1. Hetero

    Thora Birch will do anything for attention.

  2. Even though I have no idea who this is, it totally makes up for the Jon Hamm post from yesterday. Heterosexuality confirmed.

  3. randy

    mine is friday. niiiiiiice.

  4. Snack pack

    She looks like fun!

  5. BigOkie

    Woopsie! Just went from totally anonymous to barely known.

    So, now we anxiously await the “stolen” sex tape and your rise to reality show stardom!

  6. kinger

    Great nips

  7. shankyouverymuch

    now of we could just get Jessica Simpson to take a pic like this & of course accidentally release to the entire planet ….. you know, accidentally for sure! wink wink :(

    • JPC

      With Jessica laying down like this, I’d be worried that her gigantic mass of belly fat would bounce up and fold over her massive tits, thus eliminating the one positive thing we would get from a Jessica Simpson nude pic.

  8. Kodos


  9. abc

    She is a liberal, so obviously not the smartest person in the world. These Cell Phones are so confusing!

    • JPC

      Gotta love a “liberals are stupid!!!!!LOL” joke, on the same day as the Republican Presidential candidate destroying his own campaign with one of the dumbest political blunders in modern history.

      • Shoot first, aim later. Now you know why he has all those kids.

      • Robert

        Yes, defending American right to free speech and condemning violence and murder – how stupid. Much better was the apology that Obama put out. He likes to do that, doesn’t he? Apologize, bow, attack Christianity while defending Islam…..just goes on and on. Oh and now it’s coming out that we were given a 48 hour notice about the attacks, and our Dear Beloved Leader didn’t do a damned thing to secure it or move people out. Hmmm. That could be a political blunder too, don’t ya think, shithead?

      • CdnPoliticalReader

        So the months notice bush had about 9/11 must urk you too then?

        not a fan of obama but I just hate polarized americans.

      • ZaXXoN

        Big difference between “al Qaeda determined to strike US” and “attacks planned for 9/11 anniversary”
        Don’tcha think?

      • Paul

        Yeah, a real political blunder, huh? Your boy Obama is apologizing his pants off and Romney has the balls to call the attack what it was. Some political blunder, JPC! In this case, Liberals are stupid, and your moronic comment proves it. Crawl back into whatever toilet you popped out of. All of a sudden you liberal pieces of shit waving around your “We saved GM AND killed Bin Laden” bumper stickers seem pretty silly. Care to do more political happy dances?

    • You have a point there, abc. You never saw George W. Bush send someone the wrong email. You know…”on the, uh, Internets.”

  10. Sven Golly

    Just enjoy the tits guys and don’t look up at the crazy eyes.

  11. kimmykimkim

    Nice nipples. Now I need to see one of her sitting/standing up.

  12. some pills go down easy…at least i hope so

  13. Jill

    Too lazy to google, there is a topless gif of her from the movie Dear Wendy.

  14. Thank you Allison. Those are some beautiful tits. Hell of a way to come back into my life.

  15. Having sex with women with glasses > sex with women.

  16. Cock Dr

    She’s just adorable.
    Her tech blunder has made the world a better place today.

  17. Gary Grant

    Those lips. Those tits. ‘Nuff said.

  18. achilles wrath

    I have no idea who she is but I approve!

  19. CrashHell

    Even the Canadians are doing their part to fight terrorism. DOWN WITH THE EVIL DOERS!

  20. Aaron

    strange, randomly today i happened upon “one way to valhalla” on showtime. i was like “man, she’s hot”. so then the stupid movie ends without resolving even one iota of the plot and i go online to see if i missed something. while reading about the cast, i saw her name and went to the wiki. i saw that she had posted this topless photo. today is the 13th.

    before this day i had never known who this woman was. i randomly ended up watching this dumbass movie and consequently it made me look it up on the web.


    it’s my fault she posted that picture. i willed it to happen with my mind just like Dave Chappelle did in that outake!!!

    i love you, alison!!

  21. DirtyFighter

    I loved her in Scott Pilgrim, and now i love her boobs.

  22. Therke

    what up with huh mouth? stupit glasses. Stupit chik. Nice breasts.

  23. Kurt

    Lucky Boyfriend! Thanks for the mistake-too! Cuddle up and get through this!

  24. rob

    don’t see what the big deal is- she is a beautiful woman with equally beautiful breasts; not to mention near perfect nipples ;-)


  25. Harold

    I like what i see and there is no big deal about it

  26. FOONIE

    The Glasses give her that Sexy Librarian Look that just makes you want to nut all over them!! She also has Ana Jolie Lips that would drive you insane if she went down on you!!!

  27. Wants2bnaked2

    I Think shes Beautiful and tits size don’t matter to me they are perfect on her

  28. DaleKman

    That’s a pretty little lady! I’ll start to watch The Newsroom now, which was probably the idea all along.

  29. allah_speaking

    Not that attractive, naked or not.

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