• Burkersen

      Have you ever even actually seen a real vagina? Doubt it. I see some hair , that is it , but hey , I´m sure you will see a real pussy sometime! ( Internetz doesn`t cunt , sry mate )

      • guy smith

        Ann Hathaway Defense Force activate!

        U R VIRGIN


        U GO GRL


      • Hey, it’s not my fault you like the hairy, patchouli smelling women. Take your unsanitary bullshit somewhere else. I don’t like having a mouth full if pubes. Is that so wrong?

      • Ruth

        Mouthful of pubes? You know you’re not really suppose to “eat” it, right?

      • BillG

        That’s fine, Don. More for me. Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I really don’t understand the shaved thing people are into today. It’s creepy. I feel like I’m with a prepubescent girl, and the stubble…ouch. Could do without the Sixties mondo bush and hairy pits and legs, but grown ups ought to have some hair down there.

      • I disagree, everyone should be dipped in depilatory up to their neck…

      • Billy Ray

        If a lack of hair down there makes you think of kids right away, then maybe the problem is you. I don’t mind a clean shaven woman myself.

      • Tim's Trees

        Personally I’m worried that the whole clean-shaven trend will end soon and all women will go to full-on 70′s bush mode. No thanks.

        I agree, the stubble can be nasty, though.

      • Matt

        She’s a method actor. Maybe she’s growing it out for a movie role.

    • connor

      all i see is skin and a lil patch of hair. but why wouldnt you wear underpants. expecting some quick sex?

    • Nice Beaver!
      Thanks….I just had it stuffed!

    • at least it is not a worn out catchers mitt like the one brittney flashed

  1. jim eh

    It looks like it tastes like peaches.

  2. Jman

    It’s golden panties, you friggin tease!

    • Toe Jam

      Huh? It looks like the beginning of a landing strip to me. -_-

      • Jman

        Her crotch color doesn’t match any of her skin and it’s glowing. I know right, you’d think an A-listers coochie would glow.

      • Joe

        No Tan down there

      • christi

        thatz her vagina, itz already out there.. zhe didnt get it zpray tanned that iz why and for the other dude wonderin why zhe didnt wear pantiez no it waznt for fazt zex , itz zo zhe didnt have linez in her drezz!!

  3. Mr. Poop

    It looks better in person, trust me.

  4. Bee

    This whole vagina car flash is very old… Who the fuck doesn’t wear even the skimpiest of panties in a short dress…

  5. rued

    I would bang her even with her leg braces on.

  6. it had to be said

    I dunno. That might not be landing strip. Might be a reinforcement on the underpants. In any case, fap successful.

  7. Trololol

    Breeaaaad of Heaaaven!

  8. eek

    that’s not underwear.

  9. eek

    nom nom nom nom

  10. BP

    In the immortal words of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds, “We’ve Got Bush”

  11. Twyla Jane

    Nada thing wrong with a little flash, and likely to be one of the most attractive flashes yet IMO. I’m digging the strappy leg stilettos as well.

  12. I’m not a fan of the short hair on her. I’m quite surprised to see a patch downstairs, but then again she is Jersey.

  13. AV 23

    that looks like a great slice of thigh pie!!

  14. BRAVO, Anne Hathaway! Now that’s a vag flash that you can be proud of!

  15. pete

    it’s gold(ish) coloured knickers. the pube-looking area is clearly just the effect that shadowing has on her underwear. you can see the shadow is spaced out – not just in the pube area. Oh well.

  16. Mike Traynor

    It does not taste like peaches, it tasted like Fish.

  17. greatsage

    I just click zoom to make sure it’s a vagina. And sure its belong to Anne Hathaway.

  18. And of course Anne Hathaway like many accomplished, micro analyzed media whores on the planet manages to once again give our lives much meaning again, with the help of course of your ever ready friendly scumbag trigger happy paparazzo….

  19. chris

    I know I’m not the holy that thought that was a huge penis in her lap.

  20. Rowdy

    In my younger years, I was responsible for many women being fitted with leg braces…thank you, thank you very much!

  21. Biff


  22. Dude, Dr. Salk just came so hard he fell over.

  23. Ruckus

    something something something Batcave

  24. suckit

    Run Forrest!

  25. napoupi

    mmh looks more like golden / peach panties. It’s to bright to be skin, compared to the skin on her thighs.

  26. scott

    hey, shes an outie.

  27. loverMan III

    ? Much ado about nothing! Really: Women DO have more to show than this little peekaboo.: What’s all the drooling about?. Pure-Prude-Dudes!

  28. Chas

    really? that is what all the fuss is about! What if she would have shown an arm pit instead? Christ America get a grip!

  29. Fuh Q

    Magnified 100x, those are brown cooter lips with a clearly visible lighter brown pleasure button. Her Joo hubby should get himself checked at the Malibu clinic.

  30. Kim

    Do these stupid twats not know how to operate a pair of undies?

  31. Gary Grant

    I was hoping for some beef curtains.

  32. blake


  33. tongue master

    i would do her

  34. kouzgondeh

    that ain’t no cootchie snorcher!

  35. steph

    I think she even makes an accidental up the skirt paparazzi shot look classy, at least her legs are together and shes not all wasted. Anne is a beautiful woman. I probably show off more than that walking around in the morning wearing undergarments before I get my clothes on!

  36. KMD

    I think the vagina is beautiful, it’s the main part that makes a woman a woman. I like the shaved bit, they taste better and the hair doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.

  37. lisa

    I’m not sure what I see is it hair or is she cut that high up?
    Either way she only has herself to blame. It’s better to have panty lines than let everyone see your tore up vag.

  38. Snippet of hair, hammies are covering everything else.

    On a side note, what is what is the black thing around her knee and leg, looks like some kind of athletic brace? Did she tear a ligament or something?

  39. kl

    People need anatomy lessons. This is not a picture of her vagina. This is a very limited view of the “mons pubis”, or the (normally) hair-covered fat pad in front of the pelvic bone and the vulva.

  40. I can’t believe I actually spent two minutes getting here thinking I’d see something. Now I’m not a perv, but when numerous so called headlines claim she showed too much I have to see for myself. I’m not disappointed, because I think Ms. Hathaway is class personified, and she didn’t show anything.

    OK, so she went commando to an opening. That’s her prerogative. but this photo demonstrates that she still knows how to exit a car in a demure manner.

    Damned perverts the lot of you “slow news day” writers.

  41. Miramar McGunn

    Hair? What’s that? Never seen it before! (EVER!)

  42. Jenn

    The poor girl, she’s wearing braces, did she hurt her legs? Those are some ugly ass shoes. Nice hoohah flash though.

  43. Kevin Crosby

    Gleeglocker, as told by Brad Couch.

    Kevin Crosby, Plano, TX

  44. david

    I would tear that shit up

  45. Boar

    Gulp.. I know it’s only a desperate publicity stunt, but she does have the right tiny thing there. Too bad she isn’t getting a single fraction of a dime from me.

  46. i dont understand when some woman insist of not wearing underwear while wearing a short skirt

  47. Lucy

    Watch Love and Other Drugs, you get to see more, and she supports it(obviously)

  48. Lala

    it’s just a body part no big deal

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