61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

September 21st, 2009 // 36 Comments

Let’s wrap up The Superficial’s Emmy Coverage with a gallery full of losers who weren’t good enough to have their post. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a hard time getting it up for the Emmys. Mostly because each year the unfunniest people I know tell me how hilarious 30 Rock is, and I end up kicking over the water cooler whenever someone says “Mad Men is boring.” Are you serious? It’s a show entirely about how awesome it is to drink and sexually harass your co-workers? Something this Prude Cave could use more of. Which is why instead of wearing pants today I brought this bottle of whiskey. There’ll be photocopies later or your’e fired!

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  1. It's Me Fuckers

    when is COCK DAY Superfish?!?!

  2. havoc


    Pat yourselves on the back somewhere else….


  3. malberry

    wow, jane krakowski, are you on steroids? nice delts.

  4. illy

    boooooring. and what is jennifer love hewit doing pretending people still know her? shes sooo a billion years ago.

  5. Carrie

    Heidi Klum makes for a most gorgeous pregnant woman! I am amazed at how she has been able to get back into shape after her pregnancies.

  6. brooklyn

    30 Rock is terribly boring.

    30 Rock is one of those programs created by Democratic Partisans who are so lost in a form of political correctness, they no longer know ‘funny’.

    It ruined SNL long ago, but the tunnelvision in Industry circles is so overtly partisan, they cannot realize how poor the work actually has become.

    The Establishment tends to protect and promote this folly, hence another Emmy for the weak Mr. Baldwin.

    It is really becoming a parody of a parody.

    “Always Sunny In Phila” is a prime example of a truly amusing program, which is tremendously creative and talented.

    30 Rock is a big partisan bore…

  7. amanda

    day man! fighter of the night man! champion of the sun!!!

    anyway, the chick in the title pic looks like a dude, who the hell is she?

  8. It's Me Fuckers

    I agree with #5. She looks amazing but the trick to getting back into shape is being ‘genetically gifted’ and having shit loads of money to have someone follow your ass around batting the chocolate bar out of your hand and making you get the fuck off the couch and exercise. It has nothing to do with their self control, why have self control when you can PAY someone to be your self control? I’d look like that too if I had her money (and many surgeries, lol).

  9. Suck My Emmy

    Hollywood is the bizarro world. Where else can a completely untalented and unfunny loser like Tina Fey be praised for being on a completely unfunny show with the most untalented cast in sit-com history. And Tracey Morgan is perhaps the most un-funniest black guy in SNL/sit-com history as well. Just because Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, & Tim Meadows were funny, doesn’t mean every black guy to walk thru SNL is going to be funny too….

  10. necessary ROUGHness

    Id get her Klummed up every year too if I were Seal…

    I hate gowns and award shows….

  11. Lovepink

    I didn’t watch the awards becaue I don’t really like any of the shows nominated, but I always love the fashion. Jennifer Love Hewett looked amazing, as always. She is possibly the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Heidi Klum was working that baby belly, too! She looks amazing, as always! Great fashion this year.

  12. All these award shows are sooo boring.

  13. Steven Mac

    although Tina Fey isn’t always funny, 30 Rock is one of the funniest shows you can spend your time watching, its not boring at all I bust my balls laugh every time I watching it. Some people people are too fucking stupid to watch a show for themselves.

  14. Kingpear

    @ 13

    Yeah…. and you know what else people that are too f-ing stupid do?

    They post a useless run-on sentence without any gramatical sense, and prove the points of previous posters.

    Face it, Award Shows (…like Neil Patrick Harris, and 30 Rock) suck!

  15. alex

    #14 – how did he prove the points of the previous posters? Poor grammar = 30 Rock being boring? Poor grammar = Jane Krakowski having muscles? Poor grammar = Tracy Morgan is not funny?

  16. Dirty Harry

    Damn! Mariska Hargitay is so fucking HOT!

  17. Jimboooo!

    Who the funk is Kristin Chenoweth?

  18. nikki

    #16 – YES!! soooo unbelievably hot.

    and – i love 30 Rock. Liz talking to “Oprah” on the plane is in my top 5 most hilarious moments.

  19. britneysucks

    #11 You are either JLH herself or someone who has had a lobotomy. That woman is average at best, and ugly in my opinion. BAD face.

  20. kat

    I luv Klum but how many freaking times can u get pregnant!!!!

  21. a

    sorry, i know everyone thinks heidi klum is god’s gift, but in that dress with her pregnant belly she looks exactly like ursula the sea witch from the neck down.

  22. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Kristen looks great..

  23. dannyboy

    Fey looks Fugly

  24. Tiffany

    I love the emmys here is the rest of the dresses http://www.outfitidentifier.com

  25. kayak

    #8 No kidding. Real moms aren’t provided with trainers, nutritionists, and childcare while you work out. Real moms have 9-5 jobs and a family to look after when they get home – celebrities have the whole “bounce back after pregnancy” thing built into their jobs, as part of their contract.
    Imagine if we all had personal trainers provided for us after we had babies? With assistants to watch our kids while we worked out?
    Whenever I have kids I know it’s going to take a lot of effort and money to “bounce back effortlessly” like the celebs do.

  26. shanex

    Even all glammed up, Tina Fey is the epitome of plain.

  27. zane

    Tina is so far out of her league on the red carpet. She looks like someone who won a contest to attend the Emmys. Then again, she’s not known for her looks.

  28. See Alice

    Tina Fey is nasty on the outside and inside .

  29. Kelly

    Ahahahahaah, number 21 made me laugh. Hard. I was thinking that her belly was awfully pointy there. I’d die if mine ever got that big. I looked 3-4 months pregnant when I was ready to deliver. I don’t do big bellies. But anyway, she’s not puffy like other pregnant people. She’s beautiful though. Pregnant or not.

  30. Gueibor

    Oh, Kate.
    Ooooooh, Mariska!
    That’s it – I’m definitely over 40; confirmed, stamped, signed.

    #17: Kristin Chenoweth played the hot-for-boss waitress in Pushing Daisies. She sings, she dances, she’s the size of an action figure, and she can be pretty freakin’ hot provided you have a magnifying glass at hand.

  31. laksjdlakj

    21 haha!

  32. Rhialto

    I suspect these people here that their main target was to get posted here instead of receiving an Emmy Award.

  33. Darth

    This might be the debut for Lindsay Price here on The Superficial.Is there any award or price bigger imaginable?!

  34. Cameron

    wow!! Mamas huge!!! Love her SEAL tattoo..So creative, unique, yet simple..

  35. Am I the only one who thinks Tina Fey is smoking hot?

  36. dee

    SUPERFICIAL!! you betrayed me!!

    30 rock IS hilarious
    and mad men IS boring :)

    or at least that one episode i watched made me hate myself.

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