1. Deacon Jones


    Im not really sure about this…

  2. Cock Dr

    OK, we’ve seen her tits yet again. There they are, parked next to the sad rich woman who won’t accept that she’s no longer in her 20s.
    And there too is the much scrutinized and discussed GaGa muffintop. Meh, not a big deal.

  3. Da Meat Man

    Not only is this pic not suitable for work, it’s not suitable for viewing by hetero males.

  4. diego

    I think the biggest story here is that Fish finally loosened the strings on his sack of Jew gold and paid for an NSFW pic… this is the first in almost a year

  5. Dr. Cocksider

    In this pic:
    Gaga 2012
    Gaga at 50 yrs
    Present anf future

  6. fucktard

    this. is. disturbing.

  7. mel

    i like her tit. nice nipple colour. not too dark, pale. i’d suck it for all it’s worth.

  8. anonymous

    Pretty sure even Jon Hamm’s dick would shrivel in his dick pants if he was in the same room.

  9. Beer Baron

    Dee Snider is looking good!

  10. Separated at birth?

  11. bubbabillen

    again the tittie.. when we gonna see his cock :D

  12. mr. fuck you

    real housewives of terrible

  13. mr. fuck you

    before and beforer

  14. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Its like Looper….but no one can fix this.

  15. elliotspitzer

    I’ve seen better looking heads mashed together on Siamese twins.Terry Richards needs to be punched in the balls for putting us through this!

  16. Fuck it I’ll do it….wait just to be clear we’re talking about making her disappear right?

  17. anonym

    gaga surely knows how to market herself.

    this will get her millions of new followers to go to her shitty concerts.

  18. Dick

    I think I see Tom Cruise making a call to his agent in this photo.

  19. Unfortunate Play on Word Guy

    More like Lady TaTa…….

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