens for letting their kids read Harry Potter. They’re just getting by while trying to raise uncontrollable ingrates, like any parent regardless of religious belief. On that note, I can only hope this situation demonstrates that every time a Christian mother wears squeezing a baby out as a badge of honor, or worse a prerequisite to run for office, because she “chose life,” she really did nothing more than choose the most biologically-satisfying game of baby-doll dress-up possible that’s still going to end in embarrassment and head-shaking because nobody has all the answers. Case in point, I’m a pastor’s son. (Dick joke, anyone?)

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  1. s'up bitches

    Palin freaks to hit the submit button in five,(remember to check the spelling guys), four, three….

    • ilikesake

      I know…I’m just waiting for all the Republicans to start talking their shit and then end up advising Fish to “Stop with the political stuff already”.

    • Right Wings Flapping

      Our Lady Sarah is a comet in our skies and will burn brightly for many years to come. I find it hard to believe that there are those amoungst us that prefer to remain in the dark rather than be alighted by her shining wisdom.
      This “Mama Grizzly” is truly one for the ages and will go down with Mary Magdelene as one of the greatest women of all time!

      Sarah Palin will be our next President whether “The left Out” like it or not.

      God Bless You and keep You dear lady. I am crying while I write this, by the way.

    • Jay

      I will respect a homosexual, before a Palin any day of the year

    • Sarah Palin is a douchebag. Her kids are chips off the old block. I don’t care if they are Republicans, Democrats, Communists or Fascists. They are idiots. Why do we care? Oh because she will probably run for president and come very close to winning even though she doesn’t have a shred of credibility to her name.

      Anyhow, once again, until Willow isn’t 18 and naked, I don’t care!!!

      • duke chute

        “I’m a pastor’s son” There you have it. It all stems from hatred of daddy, just like many of you predicted.

  2. Lily

    Great post. These people are a disgrace.

  3. YM

    THERE IT IS!!! I was wondering after the natalie portman ass shot if we were going back to the old fun days making fun of celebs and boobs. NOPE. You must make sure we know your opinion on current political and religous opinions. Your posturing is so much more fun. This site sucks ass so and you do you fish. And fuck your pastor dad and whatever ass humping he made you the recipient of. I guess what I’m trying to say is- Superficial sucks and so do you.
    your mom

    • DaWolfe

      You’re the one that clicked “more” to read the rest of it.

    • Brooke

      I like his own personal commentary, both the penis jokes and posts like these. I could see where being too opinion laden can be annoying, like a site called Glosslip I used to read before I switched over to here, but I think here there’s enough balance. You might consider switching over to Drunken Stepfather, though. That guy doesn’t have a mind of his own and there are plenty of boobs to go around.

    • Aaron

      I like my penis jokes laced with political commentary, thank you very much!

    • bitingontinfoil

      Wow – a “fuck your pastor father” joke from a Palin supporter. SHOCKING!!! You may wish to move to Russia – I hear it’s just a stone’s throw from Palin’s house (she *can* see it from her backyard, apparently),

  4. YM

    For the record, I’m actually a registered democrat. The only the worse than the hard leaning right are people of the supposed left that shove their nonsense down our throat on a celebrity boob site. I came here to not get forced fed more opinions like you do in today’s mainstream papers and news. You fucking robot. Start thinking for yourself. I’m sorry, I meant fish is really cool.

    • Andriiya

      If you were thinking for yourself, you wouldn’t be a democrat or a republican.

      • mcfeely smackup

        So it’s impossible to think for yourself and still align with a political party? I suspect you’re reciting platitudes without considering what you’re actually saying.

      • Andriiya

        No, actually I’m saying what I actually believe. If you want to join a group, fine. But don’t tell me you’re thinking for yourself. Americans like to act like republicans and democrats are different, they’re not. Just two big groups of asshats that like arguing with eachother.

    • jim x

      No, the hard leaning right are worse.

    • McFeely Smackup

      If you honestly think republicans and democrats are the same, then you’re politically ignorant bordering on politically retarded.

      Granted, both are pretty fucked up, but in VERY different ways. Kind of like two people that are 50% insane, one smears feces on himself in the attic all day, the other chops up hookers. Both fucked up people, NOT the same though.

      Pretending (or just believing) that aligning with a political party means you’re “not thinking for yourself” is outright nonsense. Did it occur to you that some people might “think for themselves” and actually DECIDE which party to join? Or that maybe people think for themselves and disagree with their party on many issues, but have chosen to support the party that they agree with most (or disagree with least)?

      I’m assuming you’re young and probably not even of voting age, but when you get older and figure out that there’s this thing called “the real world” that you have to live.

      • TattooOfBlood

        McGrownup, you just validated my point, thank you. Deciding to align with a group smeared with feces or the hooker choppers probably means you’re either not thinking for yourself, or insane, or somehow think the important argument is whether hooker chopping is better than covering yourself in feces. They are two groups with the same purpose, to keep people arguing about shit and dismembered hookers, so that the leaders of the groups can both control the country however they want.

    • Required

      I feel like maybe you’re taking this too seriously. How about you close your internet window and walk away from the computer, rather than spewing random hateful stuff at the writer for this site? This is a website, if you don’t like it there are thousands of other ones you can go to. If you are looking for more boobs then go to drunkenstepfather. Most people come to this site for the writer’s wit and clever commentary on all things from celebs, politics, and yes, even bikini pictures. But if you think for one second that you are somehow “proving” to everyone here that you are smarter and better than the Superficial writer by rampaging on and insulting him, his parents and his human-ness (I doubt he’s a robot, sweetheart), you’ve basically just turned into the ugly kid throwing a tantrum in the mall, people can’t look away and they all want to smack you upside the head and send you to your room.

      • Heyzeus Hosay

        Thank you Required, with not a shred of sarcasm.

        But, I have to say, half the fun is laughing at the people who come to this website and get a political hair up their ass. The only reason I read the comments.

        But, you are truly a well spoken commentator and I welcome someone schoolin’ the fools here any day.

    • argleblargle

      You’re the one that read it instead of glossing over it. That means you force fed yourself. Eating disorders are only cool if you’re a celebrity.

  5. B

    I love you, Fish.

    Seriously, posts like these are what really keep me coming back. The humor in the regular posts is awesome too, and for that alone I’d come back here over other celebrity gossip sites, but this kind of stuff – turning that same cynical, sarcastic eye on politics and religion as on celebrities – is why I love this site.

    Especially with modern politics being the circus that it is, politicians are just another type of celebrity, and deserve the same treatment. Same for religion – it doesn’t deserve a pass any more than any other belief. No one seems to care when you pick on, say, Scientology, but when it’s a mainstream religion or a political party, well, those are SACRED. Fuck that.

    It’s just as fair to make fun of The Situation for making an abstinence video as it to make fun of Sarah Palin for claiming that the Bible makes her a better parent and we should all have to teach our kids that abstinence is the only godly choice. Both willingly and repeatedly thrust themselves out into the public view, and both do so using specific, controversial topics…that makes them and those topics fair game.

  6. Crusty

    I’ll differentiate between Palin claiming to “have divine knowledge” on how to raise a child and her or any parent’s ability to implement that knowledge in a way that produces perfect children.

    So Sarah Palin is not perfect – we agree. Her children say and do things that may well contradict the standards their parents have for the kids, and themselves. Again, not particularly ground breaking stuff.

    Enough of a nerve has been hit for Fish to break away from happy hour so he could call out a parent’s shortcomings based on the behavior of that person’s child.

    Methinks Fish is not a parent – if he were, he’d shrug his shoulders.. and move on..

    • JR

      Sigh. You weren’t paying attention, were you?

      Sarah Palin leans on the “mama grizzly” platform like it’s a fucking crutch. Fish is merely calling her for being just as fallible as the rest of us and she should probably stop her soapboxing on what an awesome fucking mom she is.

      Sure, she’s no Dina Lohan (or whatever mutant spawned Taylor Momsen), but she ain’t super mom either.

      • Mike Walker

        Always funny to see the self-righteous turds on a gossip site, always cesspools of homophobia and misogyny, start lecturing people about hypocrisy. No, this is not political at all.

    • s'up bitches

      I don’t know if you got the memo, but Sarah sells herself as a supermom. This isn’t even about the hate speech, did you check out the rest of the thread? What the hell was a 16 year old doing on Facebook, let alone commenting like that? My Dad was a hard core Democrat, and he NEVER would have allowed ANY of his 8 kids to rant like that. Further more, we wouldn’t have even been allowed on Facebook. I guess Sarah can talk the talk plenty, but she has a little trouble walking. In a nutshell, don’t try to bullshit me on your parenting skills when they are obviously lacking.

    • s'up bitches

      P.S. Shrug your shoulders? You obviously took a page from the Sarah Palin book of parenting and completely ignore your childrens’ behavior. You are responsible for the upbringing of a human life, start taking charge!

  7. Hez

    After reading the entire Facebook interaction I found myself most surprised that there was a black person posting from Alaska.

  8. gigs

    As the previous poster said, the humour on this site keeps me coming back, but every now and then there’s a little gem of a post that just really makes my day. Great post Fish, keep it up.

  9. If someone shits in one of the Palin girls’ mouths, does that count as “giving something back”?

  10. DaWolfe

    I think it’s pretty telling that Willow chose to use homophobic slurs instead of something my teenage daughter would say, such as “asshole” or “fuckball.” It’s obviously something that’s been said many times in front of her, and she must have thought it was okay to say such a thing under her own name on the internet. She’s as dumb as her mother. I guess it’s because I’m a Democrat, but I believe in raising our children to be accepting of other people’s lifestyles and opinions. Gays aren’t going to burn in hell, but the people who condemn them just may.

    Cheers to you Fish for having an opinion. You must have a humongous cock.

    • Bundy11

      Accepting of other lifestyles??? except conservatives.

      • *shrugs* I accept conservative lifestyles; just not the ones that revolve around things like homophobia and imposition of religion (which don’t actually have anything to do with conservatism, but end up getting lumped in because a good chunk of conservatives apparently don’t like human rights).

      • Really????

        Let’s not pretend a political stance is the same as a biologically programmed imperative. Being a conservative isn’t a ‘lifestyle’: it’s a conscious choice to adopt a certain set of outlooks, beliefs, and actions. For many conservatives, that unfortunately includes homophobia and constant attacks on anyone who disagrees with them. As a result, conservatives are fair game for criticism of their beliefs (not that they can take **any** criticism — they’re only good at dishing it out). That’s not the case for homosexuals, who have about as much control over their sexuality as I have over my eye color. Your comment is typical of the conservative playbook these days: deflect any criticism of one of your national figures by pretending that all conservatives are being attacked.

      • Bundy11, being tolerant of others and their lifestyles means letting people live how they want within the law, have the same rights as me or anyone else, and spout off whatever opinions they want without censorship. But when someone’s “lifestyle” involves trying to curtail someone else’s rights, deny others the protection and perks that they enjoy, demand that people adhere to their personal morality to religion, or end the civil liberties of anyone they don’t personally approve of, that’s where their “personal” lifestyle stops being personal and starts slopping over into self-proclaimed ubermensch territory. I’m not especially tolerant of serial killers because their “lifestyle” is predicated on hurting others, and if one comes after me I sure as shit don’t have to “tolerate” an attack on my life. Can you grasp the difference?

        I can accept anyone else’s right to an opinion, but I also have the right to oppose it, too. That’s how it works. Where you and a great many conservatives or right wing fundamentalists seem to be confused is that they think tolerance means just shutting up and letting them spew whatever hateful, demeaning and damaging bullshit they want without saying a word. Which really just shows the sort of entitled attitude that people who think they somehow deserve to be the arbiters of who should get what rights, and think they should be the determiners of who’s going to hell, really have going on.

  11. Willow Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Fish, you are extra stupid. Your political opinions are like Lindsay Lohan’s butthole, filled with dicks and gross to look at.

  12. smashsmash

    Fish, you are a terrible idiot. You political opinions are like Linsday Lohan’s, filled with dicks and gross to look at. If your opinions were a vagina then people would be able to smell them through your pants.

    • s'up bitches

      Then get some douche and STFU.

    • Required

      Awww, did you type this all by yourself? Good for you! You get a gold star and a pat on the head. *pats* Ok, time to put your helmet back on and sit down before you hurt yourself.

  13. shorty

    Oh Fish……..you REALLY know how to romance a girl with your mind don’t you. *swoons*

  14. awordongaybloggers

    so great. some shithead with a celebrity blog has opinions on politics. Didn’t you just post a picture of a Miley Cyrus’ 17 year old vagina? So yes on posting underage vagina and no on a fifteen year old saying ‘faggot.’

    I noticed this blog wasn’t very funny anymore but I didn’t know Keith Olberman was now a writer. Go TMZ Lite.

    • Blech

      Gee, I didn’t know Sarah Palin was still a politician. I thought her career tanked and she wound up just another reality TV whore alongside her pathetic family.

      • Heyzeus Hosay

        Last I heard she quit her Public Service post…she’s now a celebrity along with her daughter. That means up for grabs and gossip!

        Oh, please SW, give me more…

    • nads

      wow, someone’s butthurt. Did fish hurt your feelings with his derogatory remarks against the Palins?

  15. Blech

    Fish, this post should become a speech.

    F*ck the jackass Palins, now and forever.

  16. atomicmug

    I agree!

    Never — and I mean NEVER — in my life have I ever heard or HEARD OF a teenager using language like this on Facebook!!!

    Her parents are clearly the ones to blame! MY parents were both evangelical Christians, and my mother taught Sunday School. Thanks to their day-in and day-out efforts to impart their strict morality, I have NEVER EVER uttered such filth, nor have I ever premaritally banged, taken drugs or drank alcohol 15 minutes ago!

    I don’t ever read my daughter’s Facebook page because I KNOW that her AND all of her friends’ postings are nothing but thoughtful, polite, uplifting, kind, educative, and inspiring.

    What a horrible, wicked girl! I’d pray for her soul if I wasn’t certain that God is going to cast it into Hell!!!

  17. Eric

    Fish, you amaze me. You speak of the Palin’s with a vitriol I’ve never seen before. I’m almost certain that if this entire family was murdered in their sleep you would make a post celebrating what a great victory it was for America.

  18. Blech

    Fish, you have a lot of haters on this thread, ones with little cocks apparently.

    • awordongaybloggers

      that was so funny. you are such a wit. the part where you said ‘one with little cocks’. How did you come up with that? Is this secretly Chris Rock??? That was hilarious. side…splitting…..ow…ow…owww.

      • Blech

        Says the guy obsessed with “gay bloggers”.

        Go f*ck your drain hole. It’ll keep you busy for once.

      • atomicmug

        aword is right. That was one of the lamest insults I’ve ever read. “Ones with little cocks”?!

        Be honest, Blech…you’re 13 years old, aren’t you? GO TO BED!

      • Blech

        Neanderthals, go back to writing your shitty blogs that no one wishes to read or comment on, and leave Fish alone. He’s funny and actually good at what he does.

  19. mr. t

    yeah and i am sure none of you ripping the Palin girl has ever called any of your classmates faggots? All you hypocrites should go fuck yourself.

    • Kizzy

      You can go fuck yourself, sir. Never have I used the word nor heard any of my friends use that word once since we were kids. Some people have a little thing called respect for other human beings. It’s just as if you’re saying that anyone who hasn’t called any of their classmates a n*gger is a liar. Stop trying to make yourself feel better about using gay slurs by calling everyone who says they don’t a hypocrite. Just because someone says it to someone else (even in jest) does not make it okay. I, myself, am not straight, and if I ever heard anyone use that word near me, I’d have to royally bitch them out among other things. Grow the fuck up, dude and have a little bit of respect for your fellow man.

    • Blech

      The biggest hypocrites I’ve seen, thus far, are the Palins, Republicans and religious folks.

      • Mr. T

        Kizzy your a fucking liar, period dit dot dash end of story. To say you or your friends have never used that word is about as believable as Mark Furhman saying he never used the word n*gger before. You look like a complete lying moron. How stupid can you be? How stupid do you believe everyone reading this is?

        Blech you cannot paint every republican and “religious folks” as hypocrites.
        That is like saying every Democrat is a socialist/communist.

      • @ Mr. T> You’re an idiot. Believe it or not, there are some people who have never used the word in a pajoritve sense.

    • Kizzy

      I am saying that I’ve never heard any of my friends say the word, even when we were kids. Not that they said it when younger and then never again. Some people don’t have to be taught how to respect others. I will admit and say that I can never be 100% sure none of my friends have ever said it in their entire lives when I wasn’t around (as I am not their babysitter), but just the thought of you all saying this is okay since she’s a kid is such a load of bs. Who the hell were your parents and friends if it was deemed okay to use racial and gay slurs all the time as kids? I probably wouldn’t be able to sit for days because of the spanking my parents would have given me. I know what it’s like to get racial and homophobic insults thrown at me, and I would never want to make someone else feel as I have felt.. I’m sorry that I’m not as hateful as all of you are being. Have fun calling each other names and being all-around ignorant.

      • Mr. T

        Kizzy…Your pathetic attempt at claiming you have never said it nor you have ever heard your friends say it is pathetic…just stop it already….

      • Kizzy, don’t waste your time. it’s not possible for a bigot or a racist to conceive of someone not being secretly bigoted or racist. They think along those lines and speak along those lines, and because people are usually too embarassed or unwilling to make a fuss to call them on their shit in public they naturally assume everyone thinks like they do. Anyone who does call them on it must be a hypocrit because they KNOW everyone secretly thinks like they do. They have to, right?

        They’re sort of like sociopaths in that they have no empathy or deep emotions so they assume everyone is just the same – so that way they know that anyone who expresses real feelings like that must be faking it..

    • Mandi

      Justifiable… brilliant. Couldn’t have said it better myself…. sooo I won’t try.

  20. Kizzy

    That whole family is just a big bag of stupid. If it was my child who was using gay slurs, he/she would be getting a little more than just a slap on the wrist. Them saying this is just “kids being kids” is utter bullshit. Sarah Palin needs to take a little time away from her idiotic reality show and teach her kids how to be decent human beings. When will this circus of a family just disappear?

    • atomicmug

      You don’t have kids, do you Lizzy?

    • atomicmug

      (“Kizzy” is often used as a racial slur by the way.)


      • Kizzy

        It is a variation of Kezia, and it is a traditional African American name. Lots of women have this name, and I have never in my life heard my name used as a racial slur. Seeing as how you’re looking at a computer screen and not me, you have no idea what race I am. Stop trying to make it come off as if I’m being racist by having the name that I do. It’s just ridiculous.

    • atomicmug

      I knew it.

      You a junior in college and want to be a school teacher, don’t you, Lizzy?

      • Kizzy

        Good lord, grow up. Heaven forbid I actually know something about the history of MY name. Go troll somewhere else and stop trying to be witty and intelligent. We both know you are neither of the two.

      • jim x

        Commenting to your reply elsewhere:

        “RE: Your “metaphor”, here’s how it would ultimately play out: You’d be embarrassed, your buddies would bust your balls for bragging so much, your wife’s friends would encourage strict punishment and long-term grounding…”

        Great! Now extend this to the Palins. She should be embarassed; her friends should bust her ovaries for her childrens’ behavior; and Todd’s friends should encourage strict punishment and long-term grounding.

        See how easy that was? It’s called standards. Apply them equally from now on, whether or not you love who you’re applying them to, and the world will be a better place.

        “Mama grizzly” is also supposed to mean raising your kids right, so they’re healthy and respectful you see.

        Palin fail. Sorry that gives you butthurt.

    • atomicmug


    • Mitch

      Fuck you hippy.

    • Mr. T

      their whole family is a big bag of stupid? I bet your families accomplishments wouldn’t ad up to even 1/2% of what the Palin’s have accomplished. What would that make your family bitch? 99 1/2% way more stupid then theirs……

      • jim x

        Yahoo!! Teen pregnancy, a snowmobile racing trophy, a dead moose and a reality show!

        So basically the Situation needs to run for VP and his whole family beats Palin’s.

  21. Sheepple

    So she cusses? Swearing doesnt make you a bad person. You can believe and still cuss. I dont remember a “though shalt not call someone a bitch.”

    Those calling hate speech, you are an idiot. Fag is a derogatory term, but not just to homosexuals. You think every time someone says “fag” you think it is about sexual orientation? Even South Park has covered this.

    • “Those calling hate speech, you are an idiot. Fag is a derogatory term, but not just to homosexuals.”

      Yes, when a lot of people say things like fag, queer, or gay (in the pejorative) they aren’t referring to gay people. However, the implication of the word is that homosexuality is bad or wrong, and thus can be used to denote other people who are bad or wrong. It’s like saying “I got Jewed out of my money” isn’t a bigoted statement because you were using “Jewed” in a general sense. Am I saying that you can’t use words like that? No, but if you do you have to understand that you are contributing to a problem and may be pointed out for doing so.

    • jim x

      Once again missing the main point – Sarah Palin pushes herself as a perfect mom who’s a paragon of tough lovin’ Christian values ™. And her daughters are the real-world example of such. One is pregnant out of wedlock, and the other throws around insults like Pamela Anderson throws her tits.

      If I as a parent said my boys were kung-fu experts who didn’t get in fights because they were too well-adjusted, and both of them got their asses kicked by girls after calling them bitches, that would tend to reflect on both my parenting skills and integrity, wouldn’t it?

      Now extend this metaphor back to Mama Sarah and see where it leads you.

      • atomicmug

        No, Jim x, all of YOU PEOPLE are missing the point.

        When did the Palin parents ever tell us either they or their kids were “paragons” of virtue? Never. That’s just the cynical, cliched convention YOU PEOPLE have applied to them.

        “Mama Grizzly” means that, no matter how badly they fuck up, she’s always got her kids’ back. Clearly, WIllow has her family’s back too.

        RE: Your “metaphor”, here’s how it would ultimately play out: You’d be embarrassed, your buddies would bust your balls for bragging so much, your wife’s friends would encourage strict punishment and long-term grounding and perhaps, family counseling, and your kids’ wounds from the beating would heal, and they’d have learned a hard lesson to keep their mouths shut and not behave like Jersey Shore douchebags.

      • “Sarah Palin pushes herself as a perfect mom who’s a paragon of tough lovin’ Christian values ™.”

        Does she? I know she’s Christian, but I’ve never heard her say she was a perfect person in any way.

      • atomicmug

        (From elsewhere)

        LOL! I get it! You made Todd the “wife”! ‘Cause you think he’s a faggot! LOL! Screw the Palin Show – YOU should have a show! Like Conan!

        Oh man… but seriously, you’re an idiot. How old are you? Are you in your 20s? I bet you’re in your 20s!

    • thisgirl

      The reason the word faggot is so horribly offensive is because of its origin. You’ve heard people say that “it just means a bundle of sticks” right? Well, you know how they used to burn witches at the stake? In the middle ages, they used to burn homosexuals at the stake as well. What did people usually burn for heat or cooking? Bundles of sticks. They equated homosexuals with kindling. I understand most people might not be aware of this… I’m just saying that it’s not AT ALL like calling someone a bitch.

      • atomicmug

        I’m not so sure your etymology is accurate.

        If true, why don’t we call witches “faggots”? Or heretics?

        Why don’t we call homosexuals or witches or heretics “stakies”, or “lake dunkees” or “noosers”? Of course we do call some homosexuals “flamers”, but I don’t think that adjective came until much later…hmm….

        Nah, I’m not buying it.

        The reason words are so “horribly offensive” is because a lot of people are so easily “horribly offended” by stuff.

      • Heyzeus Hosay

        A bitch is a female dog. That’s a compliment. Dogs are great!

        Now, bundle of sticks…that’s horrid. God, kindling and sticks may break my bones…

      • thisgirl, the reason “most people might not be aware of this” is because it’s not true. “Faggot” as a derogatory term for gays is first seen in the early 1900′s – in the United States. Really, so much for the rich medieval tradition you’re referring to. (FYI, “fagot” was how it was first spelled). Hemingway used there term in The Sun Also Rises. It has nothing to do with the middle ages and cooking, so please stop trying to reason backwards because you suck at it.

        Witches were burned because they were considered minions of Satan, and because the Church chose to follow the Biblical exhortation. Buggery, however, wasn’t ever punishable by death – it didn’t defy the Church per se and wasn’t heretical. In Britain, a fag was a cigarette, faggots were sticks, and “to fag” for an upper classman in boarding school meant that you did all their fetching and carrying, boot cleaning and sometimes even their prep.

        “Faggot” is not “offensive” because of its origin – it’s offensive because it’s a pure pejorative. It doesn’t matter a fucking damn what the entymological roots of “kike” and “wop” are, either – they’re derogatory because they’re used to hurt. Don’t overthink it, it’s not that hard.

  22. Blech

    I can’t believe there are idiots in this country who are actually justifying this family’s behavior. The Palins are morons. To support them, you really need to have a pound of sh*t for a brain.

    It’s that simple.

    And by the way, I’m not into politics anymore. I’m not an Obama supporter or a Republican. I’m not fat or ugly. I’m just a person who calls it as I see it.

  23. shankyouverymuch

    She said ‘faggot’ … what? you mean you can’t say faggot any more either!? since when??? when did that memo go out, I mean how did I miss that one!?! I call peeps fag, homo, queerbate, faggot etc-etc like ALL the time. Do I have to stop now?!? You mean to tell me it’s considered ‘HATE’ speech… holy-moly, in a few more years we are going to be down to like 17 acceptable words in our collective vocab- everything else will be considered hate-speech TABOO!

    Who will be the really Nazi’s then, the people trying to speak their mind the way they want to do, or those trying to gag everyone & the 1st amendment to boot? … Oooo Spooky!

    • s'up bitches

      Of course you could do the world a huge fucking favor and stop speaking altogether.

    • shankyouverymuch

      Yeah I could, but ‘of course I WON’T …

      What I’d really like infinitely better is to find YOU ‘bitchwack’ & make a P.C. free statement by jamming my size 11 boot up your exit HOLE! :O)

  24. Mike Walker

    Obviously, we need more muslims to counteract these evil christians and their intolerant, conservative nature.

  25. kae

    Are you actually a pastor’s kid? Explains some things, I guess.

  26. nobody

    I think you are all missing the most significant lesson of all this….

    Willow’s starting to look kinda hot, no?

    • Andriiya

      Well if you like some christian chick calling you a fag for wanting to bang her out of wedlock, then I guess she’s hot?

    • Rough! The kink of comedy

      Shes got a double ( Whats up with these Palin girls) chin like her sister on TMZ.

      By the way the above comment was purely medical. Get your mind out the gutter. Please

  27. Mitch

    So now it’s a hate crime to use the word faggot. Please, you fucking liberals are the most fascist bunch of retards I have ever come across. You ignore blacks calling whites crackers, mexicans waling around with “brown pride” tats and queers calling straights breeders and have the fucking balls to pull this crap.

    Fuck you fish you little piss ant cocksucker.

    • I don’t ignore them, I think they’re just as stupid and backward, and call them out when I see it (just as I’ll call anyone out for saying something stupid and backward). Thanks for speaking for everyone, though, I’m sure you did some sort of survey and, tallied results and determined that all liberals are facists who ignore non-white racists and homosexual bigots. I’m looking forward to your peer-reviewed political science thesis.

      No, it’s not a hate crime to use the word “faggot” (at least not where I live, I can’t speak as to other states), but that doesn’t change the fact that people who use it in the pajorative are either being biggotted fuck-wads or ignorant asses. I really love that you consider Fish to be worthless (that’s what pissant means, in case you didn’t actually know), yet still took time to bitch and moan at him.

  28. Petro

    Actually, Willow Palin IS fair game. If Sarah Palin had tried to keep her out of the spotlight and not used her family as media fodder to further her campaign, then Tommy would be right – they don’t use her so she’s off limits as a minor. But the Palin family has thrown themselves in front of the spotlight in every way possible to further their political ambitions, and they don’t get to choose where that spotlight shines just because it sometimes also shows their bad side.

  29. mfb

    so a 16 year old used a gay slur……anyone who is offended obviously does not have teenagers living in the house….they all use gay slurs…..

    • Which, if you actually read the article, was kinda the point.

      Oh, and for the record, in actuality not all teenagers use gay slurs.

      • Sugar

        Not in my house they don’t. I have two teenagers. We do not swear. What they say online, however, I don’t know.

      • atomicmug

        Not “all teenagers” have the backbone to stand up and defend their family against cowering kneejerk-hippy Facebook posters either, but obviously WIllow does.

      • @ atomicmug> Calling someone a faggot because they didn’t like a performance on TV doesn’t count as “defending their family,” it does however count as being a reactionary ignorant biggot. I like how you call the people who dared criticize Bristol’s performance “kneejerk” (to say nothing about cowardly, in what way are they cowards?) yet laud Willow’s kneejerk reaction to use a slur as defending the family.

    • atomicmug

      To a 16 year old, she was, in fact, “defending” her family. Well, that and teenage Facebook flame wars are pretty common. And as far as the kid being a “reactionary” – OF COURSE she is! She’s a teenage girl! Teenagers are almost always “reactionary”!

      As for her being an “igonorant biggot [sic]“, people like you say that about EVERYONE! People like you CAN’T WAIT to be “offended”. You CAN’T WAIT to call someone a “biggot [sic]“. People like you call so many people “bigots”, the word has become so watered down, it doesn’t even mean anything anymore!

      BTW, have any of you out there who are outraged by Willow’s “gay slurs” equally outraged by the on-air use of gay-slurs like the term “Teabaggers” routinely used by personalities on the Left?! [Cue crickets.]

      As for being “kneejerk”, people like you CAN’T WAIT to hate the Palins. You LIKE hating them. Personally, I’m indifferent to the Palins. She seems like a nice enough woman to me, but her and her family’s joys and sorrows are none of my business.

      And I used the term “coward” because Facebook is an easy way to voice an opinion you often wouldn’t dare say to someone else’ face. I can, however, imagine Willow saying what she said to that girl’s face and then drop the gloves. Alaskans are rugged!

      And finally, I didn’t “laud” Willow’s rant. I’m just no more “offended” by it than you are with Bill Maher’s and Keith Olberman’s regular use of gay slurs.

      • Mandi

        1. “Teabagger” can refer to heterosexuals, too.
        2. Maybe you didn’t laud Willow’s rant, but you referred to the initial poster as a “cowering kneejerk-hippy” and referred to Willow as “defending” her family… You seem to be drawing a line in the sand between the two, when really they did the same thing… the “hippy,” however, did it without a slur.


    Never liked the Palins until everybody started hating them …….now they are cool !

  31. wim


  32. Nerd

    If the retard kid did this, would we be just as upset? Or happy it can use a computer. Oh shit, saying retard isn’t too PC is it. Come on people, Palin’s an idiot for so many other good reasons, this one isn’t too important.

  33. andy7171

    Since when is sticking up for your sister and calling someone a faggot considered hate speech?

  34. cc

    On a lighter note, remember when The Superficial was looking for a new banner girl? Do you remember Silvia from Austin? Can we just get a gallery of her please? Thx.

  35. Jester

    Since when did calling someone a faggot become not only newsworthy, but lynchworthy,this is fng stupid. Homosexuals and their insecurities and their constant need for acceptance are another liberal bane on society. Get back in the Closet.

  36. dear superficial writer,
    i have been reading this page religiously, nay, obsessively for about 2 years now….and this post made me fall in love with you

  37. tony

    The liberals always play dirty

    • Whatever

      Poor Palins, forced to call someone a bad name on the internet that Al Gore invented.

      Shake the sand out of your clambox, tony.

  38. Eric

    Just another slanted libtard view of the world.

  39. NeNe

    It is never okay to use derogatory statements such as calling someone a ‘faggot’. She should be ashamed of herself. She know better than that. If she used this word so freely, my guess is that this word is used openly in her household. I could be wrong, but for some reason, I doubt it.

    • I doubt it’s used openly in their household (though I could also be wrong). It has, however, unfortunately become fairly common in internet parlance.

  40. Lighten up b@#*thes. So they live back in the 80′s. They are from Alaska what do you expect! Life was so much simpler back then you clould call a spade a spade and a F@gg)tt a F@GG@t. We have gotten way to sensitive. Its just like blacks and the N word its ok for them to do it but let a white guy. You see protests and gatherings of gay folks all the time with signs and they use the F word. Shes a kid leave her alone. I have several long time gay freinds. We have had some real good conversations on this subject. They dont care if people use the word faggot as long as its not a direct insult to their lifestyle.

    • And I have several longtime gay and lesbian friends who DO care as it perpetuates a stereotype (gays = bad). Yes, some people are cool with it just as some people are cool with racial slurs, it doesn’t mean that the group as a whole is. You also have to keep in mind that who it comes from can make a difference. If your good friend calls you a fag in jest that’s one thing, you know where they are coming from and what they mean. But, if some aggressive redneck calls you a fag it’s something else entirely (even if they don’t mean it literally).

      • Blech

        Maybe we should come up with a derogatory term to describe the Palins and whatever the hell it is they imagine they represent. The wholesome American family, the greatest douchebags on Earth. Same shite.

  41. jay

    I don’t at all like Sarah Palin. However, your completely non-funny attack on her sums up this site lately. I’m here for the funny shiat, and you haven’t been funny for quite a while. I won’t be back. Buh-bye.

  42. yawn

    “not only fails to address the hate speech”

    i stopped there… you’re simply aping the reactionary media..
    you should be mocking that shit not falling in line with those reactionary agenda driven idiots..

    you’re a shit writer.

  43. Lovedyaandleftya

    So let me get this straight:
    Me being prolife = Me being a religious zealout who wants to burn Harry Potter books.
    Me being a prolife parent = Me claiming divine knowledge on parenting skills

    Sorry, Superficial Guy, you’ve become unhinged. Today I had the clear revelation(divine guidance, if you will lol) you haven’t made me laugh in quite a while. See ya…Call me when you get your head on straight again and quit taking everything so damn seriously.

  44. JesseJimmy

    Fish, the best revenge is simple: Contact Levi Johnston, and get some pics of Bristol’s big ol’ tatas to post. You KNOW he’s got them.

    (And I mean the pre-pregnancy Bristol, before she had two chins and a neck waddle.)

    • Zippy chance–she was *underage* remember..

      • JesseJimmy

        Wrong. From October through November, 2008, she was 18. And she wasn’t too plump then. There’s a 1 month window. And I am SURE Levi’s got pics. That girl’s self-esteem is so low, you know she fell for the “really, they’re just for me, baby” line.

  45. JB

    B….I concur.

    Fish, you are a perfect blend on social commentary and humor! I am a Christian (for what it’s worth) and a registered Independent and agree 100 % with what you have written. If I can read and laugh at the Scientology jokes and not be offended, then I should accept (and sometimes chuckle) at the jokes aimed at mainstream religion as well. What sets me apart is that although I believe in the Bible and it’s teachings I do NOT believe it makes me perfect or special. It, if anything, is merely a tactical handbook for life. If I choose to taunt nonbelievers with my perfection then I am turning them away. I make mean jokes, call people names that I shouldn’t and spend atleast 30 min a day on here pointing and laughing at the way people live their lives. Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe. Would I dare admit to being perfect…not in a million years. Christians have long been persecuted for their actions – the problem with that is the ”majority” of us don’t act like Mama Grizzly, nor do we want to be on such a pedestal. We make mistakes. Its human nature. This is why I don’t run around and bellow from the top of the mountains what my religious affiliation is. It’s downright embarrassing to be grouped with such people whom believe Christians are or are supposed to be perfect.

    • Dread not

      It must really be satisfying, fulfilling and comforting to realize that you’re not perfect. Your view point is so lucid, self effacing and refreshing that it’s almost… what’s the word… perfect? It’s big of you NOT to admit your perfection. Best to keep that smug sense of self that you have and wear it like the “holier than thou” badge of awesomeness that it is. Douche. And, oh yeah, Jesus was cross dresser! Ha, cross dresser! Get it? Cross … dresser… Via con dios.

  46. L

    I really like these intelligent posts. Keep up the good work. Sure, boob jokes are all well and good, but I’m glad you actually have substance.

  47. Dude

    Haha!. One of the Palin girls makes a Facebook post that every idiot teenager has made before, and the liberals bring hate and derision far worse than anything this family would do. Quick, leftists, consult olberman and his boyfriend maddow for what to say next. And keep pushing the “TeaPartiers rigging Dancing with the Stars” meme. Then smell your own farts and tell each other how tolerant and progressive you are.

  48. See Alice

    Liberals are so afraid of Sarah Palin . It’s so easy to sense their nervous laughter as they destroy her . When you have nothing to offer the only way to win is by politics of personal destruction .

    • Whatever

      So afraid = we can’t stop laughing.

    • Cher X

      Yeah, we liberals are *really* afraid. (of getting in the way of Bristol at a buffet)

      • atomicmug

        Ok, so making fun of a fat person for being fat, and wishing death on the Palins (posted above), or making fun of the Palin’s son for either being retarded or being a male (like seth’s post below) is cool.

        But Willow calling, what I presume is a straight person, a “faggot” is unacceptable?

        Did YOUR parents encourage you to make fun of fatties?

    • I’m actually hoping she has the gaul to run for president and I hope she gets the nomination. Not only will we get a sure Repulican loss in 2012, but we’ll also be treated to hours of hilarity.

  49. seth

    So is there anyway we can trade in the Palins for some hostage in Iraq, they can even take the 47 chromosomes baby!

  50. NeNe

    @VtFarmboy :

    Being a kid has nothing to do with it. Being a kid doesn’t make her ignornant. She is ignorant because of the atmosphere in which she lives. When your mother is shit for brains, you become shit for brains. No matter what situation, whether your gay or not, it is NEVER EVER okay to fall someone a faggot. I do not gay what you so called gay pals tell you. It is just wrong, and your pals and little Willow should know better than that. Apparently, all of them are very uneducated.

    • atomicmug

      You don’t have kids, do you NeNe?

      Kids…are…stupid. That’s not an insult; it’s a fact.

      That’s why we send them to school. That’s why we punish them when they disobey, Hell, that’s WHY they disobey! That’s why “good kids” get detention sometimes at school. That’s why parents get pissed when their knuckleheaded sons gets caught smashing pumpkins on Halloween! That’s why the band “Smashing Pumpkins” called themselves “Smashing Pumpkins”! That’s why we have terms like “peer pressure”. That’s why…the list goes on and on and on.

      Once you have kids and they become teenagers, feel free to put up your sanctimonious posts.

      • atomic, I now know for a fucking fact that you don’t have kids. Or if you do, you got the exceptionally stupid ones. Check your gene pool as to why that is.

        This is not a “disobedience” issue – it’s a matter of fundamentals, and if you’re so fucking lazy you haven’t taught your kids what you consider acceptable conduct and taken the time to give them some grounding by the time they’re eight, forget it. It’s very clear what the standards are, and what’s considered acceptable behavior, in the Palin home. Because some kids, amazingly enough, don’t resort to picking on others and ganging up on the ones who the different because they have character and/or they”ve been taught better. The bullies, the desparate-to-be-popular and and the pack animals are slower to learn – some of ‘em will be apologizing to their classmates for their actions on whatever will replace Facebook in the year 2035.

        Willow will probably not be one of these. Some people never evolve.

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